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January 20, 2019 Highlights

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America Barely Escaped: Former Secret Service Agent Calls Hillary Clinton A “Dictator,” (video, left) Hannity, Fox News

Witness In El Chapo Trial Says Mexican President Took $100 Million Bribe, John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

America Wake Up!: FBI Plotted To Destroy President Trump, Hannity, Fox News

FBI Attempted Coup To Bring Down Trump, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

The Liberal Left Is Built On Lies, Dennis Prager, Real Clear Politics

Nigel Farage: A Second British Referendum on Brexit Will Shock Politicians And Establishment, Newsweek

Its Climate Alarmists Who Remain In Denial, Marc Sheppard, American Thinker

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Market Bull: Mega-Rally Coming (video, left), CNBC

Art Laffer: Economic Damage From Shutdown Reversible, Fox Business

Is It Possible To Grow Wealth In America Today?, Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

Billionaire Ray Dalio Shares A 3-Step Formula For Anyone To Start Investing, Ali Montag, CNBC

The Next Step In Bitcoin’s Evolution: Big Money Investors Move In, Aparna Narayanan, IBD

The Blockchain Technology Revolution Is About To Remake The Stock Market, Alan R. Elliott, IBD

ARK CEO: Tech Stocks To Beat Market, CNBC

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Spiritual Life

US Marked For Revival: Only If Trump Presidency Not Aborted (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Seraphim Studios

Sadhu Selvaraj Was Right About Bitcoin in January 2018, Seraphim Studios

Council In Heaven Oversees World Events: 4 Past Godly Presidents Pray For Destiny Of US, Sadhu Selvaraj, Seraphim Studios

Destiny Of USA: Three Prophets Agree Independently That Judgment Has Been Determined, Sadhu Selvaraj

Blood Moon Over D.C. Sending Message To America, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News; Also see, First Super Blood Moon Of Year A Sign Of Earthquakes, Governments To Fall, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Audio: It Will All Come Crumbling Down Soon: Persecution In The US Is Near, Terry Bennett

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More Common Sense


The Best Books Of 2018, Tipping Point, One America News


Ray Dalio: The Key To Effective Goal Setting Is A Little Theory ‘Pain + Reflection = Progress,’ Leah Fessler, QZ

LA’s Battle For Venice Beach: Homeless Surge Puts Hollywood’s Progressive Ideals To The Test, Johnson/Kiefer, Hollywood Reporter

LA’s Housing Crisis Hits Hollywood: Entertainment Workers Living In Their Cars, Katie Kilkenny, Hollywood Reporter

Second Body Found At Home Of Democratic Donor In Los Angeles, Winston/Branson-Potts, LA Times

This Mom Quit Porn To Become A Preacher, Natalie Musumeci, NY Post; Also see, this link; Also see, This Former Porn Star Met Jesus And Now Pastors A Church With Her Husband 


The Triangle Of Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor – What It Is And How To Get Out, Linda Graham, MFT

12 California Wines To Make You Hoot and Holler, Megan Krigbaum, Food and Wine


Film Reviews: ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ & ‘The Upside,’ Fox News

The Upside, Film Review, Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: We don’t agree that there are more laughs or more of anything in this blander version of the original. Injecting Nicole Kidman probably negatively offsets the character and plot balance – the original role was not emphasized as much – plus the charisma and chemistry of the main actors is somewhere below that of the original as well. If you want to see a funnier and more seamless version, rent the original French (2nd highest grossing French film of all time), The Intouchables

Hollywood’s Hypocritical Politics Still Showed Up At The Golden Globes, Brad Slager, The Federalist

Actor Neal McDounough Remembers Being Fired For Refusing To Do Sex Scenes, Stephanie Nolasco, Fox News

How Movie Pass Makes (Or Doesn’t Make) Money, Benjamin Sherry, Investopedia


Is Spotify’s Model Wiping Out The Music Middle Class? Victor Luckerson, The Ringer


Rising American Star Francis Tiafoe Scores Australian Open’s First Big Upset, Sandra Harriet, USA Today

Wizard’s Kanter Continues Criticism Of Turkey’s Erdogan As Turkey Seeks International Warrant, Adam Zielonka, Washington Times


US Airline Rankings Early 2019

The Best And Worst Airlines And Airports Of 2018, Nikki Ekstein, Bloomberg

The Best And Worst U.S. Airlines In 2018, Julian Mark Kheel, The Points Guy

The Best Airline Travel Cards Of 2019, Jason Steele, The Points Guy


Conan O’Brien Wants To Scare Himself With The New Shorter ‘Conan,’ Dave Itzkoff, NY Times

A Fourth Season Of The Last Kingdom Is Coming, Corey Smith, Fansided

Marvel’s Punisher Season 2, Trailer, You Tube

The 27 Shows Netflix Has Cancelled, This Insider; Also see, All The Shows Netflix Has Cancelled Or Extended, Updated 2019, Simple Most\

What Is True Detective, Really? Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

Game Of Thrones Trailer, Twitter

Inside Megyn Kelly’s Troubled Exit From NBC, Emily Smith, Page Six

Quotes Of The Month:

On whether ‘global warming’ is a settled scientific fact:

“Virtually by definition, nothing in science is ‘incontrovertible’ – especially in a primitive and complex field as climate.  ‘Incontrovertibility’ belongs to religion where it is referred to as dogma.” – Richard Lindzen, American atmospheric physicist

“As to ‘the science is settled’; or, there is a ‘consensus’ on the issue. … [S]cience is about facts, experiments and testing hypotheses, not consensus; and science is never ‘settled.’  Indeed, Einstein’s relativity theories are still being tested; e.g.’Lorentz invariance.’” – Prof. Robert M. Carter

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