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Must See – Jesus Showed Him The Next 11 Years: You’re Doing Better Than You Think! (video, left), Sid Roth It’s Supernatural

Trump Will Be President 8 More Years! (video, right), Bonnie Jones, Bob Jones

CS Commentary: Interesting prophetic word, though we are not sure we completely buy into it yet. We would like to hear an independent confirmation from another prophetic voice. That said, only time will tell. If it is true it would certainly mean that the US will be in crisis long before the end of President Trump’s second term. Why? Because it would take that sort of motivation for America to want to keep a President in office for a third term and for the nation to change the limit on a President’s 8-year term, established by the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution. Additionally, note that it usually takes years to amend the Constitution since any new amendment must be proposed by two-thirds of Congress and ratified by three-quarters of the states, not an easy process. It took almost four years for the 22nd amendment to be ratified – about five years for the total Congressional-States process – so if this takes place it will be very unusual.

Prophetic Review: Kim Clement Trump (Two-Term) Prophecies From 2005 Forward (video on Home Page), Kim Clement

Australian Pastor Prophecies Trump Will Win Second Term, Stephen Strang, Charisma

The Lord Says ‘Repent, Rest, And Reset,’ Dr. Hakeem Collins, Charisma

7 Angels Just Came To Tracy Cooke: The Reason For Covid-19 And What Happens Next, (video, left), Sid Roth It’s Supenatural

Jesus Visited Kevin Zadai For 5 Hours – This Is What He Said (video, right), Sid Roth It’s Supernatural

CS Commentary: Towards the end of this video Zadai shares that God told him there will be another supply shortage problem beginning around the election through Christmas and believers should have an oversupply of basic goods so they can share with their neighbors. Believers, as well as others, need to repent and turn back to God in a new way.

Will The World See Christians Respond In Mercy To Jerry Falwell, Jr.? Stephen Strang, Charisma

How God Rewards Our Suffering, Joyce Meyer, Charisma

Coronavirus Update

Sadhu Selvaraj Explains The Next Virus And The Continuation Of The Coronavirus: Why God Is Not Stamping It Out (video, left), God’s Daily Inspiration

John MacArthur Responds To CNN’s Third Degree On Coronavirus And His Open Church Policy (video, right), TheBiblethumpingwingnut Network

CS Commentary: We’ve been critical of MacArthur and his attacks on the Charismatic Church in other places on this site but he does a good job of answering CNN’s skeptical questions.

Covid-19 Exposes Alarming Anti-Christian Trends Threatening The Church, Stephen Strang, Charisma

(see The Coronavirus CS Update Page here)

Building The Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio, Short Version, updated 2/29/20, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Previous Weeks’ Coronavirus Prophetic Words

See This Link

Editor’s Choice

Difficulties To Get Much Greater Driving Us To The Cross Of Christ, Sunday Message, 8/16/20, Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: At about the 20:00 mark Terry says that difficulties in the U.S. will get more difficult over the next months and the next year or so, then will be alleviated for a time before they get even worse. About the 1:53 mark and following, Terry, based on a 2001 encounter he had where he saw the future, talks about the Death Of Hollywood and the coming of the Great Apostasy and what it will look like around the world: China, India, Russia, and especially in Europe.

Must See – Shocking Dream About President Trump: Threat Against The President, Part 1, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural

Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams (video, left)

An Inward Moment Of Visitation: Don’t Let The Church Talk You Out Of The Cross, 7/05/20 (video, left), Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: According to Terry, “The modern version of God’s love in the church is, you are positive with me, and you agree with me, and you tell me what I want to hear, and you never rebuke me, and you never correct me. That’s not the love of God, that’s the love of man. And God is trying to wean our hearts away from it.”

CS Evaluation, Updated 7/26/20: Literary Irony And The Positive Message To The US Church In Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams (video, above left) (Or, Why And How God Will Put An End To The Present Crisis)

CS Evaluation: Though partially at least, Dana’s dreams include a judgment and warning element, we believe that this is a secondary emphasis and that the primary purpose of his dreams is positive, hopeful and lets us know when and how this present season of testing is likely to end. The following link provides our interpretation and the proof for that view. We don’t know Dana, but he seems like a good, sincere brother. These dreams are from God. He had the first of 3 dreams in December 2019. We provide a couple of basic dream interpretation principles, then outline the dreams with the important specifics and provide some initial interpretation, then provide a Final Interpretation at the end....To Continue Reading Click Here

CS Evaluation: Dana Coverstone’s Third Dream: Dream Interpretation, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

CS Evaluation, Updated 8/17/20: Dana Coverstone’s Fourth Prophetic Dream About The U.S. Crisis (video, above left) – Dream Interpretation, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

For the Perfect Storm Prophecy, by John Paul Jackson, See This Page

See the new CS Dream Interpretation – Spiritual Life Page Here

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Prophecies And Insight Concerning the USA, 2020 Elections, President Trump & The Mid-Term Elections & Results – See This Link.

