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All Things ‘Q’

Down The Rabbit Hole: How QAnon Conspiracy Theories Thrive On Facebook, Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian

CS Commentary: Yes, The Guardian is a liberal publication, but this is a fact based, pretty fair treatment of how the QAnon community has used Facebook to grow. Sebastian Gorka, former Trump insider, and others have long ago debunked ‘Q.’ For more, see below.

A Look Back – Exposed As Hoax: Qanon Creator Speaks For The First Time (video, left), OAN

CS Commentary: We wrote an article in Medium clarifying the case against QAnon a month before this report appeared on OAN 2 years ago.

FBI Launches Investigation Into Online Forum 8Chan That Helped Birth QAnon (video, top right), One America News

Qanon: The Real Problems For Those Who Still Believe, Seaborn Hall, Medium

Qanon: The Most Objective And Complete Assessment So Far – The uncomfortable truth about the Counter-Deep-State movement purportedly led by an anonymous ‘Trump Insider’, Seaborn Hall, Medium

CS Commentary: See our full treatment of QAnon below. The fact that some of the things that ‘Q’ has ‘predicted’ are coming – or have come – true does not in and of itself validate the genuineness of ‘Q.’ We refer you to the definition of apophenia, addressed in the comprehensive Medium article on Q above. The two most salient objections to Q being a ‘real’ insider or intelligence source are: 1) Q’s initial multiple predictions of mass arrests and social unrest, including martial law were not only erroneous, but failed to materialize in any way, shape or form, both within the time frame predicted and up until today (we address the illogical nature of ‘Q’s’ first prediction being so wrong in the longer Medium article), and 2) Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller are obviously not working with Trump, as one of Q’s core assertions states. A third and final objection to the genuine nature of ‘Q’ is elaborated on in both the One America and NBC articles below – it is probable that others are responsible for the creation and mass distribution of the Q posts.

A Look Back – Exposed As Hoax: QAnon Creator – ‘Microchip’ – Speaks For The First Time (video,left), OAN

CS Commentary: CS addressed the Q theory years back. See our articles in Medium, here. Our first story was published a month before this video/broadcast. This video summarizes the theory and exposes it as a hoax in an interview with the creator. For the CS ‘All Things Q’ Page see here.

Exposed – Creator of ‘Qanon’ Speaks For The First Time (video, left), Jack Prosobiec, One America News

CS Commentary: Common Sense Interpretation published a comprehensive and objective analysis on ‘Q’ on Medium on 8/23/18 (see link above) that concluded that ” to believe that ‘Q’ is legitimate involves major leaps of faith over multiple inconsistencies in data.” This article/video by Posobiec, one of the initial propagators of the de-bunked Pizzagate conspiracy who eventually recanted his part in that phenomenon appears to de-bunk and expose ‘Q’. Posobiec now works for One America News, a pro-Trump network. This ‘proof’ is unlikely to convince ‘Q’ disciples. However, this, plus the preponderance of evidence presented in our reports above certainly raises ‘reasonable doubt’ that Q is genuine – and means that more likely than not ‘Q’ is a prank or a fraud. Ultimately though, one has to admit – as even Praying Medic has said – no one knows the identity of ‘Q.’ That still remains true. Also see, How The New York Times Op-ed Played Right Into The Qanon Conspiracy, The Daily Dot

The Prophecies Of ‘Q’, Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic

CS Commentary: The Atlantic has become a very liberal magazine over the years, so you would expect a critical, cryptic article on Q and his supporters, but this is largely an objective, well-informed piece. That said, we don’t embrace a few of the comments, views or sources, like The NY Times quotes. Still, this provides a pretty good, up to date to 2020 history on ‘Q,’ and some scary insight into the way Christians are hooked into it. For some reason the article completely ignores NBC’s interesting 2018 analysis of who ‘Q’ really is as well as OAN’s video interview of ‘Microchip’, and the disputed co-founder of ‘Q’, video, this page above. For more, see our Medium articles, here.

QAnon’s Conspiracy Theories Have Seeped Into US Politics, But Most Don’t Know What It Is, Pew Research, 2020

The Elephantine Maze That Is ‘Q’

How Three Conspiracy Theorists Took ‘Q’ And Sparked Qanon, Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins, NBC; Also see, Reddit Bans Qanon Conspiracy Theory Forums, Fox News/NY Post: Also see, Michael Flynn Jr., Sean Spicer, Scott Adams, And Others All Deny ‘Q’ As Genuine, The Daily Beast; Also see, The Far Right Is Struggling To Contain QAnon After Giving It Life, NBC

Qanon T-shirt held up at Trump Rally

Also see, Treason And Text Messages: Whom To Trust And What’s The Truth, Martin Geddes; Also see, Conspiracies Do Exist: Did The FBI Cover Up The Explosion Of TWA 800 In 1996? William F. Marshall, The Federalist; Also see, Why QAnon Followers Believe: The Psychology Of Embracing Far-Right Conspiracy Theories, Nicole Karlis, Salon

CS Commentary: ‘Q’ disciples are likely to dismiss this outright simply because Salon is a left leaning media outlet, however, the principles outlined are true for both left and right believers in conspiracies. The writer gives us insight into why we are attracted to things that explain the world we live in.

