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7 Angels Just Came To Tracy Cooke: The Reason For Covid-19 And What Happens Next, (video, left), Sid Roth It’s Supenatural

Covid-19 Exposes Alarming Anti-Christian Trends Threatening The Church, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Building The Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio, Short Version, updated 2/29/20, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

John MacArthur Responds To CNN’s Third Degree On Coronavirus And His Open Church Policy (video, right), TheBiblethumpingwingnut Network

CS Commentary: We’ve been critical of MacArthur and his attacks on the Charismatic Church in other places on this site but he does a good job of answering CNN’s skeptical questions.

Must Read – Passover, Pentecost, And The End Of Coronavirus: Did We Miss Something? Johnny Enlow, Elijah List

Powerful Insights From Psalm 91 To Protect You From Covid-19 And Understand Supernatural Healing, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Audio: The Days Ahead, Nita Johnson, 5/07/20, World For Jesus Ministries

Must Hear – New Direction For This Season: Since When Did The Church Become A Meeting? (audio only, click this link) Terry Bennett, 5/10/20, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: Terry’s message starts a little after 30:00. What we are experiencing now is a ‘Baby Pandemic.’ This is not what Terry has previously seen where the church will not be able to meet. That will be brought on by persecution of the church in the US. To continue reading commentary/synopsis see here

Special Update/Must See – The Meaning Of The Present Covid-19 Crisis Relative To What Is Coming The Next Decade (video, left), Sunday Service 4/19/20, Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: This message and the video to the right complement each other. The whole message is good and worth listening to but the relevant portion directed to Coronavirus, the meaning of this crisis, and the church, on the video at left, begins around 1:28 (1 hour, 28 minutes in). At 1:35: There is a greater shaking coming…To continue reading see this link…

Sadhu Selvaraj Clarifies His ‘Coming Plague Prophecy’ And Shares A Visitation From The Apostle Paul And Moses (video, right), Digital Workshop

CS Commentary: Note that Sadhu now says that he does not know when this second more terrifying plague is coming. Previously he said it was coming before a vaccine for the Covid-19 could be found. We attribute this to prophetic protocol: the Lord may ask true prophets to say things for the purpose of motivating people to repentance and action, hoping that their actions will enable Him to delay judgement (Jer. 18). This is not misinterpretation or prophetic error, though those do occur among less mature or false prophets.

Prophecy And Coronavirus (vdieo, left), Loren Sandford, New Song Church

CS Commentary: Overall a good commentary. We question Loren’s view that ‘herd immunity’ is all that is needed to stop the spread of the virus. It seems unquestionable that many thousands more would have died without social distancing and at least some quarantines. We also question Loren’s primary criteria for determining which prophet or prophetic word to trust. Accuracy, that is, prediction, is never a valid criteria for determining which prophet speaks from God. See Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy for more.

Prophetic Prayer On National Day Of Prayer, Paula White-Cain (video, right), Ana Smith

Powerful Insights From Psalm 91 To Protect You From Covid-19 And Understand Supernatural Healing, Stephen Strang, Charisma

The Virus And America’s Manifest Destiny 2020, Henry Falany, Elijah List

CS Commentary: We don’t agree with everything in this piece, but it contains an interesting positive contrary perspective on America and some good information on the spread of the virus.

How To Be Prepared For The Next Pandemic (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Digital Workshop

Chuck Pierce On His Prophetic Word And This Passover’s Parallels With The First, Original Passover (video, right), CBN News

High Profile Prophets Release Prophetic Words About Coronavirus, Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

Update: 7 Year Old Has Series Of Dreams About Coronavirus Beginning To End On April 30, Will Ford, Charisma

Why Has This Pandemic Come? Italy And New York Are Examples Of Why (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Digital Workshop

CS Commentary: For the complete and longer context of this video see video above, How To Respond And Prepare’

Be Prepared: The Next Great Pandemic As The Lord Shared It With Me (video, right), Sadhu Selvaraj, Digital Workshop

CS Commentary: Again, he clearly says that ‘by the time’ a vaccine for the Coronavirus is discovered that this new virus will come to sting. According to Sadhu, it will cause a great amount of fatalities. It should be noted that in another message around this time Sadhu also said clearly that he does not know when the new pandemic will come – see comments on video below in Editor’s Choice for more. Regardless, this is something to repent and pray to the Lord about – that He would delay the coming of this pandemic.

Shawn Bolz Summarizes His View Of Prophecy And Some Of Other’s Prophetic Words About Coronavirus (video, left), Praise

What Has Just Happened And What Is Coming? Five White Tornadoes (video, right), R. Loren Sandford, New Song

CS Commentary: Interesting that the South just experienced some of the most devastating tornadoes in its history.