Terry Bennett’s 21 Year Gabriel Prophecy – See This Link

Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation Page See This Link

Prophecy Related News & Resources

Kim Jong Un’s Sister: The Joseph Goebbels Of North Korea – Why You Should Fear Her (video, left), The Infographics Show

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Hands Part Of Power To His Sister Kim Yo Jong, Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post

Must Read: Islam’s Doctrines Of Deception, Raymond Ibrahim

Quote: “Based on the above, these are instances of Muslim extremists feigning openness to the idea of peace simply in order to bide time…If Islam must be in a constant state of war with the non-Muslim world – which need not be physical… – and if Muslims are permitted to lie and feign loyalty to the infidel to further their war efforts, offers of peace, tolerance or dialogue from extremist Muslim corners are called into question.” Also see, Jihadi Murderers Feign ‘Reform’ And Use Taqiyya To Deceive, Raymond Ibrahim

Trump: Christians Treated Horribly In The Middle East, Raymond Ibrahim

Update: Court Finds No Court Order Preventing MacArthur Grace Community Church From Holding Indoor Services, The Thomas More Society, Charisma

‘Under God’ Left Out Of Pledge Multiple Times At DNC, David Brody/CBN, Charisma News

For More Click Here For Politics Page

Click Here For Earthquakes & Natural Disasters Page: Prophetic Insights and Resources

For More Must-See Videos See This Link

Common Sense Interpretation


An Open Letter To Ron Cantor On Prophets And Prophecy: Are There Genuine OT Prophets Today?, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

CS Evaluation – Precious Metals? How Christians Can Respond To Current Financial Trends, Dexter P. Lyons, Charisma

CS Evaluation: In general, there is some good advice here, though we don’t agree with some of the details. Technically, the Fed is not ‘monetizing’ the debt (see this recent article) – if it were the U.S. would be in a serious and precarious situation reminiscent of nations like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and others which have quickly gone on to experience hyperinflation and social-economic collapse. For more, see Evaluating The Arguments For The Dollar’s Demise. Silver is probably the better buy over gold for now. Many see gold continuing up, but we are more contrarians on this subject. Gold is at its highest point since 2011-2012, when it almost hit $2000 an ounce. What is has going for it: continued economic uncertainty and volatility, at least for the short term; dwindling supply; increasing demand. Depressors on the price? An economic turn for the good, increasing stock market, interest rates that turn up, and any discovery that finds more supply or increases mining potential. The production cost of gold is anywhere from about $900 to $1200/ounce, so gold could possibly fall into that range again before going higher. We feel that, medium term at least, gold is likely to be lower before it tests and exceeds $2000 again. But, only time will tell. That said, if you don’t own any physical gold it is always a good time to buy some.

CS Evaluation (see below): Prophetic Dream: Trump Catches The Big One (video, left), Bonnie Jones/Bob Jones

CS Evaluation: We do not believe this dream is about President Trump, the economy, or the gold standard. It is about the retrieval of a destiny that has been lost because of a poor decision made about twelve years ago. The biggest interpretive question here is...To Continue Reading And For Video See This Link

CS Evaluation (see below) – Ask Pastor John: God, Guns, and Biblical Manhood, Desiring God

CS Evaluation Of Ask Pastor John: CS totally disagrees with Pastor John’s point of view, which is: Christians should be discouraged from owning firearms for the purpose of self-defense. To Continue Reading And For Video See This Link

CS Evaluation: Christian Financial Expert – Do March’s Economic Numbers Point To Financial Ruin? Dan Celia, Charisma

CS Evaluation: We don’t believe the Coronavirus economic ‘event’ will immediately lead to financial ruin. The stock market, separate from the economy and leading it by about 6 months, will come back sooner. Goldman Sachs is predicting a third quarter recovery, others sooner, or slightly later. The economy will come back in stages and recovery will be different – some businesses will thrive, others will go out of business. The world has changed, no doubt, but the consumer has always come back after crisis. Longer term, this crisis continues to set the US and other nations up for an eventual global debt explosion – but this should happen later, into the late 2020’s or 2030’s.

