(a William McKinley type). In this sense, Gulliver represents the renewed tension between the parties, and possibly, the emergence of Trump in victory (since Gulliver’s head is in Cleveland).

Note that Gulliver’s right hand is in Indiana, and right is generally a place of authority next to the primary authority (Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, as VP for Trump). Gulliver’s left hand is in Philadelphia, where the left or Democratic convention is held in 2016. Pennsylvania is also a key electoral state. Columbus is the capital of Ohio. Cincinnati is a key demographic for the state. Nashville and Charlotte are capitals of key Southern states, as is Atlanta. Atlanta – where Gulliver initially stands – can be further seen as the “Capitol of the South.”

Is the vision saying that Donald Trump will “stand” in the South? Meaning, “Will he take Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia?” All are Southern states, some battleground states, that he must win to win the election. Additionally, it is true that no Republican candidate for President has ever been elected without winning the state of Ohio. And that Trump probably needs Pennsylvania to win.

In Bob’s vision, Gulliver had been asleep and “was waking up” after 38 years. What does the 38 years signify? Is it symbolic or literal? 38 years from the time of the vision? That takes us back to 1967. 38 years back from now, or from the Presidential inauguration of 2017, takes us back to 1978-79. 1967 was a year of tension and unrest. 1978-79 represented the Carter Presidency, the Iran hostage crisis and Middle East upheaval, and the coming Reagan Presidency. If years was symbolic for Presidents that would take us back to the 7th President, Andrew Jackson, a strong Southern, Democratic leader that came out of a contentious election.

We don’t endorse the ministry/organization that presents this, or agree with everything stated in this video, but this prophetic word is a good example of the difference between revelation, interpretation, and application (as John Wimber, the co-founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, used to repeatedly point out).

This vision, which Bob received in 2005, may be saying that the South and Ohio will carry Trump to victory in this Presidential election. Like McKinley his victory may signify a new season in America and American politics that consolidates the former Republican Party as a more populist party. Only time will tell. 11/01/16