1/16/21           Terry Bennett – What does it mean to be made ready? (Giving understanding to the time that we are in) – 3 Parts, first of 3

Synopsis, Seaborn Hall, published 1/24/21


James 1 – proving and being proven is a major part of readiness

God says things He never means to be spoken

Secrecy – don’t just blab; absolute secrecy before the Lord on some things – some things never meant to be made known

He hasn’t shared 80% or more of what the Lord has shown him

Must be faithful stewards – it is not ours, its His

Silence can be just silence – or Him waiting for you to obey

I have no concept of who He is – no one does

Conviction is the Lord – not condemnation

In times like these when Satan is rising up it is because God is rising first

God triggers Satan’s response

If enemy is rising up it’s because God is rising in His people

1 Samuel/Hebrews/Hebrews 12:4f/Galatians

God is a disciplinarian – He doesn’t let us do what we want to do

Don’t ask God to give you what you want

God is who we must want

Discipline is a continuous part of the journey – without it we will always go astray

God restricts freedom to prevent our path toward destruction

We choose when to respond to discipline – we can respond when its light, or when it goes deeper to scourging

If we’re condemned we haven’t come to security of love yet

Love of God is not a feeling or an emotion

Love of God is Christ coming forth in me

I have to be filled with His Spirit to love

His discipline and His scourging proves that He loves me

We’re not telling people what they want to hear, we’re telling them what God wants to say

God deals with you as with sons

Encounter driving to Wisconsin – Feb 2002

Caught up to throne – call to every Saint from the nation of America

He was behind the wheel when encounter happened

Waves of light coming from throne across people to back

Lord standing to his right

First wave God’s original intention for America

Wave hits him – knowledge of God’s will in wave – God created America as refuge nation for His people – all the way to the Millennium

Wave went to earth and hits nation of America – intercessors awakened to will of God for this nation

Satan would steal the will of God

Intercessors began to cry out to will of God for nation

It is on earth as it is in heaven

God has concern for the nations because He will judge the nations

Next wave – happens again – this nation’s purpose to be nation where gospel could be proclaimed free of govn’t control and church control and persecution

Passive submission

Wave to him then to earth again

3rd wave – Gospel was to go forth to nation of earth that would allow it

God’s intent still is – God has not changed it

History has been changed by the enemy to deny this reality

They came here to get away from the King – America was formed on ‘No king but King Jesus.’

Why can’t God have such a nation? Other nations have their gods

The usurper is trying to take the govn’t of God away from us

He asked the Lord ‘What will I take to get us back to original intention?

Sound discipline has been decreed for your nation

What He is doing is to bring us into alignment with His will

Gun confiscation will trigger the civil war

God has the right in this nation – no one else

We will either be messenger or wimps

12/26/20 Lord woke Terry up

America has never had a king and will never have a king

I’m the only King America will ever have

It’s time to fight!

America has its own call – it is not a replacement for Israel

God brought people here to get away from tyrants in govn’t and church

We need volunteers

There is a fight in front of us. It is going to be bad.

You threaten my family I will give you war.

We are equating intimacy with the Lord as the opposite of being a warrior. It is not.

When Jezebel rises up God brings Jehu to take her down.

If you understand how God works you understand what is about to happen.

God prepares a man-child ahead of Satan’s plan – David is the perfect example of a man-child who will take the throne.

This fight is not going to be on talk.

God has already initiated a movement.


Revelation 12

How does God ready the man-child?

Satan is aware God is birthing something that is detrimental to him

Cyclical since Christ came because the church has not made herself ready

True sign spiritually of an end – Satan coming out to stop what God’s doing

There is a sign when Satan comes to devour – Satan responding to what God is doing in His people

Threat-based analysis

Signs, miracles, wonders not a threat – Satan can mimic them and he will

Satan does not fear revival – he fears Christ rising in His people

Male child to rule all the nations with a rod of iron

Satan responds by establishing his own gov’t – economic, gov’t, religion 666

Believers obey God, not man

How does God prepare that man-child? David as an example

David’s concern was what God wanted

God achieves His ends by using vessels

Is Christ my life or is that a doctrine?

Proven ness is in the context of difficulty or testing. Enduring in the test.

This time we’re looking at is a James 1 time – more precious than gold.

We must undergo now a season of years of testing. It is going to be proven whether it is experience or reality. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

God’s word to us is to be joyful. It is humanly impossible. Mt Zion is a relationship not a rapture.

In the coming days we may not be able to have conferences.

God is not bringing an unproven untried vessel to the throne with Him.

We haven’t been in the fire yet, we’ve been in the campfire.

This time coming in our nation was inevitable.

After God calls a people out God tests them. God is testing American Christianity to make it Biblical Christianity. It is not a judgment it is the will of God to prepare a people.

This will not be a short easy process of being prepared. God is going to take back this nation so that the Anti Christ does not get it but it will not be easy….God is going to take back the government by the man-child in this nation.

Angels are fighting now in D.C. – but that does not end it. There must be a human counterpart to that battle. This will not be quick and easy – that should be put out of our minds. We will see civil war.

Be a good listener. Don’t look for something. Don’t look for limelight.

God taking back the nation is going to involve us – the church. Is Christ my life or not? If my peace can be taken by the new, then the news is my source of peace.

God will not use the US government to take back this nation…He will use the church. History is going to repeat itself.

We are thinking about an immediate alleviation of this issue. Get them Lord. Bring a victory. God I saying ‘I will’ – but He will do it through us, through the creation of a man-child and a process that will be a battle.

Rather than God deliver me and the nation from this – God is going to deliver us through the use of this. A divinely orchestrated time has come in the US. – a fiery ordeal, a James 1 time.

The very thing God is bringing us to is chasing us around, trying to kill us. God told him in 2013 that Christians in America would be blamed and chased and killed for 2-3 years.