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Summary Of Introduction

The encounter with the angel, Gabriel, begins about 6:00 on the audio. Gabriel described to Terry a 21 Year Time Frame that will begin in 2008 – Terry, who had visions within this encounter, saw all the way to 2028 [This explains the contradiction between Terry’s use of 2028 and the 21 Year Time Frame from 2008 to 2029]. Economics, Government, Religion were to all be affected – but the progression and separation of each area is not a hard fast rule (for more, see below. Also see the CS Commentary on the 21-Year Time Frame here).

According to Terry, “Our spiritual blindness will allow [America] to be blindsided by unforeseen strikes. They are coming.”

There was to be some sort of ending and a beginning in 2015, perhaps an economic – governmental time frame of great severity and great upheaval. [A great upheaval in this particular time frame did not occur. Terry explains this in a message following the 2016 election that explains the spiritual reality behind the 2016 result as a display of God’s sovereignty and mercy. The way CS understands this is that God Sovereignly suspended His judgment on America, intervened to have Trump elected, and pushed back the scheduled 2015 judgment on America for a later time. Since spiritual realities many times proceed and come to light in the natural through 7 year processes or phases, CS speculates based on Terry’s other comments that 2021-22 is the next critical period for judgment on America to again manifest]. The time frame progression through 2029 will result in the perfect 666, ‘man allied with Satan’ in all of the three areas.

Our nation, America, is the only nation in the world that has made a covenant with God other than Israel.

America lost the protection of God in 2001 because we broke the covenant with God (10:00). In 2001 Terry was shown that America will go from virtual annihilation to a rising (11:00). [This is very similar to what is predicted in an early prophecy, from at least as early as 1850, known as ‘George Washington’s Vision’. CS featured this vision in the early days of the site either in late 2016 or early 2017].

According to Terry, “The Sum Of All Fears [a terrorist incited nuclear incident] are going to come upon us in our life (11:12).

According to Terry, [The church has] an almost total disregard for God’s warnings and an equal disregard for His messengers.

According to Terry, “The Sum Of All Fears [CS interpretation: A terrorist incited nuclear incident] are going to come upon us in our life (11:12). “ (For more on this aspect of the prophecy, see Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy).

2015 is a beginning, not the culmination. It is not all going to happen in 2015, it is just a beginning. [And because the successive judgments of America were pushed back from 2015, CS surmises, based on other comments Terry makes in other messages, that sometime between 2020 and 2022 may be a continuation of the judgments that began in 2001. Will this continuation of judgments result in the ‘Sum Of All Fears’ prophecy spoken of in Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy to finally come true? CS can only speculate, but it would seem logical based on current knowledge of Terry’s comments. See CS Commentary on 21 Year Time Frame and the coming judgments described below for more context].

Terry focuses on America because it is the covenant-breaker. In the beginning the light of God shined forth from Israel; in latter years it shined forth from America.

“if you are afraid of consequences, you will never be a mouthpiece for God – ever.” “God picks fights.” He is not afraid of them. He knows He will win.

Our nation is not random. God causes the rising and falling of the nations. Our nation has been responsible for taking the Gospel to the utter ends of the earth. He brought defeat of true enemies (WWII) through the United States. But the hand of God is now against us. But this is not the end of this story. We are talking about discipline, not hatred.

In a 2002 Encounter, different from this 2001 encounter, where Terry was taken to heaven: All US saints called to assemble before the throne (19:50). A sound wave came out from around the throne. Revealed ultimate purpose of the U.S. What will it take to bring us as a nation back to original intent? According to Terry, he was told, ‘Sound discipline has been decreed for your nation.’

The doctrines of demons has come up into the church. He is not arguing with anyone – he is telling us what has happened. Deception has to be confronted because it becomes gangrene in the body of Christ. He is talking about deception being perpetrated by the enemy in the church.

According to Terry, ‘Who are our heroes today? Actors. Think that through to determine the true condition of America today. Who you make your hero is a sign of your heart. We become what we give ourselves to. We become what we ally ourselves to.’ (44:44)

At this point Terry says that he is saying these things because The Lord is standing up on the podium with him, beside him, as he is speaking.

