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November 22, 2020 Highlights

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The Affidavit: Smartamatic Software and How They Committed Election Fraud (video, left), The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Special Update/Must See – America Will Be Shocked and the Election Will be Overturned, Zooming in with Simone Gao

Must See – 3 Million Dead People Voted; 7 Million Votes Stolen; 10 Million Fraudulent Biden VotesHowie Carr, The Sheridan Files

Must See – Trump Attorney Calls Out Reporters and Explains The Case: ‘It’s Not Voter Fraud – It’s Election Official Fraud’, Newsmax

Major Developments in Key States – Sydney Powell Says Founder of Dominion will testify and Trump Got 80 Million Votes, CS Facebook Page

Must Read – What Must Trump’s Team Do To Win and Overturn the Media’s Coronation of ‘President-Elect’ Biden? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics

Must Read – Was The US Election Stolen? Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute

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Bitcoin, an Overview – Approaching $20K Again?

Nine Bitcoin Charts That Clarify The Current Run-up In Price, Nic Carter, Medium

Stocks Are Going To Crack Pretty Hard – Here’s What To Do To Prepare, Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch

Billionaire Investor Dubbed ‘Next Warren Buffett’ Just Made a Big Investment, Theron Mohamed, Business Insider

Cathie Woods’ Ark Invest Rocked By Takeover Attempt, Claire Ballantine, Bloomberg

Cathie Wood Disappointed by Resolute Move to Takeover ARK, Nicole Piper, City Wire USA

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Spiritual Life

Archbishop Vigano’s Letter to the Supreme Court (video, left), Dr. Taylor Marshall

Sunday Service, Terry Bennett, 11-1-20 [Before the Election Prophetic Word], Messengers of Shiloh

The Future Of The Messengers Of Shiloh and Deeper Insight Into 9/06/20 Message, Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

I Saw Jesus Doing This About The Election – The Key is Pennsylvania: Chris Reed, Sid Roth It’s Supernatural

Will President Trump Cross The Finish Line? ‘Every Prophet I Know Has Said President Trump Will Be Re-elected’, Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook

Special Update, 11/21/20: Dana Coverstone’s ‘The Data Dream’ Complete Dream Interpretation – The Death of VP Biden As President-Elect – and the death of America as we know it (video and transcript of dream included), Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

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More Common Sense


American Betrayal: The Secret Assault On Our Nation’s Character, Dianna West

An Explosive Story Of Treachery Within The Trump Administration, William Marshall, Townhall


Trump Lawyer :Looks Media Dead In the Eyes and Hammers Them as Incompetents and Fake News (video, left), Dinesh D’Souza

Megyn Kelly: ‘We’re A Divided Nation:’ She Appears to Come Out for Trump – But Dampens Expectations About An Election Reversal (video, right), Greg Kelly, Newsmax

Seal Team Six Makes Dramatic Predawn Rescue Of American Hostage In Nigeria, Tom Demerly, The Aviationist; Also see, Seal Team Six Rescues Hostage in Nigeria, Howard Altman, Military Times

Meghan Mariel Told To Get Perspective As Piers Morgan Labels Her A ‘Privileged Princess,’ Emily Ferguson, Express UK

Washington State Crews Destroy The First Murder Hornet Nest, The Guardian/AP

Must Read – Trump Resistance Plans Mass Mobilization Effort After Election To Shut Down Country If Biden Does Not Win, Joy Pullman, The Federalist


Vaccines and Expected Release Dates

Human Coronavirus Inactivated By Mouthwash, Madeline Farber, Fox News

Must See – Coronavirus: Air On Planes Safer Than Homes (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Former Obama Staffer (and new Biden Chief of Staff) Describes Obama-Biden Handling Of Swine Flu: ‘We Did Everything Wrong,’ (video, right) Dinesh D’Souza

Must See – CA Doctor Successfully Cures 1700 Covid-19 Patients Using Hydroxychloroquine, OAN

Must See – The Jury Is in On Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives, Sky News Australia

Must See – Why Are The Democrats And Liberal Media Suppressing Convincing Data That Hydroxychloraquine Is Effective Against Covid-19?, Life, Liberty And Levin, James Moore

Update: CDC Home Pages On Coronavirus; Also see here; Also see, CDC Updated Global Map On Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus, CDC; Also see, Coronavirus Resource Center, John Hopkins University

Medicare And Coronavirus, medicare.gov


Trump v Hollywood: Celebs Lose Jobs After Coming Out For Trump (video, left), Fox Business

The Plot Against The President, Documentary, Trailer, Turn Key Films

CS Commentary: For more on the coup to take down President Trump see our Politics Page, Common Sense Interpretation section.