CS Evaluation: John Paul Jackson Prophesied About A Second Pandemic, Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

CS Evaluation: As we’ve said previously, no, this is not the End Times virus that JPJ prophesied about – a little checking would have made that clear to Charisma.  According to the website JPJ founded, Streams Ministries, JPJ prophesied about an End Times virus that would be typified by red splashes or a red rash. He also prophesied about another virus before that one that would create a lot of fear and be thought to be the one to worry about. That sounds a lot like Coronavirus – but only time will tell. As we’ve shown, H1N1 in 2009 was so far a lot worse than this one in terms of infected and number of deaths. But, it is still early – and regardless, for various reasons, mostly the contagion effect and the uncertainty, Coronavirus has caused a lot more fear and panic. For more on this, see the Common Sense Interpretation section, below.

Michael Snyder Says John Paul Jackson’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Prophecy Is Happening Now – Is It? Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

CS Evaluation: Though there is much continued potential for Jackson’s prophecy to begin to unfold, we don’t believe that we are there yet. Snyder mentions Trump’s impeachment, worsening manufacturing numbers, and ‘plummeting global trade’ as signs. Dubious. Jackson referred to a confluence of events as evidence of the ‘perfect storm.’ As John Paul himself says in the video above in Must See Videos (see our updated commentary), it is a confluence of crises in 5 areas: economic, government, religious, war, and geo-physical. It is not just one event in each area, but many events in each area that will occur at the same time. No, the ‘Perfect Storm’ prophecy is not here yet.

Predictions about the Future Price of Gold – see The Perfect Storm Commentary in Must See Videos above.

The Stock Markets, Money And The Bible, Michael Brown, Charisma

CS Evaluation: A pretty one-sided treatment of money and investing, and fear-based relative to the stock markets. Proverbs also has plenty of other wealth advice like ‘throw your seed on many waters’, etc.


What Does ‘Equipping The Saints’ Have To Do With Racial Healing? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

On Critiquing Public Dreams, Interpretations, And Other Public Statements, Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

How Can We Know The Truth? Examine The Founder Of Any Religion To Know The Truth About That Religion, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual LIfe

How Did Jesus Interpret The Scriptures? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Two Red Flags When Looking For A Church Or Any Kind Of Relationship, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The Greatest Need Of The Prophetic Church Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Daily Do-ables: This Is What Resisting Temptation And Repentance Looks Like, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Church Must Be Done In A New Way Before New Things Will Come, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

‘Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment’ – It Doesn’t Mean What You Think, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The #1 Objection To Prophecy: Prophecy Is Not For Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The #2 Objection to Prophecy: If It Does Not Come True, It Is a False Prophecy Given by a False Prophet, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

See Dream Interpretation – Spiritual Life Page Here

Joseph’s Dreams: What Can We Learn? Part Two, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Joseph’s Dreams: What Can We Learn? Part One, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Tertullian On Dreams, John Boruff

Dream Discernment: Discerning The Source of Dreams Is The Most Important Aspect Of Dream Interpretation, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

A Dream From God Has 6 Clear Characteristics, John E. Thomas, Charisma

How Should You Respond To The Crazy Thing You Dreamed Last Night, John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries

Video: What Do The Numbers In Your Dreams Mean? John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries/Charisma

Misinterpreting Dreams: Personal vs. Universal, Part 2, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Misinterpreting Dreams: Mistaking A Personal Dream For A Universal Dream, Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life


Correct Theology Or Tradition?

Shawn Bolz Predicts President Trump Will Win Second Term, CBN

CS Commentary: Portion with Bolz begins right after the 12:00 mark.

The Gift Of Prophecy Vs. The Ministry Of The Prophet (video, right), Jeremiah Johnson

CS Commentary: This is a good beginning on the distinction between the gift and the office. 1 Corinthians 12-14 delineates the gift, while Jeremiah 1, 18 and 23 elaborates on the office and true ministry of the prophet. While any believer may prophesy or operate in the gift at any time, there are those who have the gift of prophecy. Of those who have the gift there are fewer who are called into the ministry of a prophet. Miriam is a type of the ministry of a prophet; Moses is a type of the office of prophet (see Numbers 12). Of those who have the ministry of prophet, there are even fewer who attain the office of prophet. Even in the office of prophet, there are distinctions between personality, function, and call. For some of this theology, see 1-2 Kings. Also see Sadhu Selvaraj’s messages on prophets and the prophetic.

Video Compendium: Are You Called To The Office Of Prophet? Charisma

Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy: We need truth over tradition, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Prophecy


Invitation To Intimacy – Developing An Old Testament Theology Through God’s Rhetoric With Intimates, Seaborn Hall, For OT Theology, Fuller Seminary

The Hook Interlocking Structure of Revelation, Seaborn Hall, Novum Testamentum
Note: This article, published in 2002, was the academic basis for the 3 part article on Revelation which can be found on the Prophecy-Spiritual Life Interpretation Page.

Click here for the Dream Interpretation-Spiritual Life Page

Click here for the Prophecy-Spiritual Life Interpretation Page

Review Of Some Of The Late Kim Clement’s Words

See this link.

