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October 13, 2019 Highlights

After 3 Years of consistent reporting, CS will be taking a hiatus through October. Please Bookmark our site and check our Spiritual Life page and our Facebook page for weekly updates during this time frame.

Spiritual Life

CS Evaluation: Michael Snyder Says John Paul Jackson’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Prophecy Is Happening Now – Is It? Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

Two Red Flags When Looking For A Church Or Any Kind Of Relationship, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Counterfeit Christianity, Terry Bennett

Predictions about the Future Price of Gold, CS Commentary

Prophetic Rewind 2010: Kim Clement Prophesies Betrayal In The White House And Offers Another Perspective On ‘Judgment,’ And ‘Prophets,’ Kim Clement

Don’t Be Fooled: Israel And The Gaza Fiction, J-TV

As Usual, The Truth Is Deeper – Trump Did Not Betray The Kurds, Caroline Glick

Netanyahu Prepares For Day When Trump Abandons Israel Too, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News

Muslims Discover Secret Prayer Room On Temple Mount Where Jews Have Been Praying For 48 Years, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News

What Happened Behind The Scenes In The 2016 Elections – In The Near Future God Will Shake Our Nation, Terry Bennett

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The Brilliance Of Climate Predictors

We are on an October Break. Please Bookmark our site and check our Spiritual Life page and our Facebook page for weekly updates during this time frame.

Video: Remembering 9/11, One America News

Must See – Final Thoughts: Fidelity To The US Constitution, The Daily Ledger, One America News

Must See – Kyle Bass Interviews China Communist Party’s #1 Enemy: Who Is The Real China And What Just Happened To Alibaba’s Jack Ma? Real Vision Finance

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Long Term Performance: Stock Market vs Gold vs Inflation

We are on an October Break. Please Bookmark our site and check our Spiritual Life page and our Facebook page for weekly updates during this time frame.

3 Powerful Reasons The Stock Market Is Headed Higher, Howard Gold, MarketWatch

Must See – Hurdling Towards Another Financial Crisis Driven By China: Steve Bannon With Kyle Bass 1Real Vision Finance

You Now Need $350,000 To Live A Middle Class Life In A Big City, Sam Dogen, CNBC

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More Common Sense


‘Rising Star’: The Dark Side Of Obama Exposed (video, right) Tucker Carlson, Fox News


The Existential Crisis Plaguing Online Extremism Researchers, Paris Martineau, Wired

Quote: “It’s not that one of our systems is broken; it’s not even that all of our systems are broken,” says Phillips. “It’s that all of our systems are working … toward the spread of polluted information and the undermining of democratic participation.”

How Do We Counter The PC Radical Culture That Seeks To Silence Us? (If You Haven’t Done Anything Wrong, Do Not Apologize), Jordan Peterson, abcquanda

These Are The Best Places To Live In America, Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Today.com

Distracted Driving: Phone Addicts Are The New Drunk Drivers Study Finds, Ina Fried, Axios

Millennials Continue To Leave Big Cities, Adamy/Overberg, WSJ


Professor Jordan Peterson On Why Climate Change Will Not Unite The World, The Errors Inherent In It – And Why Trump Is The World’s Best Chance To Combat Climate (video, left), GWPF

A Psychotherapist Shares The 7 Biggest Parenting Mistakes That Destroy Kid’s Self-Esteem, Amy Morin, CNBC

What It Means To Be An INFP Personality Type, Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie

Also see, The Best Online Personality Test – 8 Styles Of Genius: What’s Yours?

4 Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Often End Up Being Single And Like It, Corrine Sullivan, Elite Daily


Real Estate Is Still The Best Investment You Can Make Today Millionaires Say, The Oracles, CNBC

Three Reasons Why Renting Can Be Smarter Than Owning In Retirement, Carla Fried, Yahoo Finance


Joker, Final Trailer, 2019 (video, right), Movieclips

Joaquin Phoenix Rises To Create Devastatingly Deranged ‘Joker,’ James Dawson, The Federalist

How Actress Candace Cameron Bure Found God, Billy Hallowell, Charisma

Chris Pratt Pushes Faith, Unity As Calls For Impeachment Ramp Up, Lindsay Elizabeth, Faithwire

Rambo: Last Blood, Official Trailer (video, left), Rapid Trailer; Also see, Why So Many Americans Find John Rambo Compelling, J. Antonia Juarez, The Federalist


Kanye West’s Album ‘Jesus Is King’ Delayed Over Christian Contents, Charisma

Demi Lovato Apologizes For Trip To Israel – Then Deletes Post, Tre Goins-Phillips, Faithwire

Kanye West’s Album ‘Jesus Is King’ Delayed Over Christian Contents, Charisma

Florida Georgia Line Invites Chris Tomlin On Stage To Sing ‘How Great Is Our God,’ Lindsay Elizabeth, Faithwire; Also see this link for video (video, left)

Benecio Bryant, Original Song, America’s Got Talent Semi-Finals, 2019, America’s Got Talent

10 Year Old Singer Emanne Beasha Will Surprise You With Her Voice, America’s Got Talent, 2019


It Is No Longer ‘If’ But ‘When Will’ Falcon’s Coach Dan Quinn Be Fired, Chase Irle, Sports Talk

NFL Player Wins Appeal, Does Not Have To Pay Fine For Wearing Christian Headband, Lori Arnold, Christian Headlines


Gogo Sees Clear Path To Free Wi-Fi On Delta, Seth Miller, Paxex Aero


Conservative Commentator Todd Starnes Out At Fox News After ‘Controversial’ Segments, Tre Goins-Philipps, Faithwire

A Guide To Navigating TV’s Biggest Fall Yet, Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist

The Winners And Losers Of The 2019 Emmy Awards, Miles Surrey, The Ringer

Smothers Brothers: I Am A Pilot (video, left), You Tube

Quotes Of The Month:

“The more we get to know about our universe, the more the hypothesis that there is a Creator gains in credibility as the best explanation for why we are here.” – Dr. John Lennox, Oxford University, Professor Of Mathematics

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