Sunday Service, 1/05/20, Terry Bennett (video, left), Messengers Of Shiloh

Seaborn Hall, 8/28/20

CS Commentary: Around 1:03 or before begins talking about the contrast between ministry and calling and the difference between position and God-ordained leadership. Ministry may mean further hardship and sacrifice. We have come to the threshing floor and to the Cross – to death to self.

1:11 We have been promised a difficult life and tribulations. We have the wrong gospel if we think that Christ just loves everybody. In this life, unless we get to Him, we will never know the love of God. About 1:17 he starts expositing Ephesians 3.

1:19 He speaks of being brought into a ‘face to face’ relationship with Jesus Christ. He then speaks about the ‘outer court’ level of dreams and visions vs. the ‘holy of holies’ experience of the ‘face to face.’ We have explained the difference and the support for this ‘outer perspective’ from a Biblical perspective in Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy. Terry speaks of an internal ‘face to face’ experience from the New Testament perspective. 1:22 Prisoner of the Lord – God does not cast His pearl before swine.  

1:24 We can miss God’s purpose. You can be chosen and never come into, functionally, what God has chosen you for because of mis-alignment. Judas is the classic example of this. Judas is the classic example of how and why supernatural experiences will not and can not transform you – only an inward experience with Christ will suffice.

1:29 Christianity has become the same thing as Saul before Paul. If you want to go all the way with God, there will be no greater obstacle than what is called ‘the church’ and leaders. Because leaders feel threatened by what they cannot control.

1:42 One day we will laugh about all of this temporal ‘stuff’ and that it ever had sway over any of us. We should not be using the church as a platform to feel better about ourselves. Church is about Christ, and coming together to minister to Him. Western culture has spread its ‘wicked theology’ throughout the nations.

1:48:30 The future is now. Satan has conveniently convinced us of the future, but the time is now. It is today, not tomorrow. The Holy Spirit’s word is NOW. The knowledge of God is meant to fill the whole universe.

2:05 We are not our own. We don’t act according to human compassion or ‘voices’, but only to the voice from the throne.

2:09 Comparisons with war. Talk is cheap. The ones who talk usually run when the battle is the thickest. Conflict quickly shows who is ready to lose their life.