Advertising Criteria

Digital Display advertising follows generally accepted guidelines from an organization called IAB, which sets standards for ad size.  It is how you place your ads on websites. These placements can be limited to a single website in a single size or combined with multiple ad sizes and placed across multiple sites.

Your ad can be targeted to a single website like this one, or, it can run on another or on all of our websites: politics, prophecy, culture, money. The later is a shotgun approach that would target your customers wherever they might be. The former is more focused targeting on the demographics and actions of a group of people (like your best customers) that targets your ads only to those that fit within the demographic or action/mindset of that group.

In addition to targeted placement, digital display advertising provides excellent reporting and tracking. This will allow you to understand the messages that are resonating most as well as the types most likely to become your best customers. Throughout your campaign your message, look and feel can be tweaked and improved to get you the best results.

All of our sites are responsive, which means that your advertising will be displayed in all formats on all devices, computer, personal computer, tablets, and cell phones. Mobile display and tablet display advertising allow you to reach customers both at home and while on the go. These devices are highly interactive and engaging and offer an effective way to reach a more affluent customer who is using a smart mobile device.

As with any marketing campaign, the better we can understand your goals and expectations, the better we can deliver a successful campaign.

The IAB pdf for website advertising specifications can be downloaded here.