A Call To Exodus, Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh


Seaborn Hall, 9/05/20

CS Synopsis And Commentary: Some introductory comments start around 18:00. A more full part of the introduction begins around 39:00. Body of the message begins about 49:00: False foundations, false purposes, false calls.

Titles and what we ‘call’ ourselves. “I aim to lose my name by taking the Name of Another. That’s called marriage.” 57:00: What we give our time, becomes our passion. We can rightly determine our commitment to the Lord by our time factor, the time we spend with Him. 1:00: This inward relationship will give you a ‘never give up’ quality in the face of adverse circumstances. You will have the perseverance to never give up.

1:12 The Prophetic ministry is a revelation of Christ it is not about self or the soul. There is no discernment between the psychic soulish words that merely participate in ‘soul reading’ and what is coming from the throne. It is not about building what is good for us it is about ‘shutting up’ and hearing what God is saying to us. When our lips stop moving that will be a miracle.

1:16 Vision and perishing and the difference between discernment and judgment. Discernment, a type of judgment, is necessary. If we are the same as 30 years ago, something is dreadfully wrong. Jesus has not become the dominating life – we have not learned to ‘lose our lives.’ We only know self-living. The church has it all wrong. There is too much mixture. This is a life that is not worldly. The life of Christ is meant to control us.

1:22 Several men and women who understood their time because of the ‘vision’ God had given them. It is impossible to be in God’s work without the ‘vision’ of God. Work is completely tied to the vision of the Godhead.

1:26 Marriage between two people starts in the soul. If you can come together in Christ will find a marriage truly on God’s ground. Single vs marriage life. We are to be married to the Lord, but self is a devious thing and will find other lovers. We will never find Christ in present day church life.

1:40 God’s going to shake Christianity and reveal it to be of the DUST for it is. God’s not coming to make the church better. He’s not coming to make a better system. We are in the beginning to that day.

1:55:30 Terry lost most of his relationships 20 years ago because though he thought they were, they were not really built around Christ. If you go really after the Lord it will change every relationship that you have – beginning with your family. The deeper you go into Christ, the more you will see distance if your family and friends won’t go with you. We cling to people. We should be clinging to Christ. The ‘Pilgrim’ has to go it alone – all the way to death. ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ is a revelation of the Lord. ‘Do not think that I came to bring peace; I came to bring a sword.’ Rejection from friends will be commonplace.

2:04 Older people in Israel were the ones who believed God. God is not in the established thing. He is in the child.

2:07 Prophecy: God would end the ‘church-world’ in us. It is not large numbers God is looking for, it is whole-heartedness. Don’t invite people to church, invite them to Jesus. Jesus is not a location; the kingdom of God is within.