How The QAnon Movement Continues Without Its Messenger, Mike Rothschild, The Daily Dot

People Tell Us How QAnon Ruined Their Relationships, Mark Lamoureaux, Vice

CS Commentary: We have written extensively on QAnon and Pizzagate – see below in All Things ‘Q’, for more. As we have noted, it is primarily liberally biased investigators that report on ‘Q’ for a number of reasons, the top one being that it is an alt-right ‘theory.’ Vice is another liberal-leaning site with its own bias, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t insight or interesting material here. As our most recent Medium articles show, Trump insiders like Sebastian Gorka have completely demolished and disavowed ‘Q,’ as have failed predictions, failed core theories, and common sense and rationality. In addition to the proofs we provide, see this, written 10 months ago: Here Is Every QAnon Prediction That’s Failed To Come True, The Daily Dot. For another recent updated perspective on current news and QAnon, see, The Epstein Scandal Is Giving QAnon Everything Pizzagate Couldn’t, Tess Owen, Vice

QAnon Says The FBI Labeling Them A Terror Threat Just Proves There’s A Deep State Conspiracy Against Them, Kelly Weill, The Daily Beast

CS Commentary: We’ve addressed this repeatedly. Sebastian Gorka, a close, former advisor of the President who claims to still speak with him weekly has completely denounced Q, 8-chan, and any possibility that the Trump administration is involved with or is ‘Q’, calling it ‘insanity.’ See the Common Sense Politics-Interpretation page, for more evidence and arguments against Q being anything other than a prank-fraud.

I Understand The Temptation To Dismiss QAnon. Here Is Why We Can’t, Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post

CS Commentary: Another one on QAnon from another decidedly liberal perspective. The Q theory/movement is so elephantine in its labyrinths and complexity we are not sure that some of the beliefs mentioned here are mainstream. You can apparently be part of the QAnon community and believe things others don’t. Still some good info here, though. For more on our evidential based views that QAnon is likely a fraud or a role-play, as this article suggests, see our Politics-Interpretation page. Also see, FBI Document Warns Domestic Organizations Like QAnon Are A Terrorist Threat, Yahoo News – If you read the whole article you’ll find some dissent on this approach from former FBI agents, who describe it as ‘overreach.’ According to them, mental illness, not ideology, is responsible for inspired violence, as has occurred both from Pizzagate and QAnon. We tend to agree.

The Essence of The ‘Q’ Belief System (video, left), Jesse Waters, Fox News, TruthBomb777

CS Commentary: We have reported on the Q phenomenon on this site and in posted articles on Medium. The professor of political science reporting here views Q as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump advisor has also discounted Qanon, indirectly and directly in a post on his personal site. 

QAnon Groups Have Millions Of Users On Facebook Documents Show, Sen/Zadrozny, NBC News

CS Commentary: This is NBC and the perspective is liberal and anti-QAnon, of course, but the article also inadvertently shows the degree and means that Twitter and Facebook are using to censor any conservative group and a possible, further upcoming censor of QAnon groups on Facebook. For our treatment of the ‘Q’ phenomenon, see our All Things ‘Q’ page.

Other Intelligence Issues

What If All The Conspiracy Theories Are A Conspiracy?

Trump Says Appointing Sessions As Attorney General Was His ‘Biggest Mistake,’ Fox News

CS Commentary: Publicly acknowledging this is just one more nail in the QAnon conspiracy theory, a major tenet of which was that both Robert Mueller and Jeff Sessions were secretly part of Trump’s covert team to bring down the Deep State and help indict Hillary and other liberal conspirators. At this point it is clear that neither person was involved with helping Trump, and in Mueller’s case he actively worked against Trump to help Democrats bring him down. For more evidence on the false nature of the QAnon meme see above under, All Things ‘Q.’

Anonymous Op-Ed: I Am Part Of The Resistance Within The Trump Administration, New York Times

CS Commentary: If anyone needed proof that the Deep State exists, this Op-Ed certainly provides it. The writer’s hypocrisy never shines through more clearly than when he holds up John McCain as the great national example and points to the views expressed in his Farewell Letter: “We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind walls, rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to be the great force for change they have always been.” This a farewell letter that extols ideals above common sense, ignores God, and that the writer uses to embrace a form of ‘tribalism’ against the President – as McCain exhibited in his later days. The writer narcissistically makes himself ‘King’ of his own version of the American ‘tribe.’ The last time we checked President Trump was duly elected and he is still the President. Trump’s tweet of “Treason?” does not seem far off. Also see, New York Times Op-Ed Is Nothing But A Liberal Attack On America, Newt Gingrich, Fox News; Also see, President Trump Asks Attorney General To Investigate Who Wrote Op-Ed For NY Times, Katie Pavlich, Townhall

A Former CIA Operative On The State Of US Intelligence And How Well Trump Is Doing His Job, Ben Weingarten, The Federalist

CS Commentary: A CIA insider talks about the corruption in top levels of government, particularly the CIA, how we won in Iraq and Afghanistan then messed them both up, how the Chinese are ‘eating our lunch’, terrorists flowing across the Southern border, and the bureaucratic dismantling of the US intelligence operation globally. A must-read. Quote: “Donald Trump represents a transformation. Revolution is probably an accurate term to use. I don’t know when the last time is we have seen such a thing….I should say as an aside in regard to the Russian thing, the entire assertion of Russian collusion, the collusion between Donald Trump and Russian intelligence, is ludicrous.”

What Does The Military Actually Know About UFO’s? Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Spying Operation On Trump Had To Be Run From Obama Down, McCarthy Says, As Judge Rules Against FBI, Mike Huckabee

Quote: “This stuff makes Nixon look like an underachiever.”


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