This is a big deal. Satan wants to bring our nation into utter defiance against God. We have a problem and silence is not going to stop it. [CS believes that by this he means that silence as to our political beliefs and the injustices in our nation are not gong to stop our nation’s descent into darkness. More people need to stand up in courage and speak out. But he may also be speaking about Christians having the courage to speak up in church about injustices and false doctrines]. If our nation has ever been in need of deep true repentance it is now. “Spiritual blindness is the order of the day. Carnal mindedness is the order within the House of God.” We have an understanding of the natural things, but we do not understand the mind and will of God. We are living out of our natural mind the things we think are important.

In the future, food on demand will be restricted so that we will have to trust the Lord.

In 2001 with Gabriel Terry saw Israel and America turn (back) to God. In 2002 in the throne room encounter (about 26:00) Gabriel said “Remember son, it will only be in the darkest of darkness that your nation turns back to me (Is 60).” [This helps explain the apparent ‘contradictions’ between many ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ prophecies. On the one hand, positive prophecies could be for the short term while God’s judgment is still on ‘hold.’ On the other, many of them may be for the much longer term, after judgment on the nation has taken place. As Terry has said in other messages, we are not looking for a revival, we should be looking for a ‘falling away.’ And in other messages he has prophesied that Satan is intent on bringing a revival into the present church to lead it astray.]

Where we are headed is to the darkest times of human history and darkest times of our nation. Our eyes are going to see it.

What does it mean to live in such times as these? This is not the time of your parents or your grandparents. We must learn to live in this reality. Much of what we have come to know in this time will be lost (29:15 approximately). Summary Beginning ends here.

The body of the message,

The Fate Of Two Nations begins at 29:30.

(The outline below is a little general, since Terry was not completely clear about some sub-points, or we may have missed hearing them.)

The nation will be geographically split, severed from north to south at its heart. It is going to happen. That statement is unavoidable. And its happening is unavoidable. We have gone too far.

1- The Fall Of America (about 29:30) – The Humbling

Economic, governmental but will include other elements. He again reiterates: Repentance will not happen before the darkness – only in the darkness. We are now entering a season of time – beginning in 2015 [2020-2022?, or possibly even 2028-2029? See comments below] – titled, ‘The Reaping Of The Whirlwind.’ Turmoil is approaching in this season of years. Exposure is going to be huge at religious and governmental levels.

A national and international exposure will come upon our nation – hidden evils will come to light (33:00). In our government, behind our government, and within the church. This is on a worldwide basis. Betrayal on the national and international level is going to occur. Anarchy. Civil unrest.

In 2001 Gabriel said ‘through chaos they will gain control.’ Judgment will even visit the homes of the world kings who begin and perpetrate the chaos. Most world governmental leaders are puppets of these kings – and the kings behind the governmental leaders are puppets of Satan. [see Revelation 10:10-11]

The US will be humbled through total chaos and the potential of destruction. When the US is facing total destruction as a nation, God will arise. But God will bring us to a place of utter brokenness before He turns our nation. The US has not had a ‘man of God’ in office in many, many years. Our nation must be warned. The warning will not be heeded by most in our nation. To be a mouthpiece of God you must love not your own life, unto death, if necessary (Revelation 12-13).

Who are our heroes today? Actors. Think that through to determine the true condition of America today. Who you make your hero is a sign of your heart. We become what we give ourselves to. We become what we ally ourselves to. (44:44) At this point Terry says that he is saying these things because the Lord is standing up on the podium with him, beside him, as he is speaking.

From 45:00 forward to about 50:00 he speaks of the fear of God and His way of love and discipline. He then speaks of his apostolic calling as pushing him.

At 52:00 forward: the love of God is not a soulical thing, it is a spiritual thing. We will miss the high heavenly calling if we do not get this. The church is so tender [that is, sensitive or unresponsive to negative feedback. It has been groomed to only hear positive things from God] that it is incapable of correction. The soulical life operating in the church is evil. In western culture the soul is enthroned in the church and the will of God is entirely missed.