Prophetic Words Prior To, And Concerning, The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

See this link.

More Common Sense

(For in-week updates, see Home Page)


This Book Will Help You Make Sense Of The Trump-Russia ‘Witch Hunt,’ Krystina Skurk, The Federalist


Must See – The Fatal Flaw In Leftist American Politics (video, left), Jordan Peterson, Big Think

New York City Is Dead Forever According To A Proud New Yorker, Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch

More Than A Quarter Of Young Americans Considered Suicide Because Of The Pandemic, Evita Duffy, The Federalist

Over Half Of U.S. Christians Believe That Good Works Will Get Them To Heaven, Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post

Various Ways To Make Scrambled Eggs At Home To Change Their Look And Taste, Rachel Askinasi, Insider

Gordon Ramsey’s Scrambled Eggs (video, right), MasterChef On Fox

California Wildfires Sparked By Thousands Of Lightning Strikes Over Three Days, Jenna Browder, CBN

Black Conservative Declares War On Baltimore Democrats, Todd Starnes

Mail-In Voting Is Unreliable. Go To The Polls To Make Sure Your Vote Counts, Jordan Davidson, The Federalist


4 Shocking Facts Americans Don’t Know About The Lockdowns (video, left), Tipping Point, OAN

Israeli Company Invents Masks That Kill Covid-19, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Yes, Children Are Almost Immune To The Worst Of Covid-19, Deane Waldman, The Federalist

FDA List Of Hand Sanitizers To Avoid Grows, Kelly Tyko, USA Today

Update: CDC Home Pages On Coronavirus; Also see here; Also see, CDC Updated Global Map On Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus, CDC; Also see, Coronavirus Resource Center, John Hopkins University

Medicare And Coronavirus,


Teacher’s Pet, 1958 Trailer (video, left), W. David Lindholm

Ten More Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Ten Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

100 Best Movies Of All Time, Andrews/Harrington/Stockdale, 24/7 Wall St

Top Gun’s Movie Future Could Be Very Exciting After ‘Maverick,’ Ana Dumaraog, Screen Rant

Will Cheap Tickets And Christopher Nolan Be Enough To Revive Labor Day Movie Theater Re-Openings? Josh Shepherd, The Federalist


Wake Me Up (Official Video) (video, left), Avicii

Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Intros Of All Time, Rick Beato

What Makes This Song Great?: Rosanna, by Toto, Rick Beato

Nolan Neal Delivers Emotional Performance – ‘You’ve Got The Love’ AGT 2020

Kanye West Family Unraveling As He Deletes Post About Trying To Divorce Kim, Fox News; Also see, Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West And HIs Emotional Health, Chloe Melas, CNN


NFL Headlines 2020 – Ravens vs. Buccaneers In Super Bowl? (video, left),  Colin Herd

Which Of Last Year’s Non-Playoff NFL Teams Have The Best Chance To Get In? Sheil Kapadia, The Athletic

Who Are The Most Clutch Coaches In The NFL?, NFL

Ranking Every Defense From 1 To 32 For 2020, Sheil Kapadia, The Athletic; Also see, Ranking Every NFL Offense From 1 To 32, Sheil Kapadia, The Athletic


New Apple Leak Reveals Release Shock For iPhone 12, Gordon Kelly, Forbes


Funniest Flight Attendant Ever (video, left), Launch Gaming

Cancellation Policies For The 4 Major Airlines Show That It’s Difficult To Get Your Money Back, Barbara Smith, Business Insider

What Are The State Quarantines Really Like? Clint Henderson, The Points Guy

What Are Points And Miles Really Worth? August 2020 Valuations, The Points Guy

Don’t Travel Before Checking Harvard’s Covid-19 Hot Spot Map, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, Forbes; Also, Drill down to state/county level here


Ricky Gervais On Lockdown, His New Show, And Why He Targets Celebrities (video, left), The Kelly Clarkson Show; Also see, Ricky Gervais Rips Cancel Culture While Admitting To Be Like Hitler, Nick Gillespie, Reason

Ellen DeGeneres Ex-Staffer Compares Toxic Show Environment To ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ NZ Herald

She Sticks Her Finger Right Into The Socket: How Ozark Star Julia Garner Became A Scene-Stealer Emmy Favorite, Rebecca Keegan, The Hollywood Reporter

Lori Loughlin, Husband To Plead Guilty And Be Sentenced Friday, Alanna Durkin Richer, AP/AJC

Must See – When Wokes And Racists Actually Agree On Everything, Ryan Long

CS Commentary: Brilliant and funny!

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Si vis pacem parabellum – If you want peace, prepare for war (adapted from a statement by Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, and the idea attributed to an earlier statement by Plato)

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