Video: Former Gay Reveals Truth Of LBGTQ Plan To Flood Culture: Hollywood ‘Sanitizes’ The Lifestyle, CBN

Must See – Hollywood Is ‘Venezuela’: Elites Are Terrible People, Andrew Breitbart, Retrospect (video, right), Hoover Institution

Robert Downey Jr: It’s Not Evil For Chris Pratt To Be A Christian, Jordan Davidson, The Federalist

Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer Become Honorary Naval Aviators Ahead Of Top Gun: Maverick Debut, Alexia Fernandez, People

Dinesh D’Souza’s New Film ‘Trump Card’ With Mike Lindell, Dinesh D’Souza

A Third Ten – More Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation; Also see, Ten More Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation; Also see, Ten Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation


Katy Perry Cancelled For Civility Towards Trump Supporters (video, left), The Truth

Long Lost Music Video – Lady D’Arbanville, Cat Stevens/ Yusuf

Steve Lukather Tells Funny Story Of Recording ‘Beat It’ (video, below right), Musician’s Hall Of Fame & Museum; Also see, Steve Lukather, Toto Guitarist, Remembering His Famous Guitar Riff on ‘Beat It’, Andrea Pradella

Adele Reveals Favorite Takeaways Amidst Jaw-dropping Weight Loss, NZ Herald

Kevin Costner Announces New Video For Song Inspired By Yellowstone, Thad Mitchell, Outsider

‘Beat It’, Meaning of the Lyrics in the Song, Songmeaningandfacts

Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’, Official Video, Michael Jackson

CS Commentary: Released in February 1983 and rose on The Billboard Hot 100 to #1, where it stayed for 3 weeks. Van Halen did the solo in the middle of the song, apparently in one take. Steve Lukather of Toto is responsible for the guitar rift, below…Quincy Jones produced.


Jameis Winston has Improved, May help Saints (video, left), The Herd

Why I Voted For Trump Another Four Years, Jack Nicklaus, Twitter

5 Fast Facts: Kayleigh McEnany’s Husband Plays For Tampa Bay Rays, Caroline Warnock, Heavy.com

Full Final Inning Of World Series As Dodgers Try To Win, MLB

Vin Scully’s Story of the Kirk Gibson Home Run In Dodger’s 1988 World Series, Twitter


Video: Apple’s iPhone 12 ‘a gamechanger,’ Sky News Australia


How I Secure Empty Seats – Even if the Airline Isn’t Blocking Them, Zach Griff, The Points Guy

Conservative Christians Looking For Utopia: Where Should We Retire? Silvia Ascarelli, MarketWatch

Canada, Mexico Extend Restrictions On U.S. Visitors: Here Are All The Countries Curbing US Travel, Jemima McEvoy, Forbes

When Will International Travel Return – Country By Country Guide, Update 10/20/20, Clint Henderson, The Points Guy

Massive Delta SkyMiles Partner Award Devaluation, Gary Leff, View From The Wing 

Virgin Hyperloop First New Form Of Mass Transportation In Decades (video, left), Fox Business; Also see, Hyperloop Explained, (video, right) The B1M


Jamestown, Season 1, Trailer (video, left), PBS Distribution

Yellowstone TV: Actress Hassie Harrison Describes Montana Set, Will Shepard, Outsider

Steve Harvey’s ‘Turn Back’ Moment – Faith Is Everything, Facebook

The Queen’s Gambit Cast Speaks, The Hollywood Reporter

The Queen’s Gambit, Official Trailer, Netflix

CS Commentary: The highest praise we can give to ‘The Queen’s Gambit, is that it seems like it should be a true story – but it’s not. It feels that real and is that convincing about the culture and world of world class chess. It is as emotionally involving as it is intellectually stirring. The lead actress, Anya Taylor-Joy, is a budding star – expect to see a lot more of her. CS Grade: A

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Is Better Than Most Other Netflix Series For One Simple Reason, Paul Tassi, Forbes; Also see, The Queen’s Gambit: The True Story, Explained, Andrea Park, Marie Claire 

Quotes Of The Month:

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union Dictator (attributed; some dispute that it is a Stalin quote, see this link)

“I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing.” – Jesus, Luke 12:49

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