At about 57:00: We have [The church has] an almost total disregard for God’s warnings and an equal disregard for His messengers.

2- The Judgment Of America Has Already Begun (around 57:00 on audio)

Quotes from Terry: “These choices will once again show us what occurs when a covenantal nation loses God’s protective Hand. And He instead lifts His hand against them and makes war upon them with His mouth and with His host. We will see it in this nation.”

  • “Our spiritual blindness will allow us to be blindsided by unforeseen strikes. They are coming.”
  • Our defiance will force upon us a higher degree of judgment.
  • Our arrogance will cause humbling in every area of society.
  • We will be wounded and struck so as to make our mortality as a nation very clear. We will stare our mortality (as a nation) right in the eye.
  • Our military will be humbled by direct defeat.
  • We will be alone with no allies and no friends.
  • The nation [America] will be geographically split, severed from north to south at its heart. It is going to happen. That statement is unavoidable. And its happening is unavoidable. We have gone too far.

At about 58:00: The nation will be geographically split from north to south. It is going to happen. [Note: Sadhu Selvaraj has also prophesied that America will be split down the middle by a large earthquake. This seems likely to occur around the New Madrid Fault, which runs close to the Mississippi River. The splitting of America geographically will be directly related to America’s betrayal of Israel.]

9/11 was the first sign of the breaking of our covenant with God when He struck the very place that the covenant was made. This was not an accident. Seven years later in 2008 He struck our economy. He says that 2015 – the year in which he was speaking – will bring the third. [As we say above, this date, based on 2016 comments Terry made, has likely been pushed back to sometime between 2020 and 2022, at least.]

It is not apparent that this took place. Though there were some significant 2015 events it is hard to find anything in the 2015 timeline that rivals 2001 and 2008. Does this mean that a judgment was delayed due to God’s mercy? He goes on to say that the nation is looking at 7 judgments (implied).

At about 1:05 Terry says that these judgments, which began in 2001, are going to play themselves out in 7-Year increments of time. Therefore, since the 2015 judgment was postponed due to God’s sovereignty and mercy, the next 7-Year period begins in Fall 2022 (see CS Commentary on 21-Year Time Frame). However, Terry keys in on the year 2020-21 as the beginning of a new intensity.

It always begins with economics (1:04 approximately).

3- Hiding: In To The Chambers (about 1:05)

God tells His people during that time of darkness, ‘Come into the chambers. Hide yourself.’ Everything but our hidden relationship with Christ will be shaken. The judgment of God in Babylon included Daniel and Ezekiel. It will come to the righteous and unrighteous, both. We will not be untouchable externally. We are going to learn to trust Him for He is trustworthy.

4- The Arising (about 1:09): Coming Up Out Of The Darkness

Zech 9:14. Event same for America and Israel. Different timing. First America, then Israel.

(At about 1:11 on audio) Our nation will face complete collapse. Our nation will face complete hostile takeover. Our nation will be surrounded by enemies, no friends, no allies. Our nation will appear…we will face complete destruction. When it seems completely hopeless God will appear – literally. On Ground Zero and other places. People will see God with their eyes.

We will see the resurrection of the United States. From the ashes, a fire will awaken.

5- The Lord, Our Warrior

A great, turning event will come to the nation of Israel.

Military almost completely destroyed, half of Jerusalem destroyed. They will face total annihilation, then the Sign of The Son of God will appear over the nation of Israel.

Israel will recognize the Messiah they have rejected. Israel and America are facing the same event: America first, then Israel.

A sign to the nations: the spiritual re-birth of Israel. A Divine judgment will come from a Divine, angelic army.

Only a remnant will survive the next Holocaust that will come on the nation of Israel.

There will be two signs and wonders among the nations: America and Israel.

(about 1:26) Notice the splitting of the nation of Israel at Mt. Olives – America will also be split. The creation responds to the presence of God – all creation is ‘singing’ – the earth is the only planet ‘groaning.’

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