Terry Bennett

Must See – What Is God’s Point In This Minor Covid-19 Crisis? You Need To Know Because A ‘Big One’ Is Coming (video, right), Terry Bennett, 3/29/20, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: First 10 minutes from about 8:00 to 18:00 (after opening prayer) is essential and a good intro to the message. Terry points out that much of the prophetic, even that that Jesus spoke, took time to unfold. Jesus’ declaration of the destruction of the temple took 37 years to be fulfilled – much of the church must have wondered whether it was a false prophecy or whether it would really happen. It did. In the same way, those (negative, apparently unbelievable) things prophesied today will happen. God’s main point? When He shakes everything let Christ arise within us more greatly and become more prominent than ever before. If the outward can shake me, then Hebrews 12 is revealed. The real truth in Jesus is offensive, because its not ‘I’m ok, you’re ok’ it’s uncomfortable and confrontational. The economies of the world are shaking over such a little thing – way worse is coming. At 1:37: Difficult times are here to stay. This is but a trial or test run – Coronavirus is not a ‘big anything.’ Terry: “Much of what the Lord has shown myself and others is still a bit in front of us.” He believes the 2020’s will be a “mix of good, bad, and extraordinary ugly.” Get close to the Lord. Judgments we have experienced so far are in the 1-3 category. Those we will experience are in a 5-6, and on up, category. Get out of debt. “This pandemic is not a big one. A Big One is coming.” Last 20 minutes speaks of all of this and about what’s coming over the next decade.

Jeremiah Johnson

Special Update, 3/18/20: A Recent Prophetic Visitation: Donald Trump And The 3 Judgments, Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook

Special Update/Must See – Rats In The White House/Coronavirus A ‘Boomer-Remover’ From The Enemy (video, left): Jeremiah Johnson, Sid Roth/Facebook

Tracy Cooke, and others

Tracy Cooke Trump Election Dream (video, right), Sid Roth, Alex Parer

The Storms Are Releasing Hope, Healing, And Harvest, Steven Springer, Elijah List

What Deadly Spanish Pandemic Can Teach Us About Covid-19, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Tracy Cooke Prophesies About Coronavirus (video, below left), Sid Roth, Shekinah Worship TV

CS Commentary: Cooke says that the virus will begin to diminish around April 15 and that an Israeli company may be responsible for a vaccine. According to Cooke, China’s role in the creation of the virus will be uncovered and the Democrat party’s corruption will be uncovered. Donald Trump will be reelected if believers continue to pray and the President continues to walk on God’s path for him. The church must pray against the enemy’s plan to assassinate the President.

Tracy Cooke On How To View The Coronavirus Crisis: Fear Has Caused More Damage Than The Virus (video, left), Cheque The Wall

How Sir Isaac Newton Survived A Plague And Left A Riddle To The End Times, Stephen Strang, Charisma

What To Do During The Pandemic, Michael Youssef, Charisma


Loren Sandford

Special Update: It’s Time To Come Out Of Your Cave (video, left), R. Loren Sandford, New Song

Nita Johnson

The Current Crisis, Nita Johnson, March 13, 2020, World For Jesus Ministries

CS Commentary: Nita calls herself a ‘female prophetess.’ She is a supporter of…To read more click on this link.


Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Rodney Howard Browne, and others

Chuck Pierce On How To Act During The Coronavirus Crisis (video, right), King Of Kings Worship Center

This Year Will Be A True Passover – We Will Make It Through! Chuck Pierce, Elijah’s List

A Message To The Praying Church, Dutch Sheets, Elijah List

Prophetic Encounter: This Is Not The End, I’m Sifting My People (video, left), Rodney Howard Browne, The River

CS Commentary: This is a long recording, but the relevant part starts around 2:54 on the video. We don’t agree with Browne’s End Times timeline or his (apparent) rapture theology (we don’t expect the church to be ‘taken away’ for much longer than him), but this just illustrates how God is not concerned about our traditions or theology so much as He is about our faith and character and willingness to obey Him. Browne shares what to us seems like a genuine, true, and encouraging prophetic encounter, one that aligns with what CS has been saying all along about this crisis.

Dutch Sheets Interviews Chuck Pierce About Coronavirus, Elijah List

Chuck Pierce Prophesied Massive Plague Like Invasion, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Charlie Shamp

Did The Lord Warn Us Of Coronavirus? John Lake Is The Answer (video, left), Charlie Shamp, Destiny Encounters

Science Will Discover Breakthrough For Coronavirus (video, right), Charlie Shamp, Destiny Encounters

Various Prophetic Or Other Voices

Coronavirus Crisis: What Is The Holy Spirit Saying To The Church? Rick Wright, The Gathering Place; See this link for The Gathering Place website

What Did Bob Jones Prophesy About The Coming Viruses? Bob and Bonnie Jones, Elijah List

Is The Tide Turning? Various Prophetic Voices Speak On The Virus, Taylor Berglund, Charisma

CS Commentary: We’re not sure about some of these voices, or prophecies…in particular, the word about America’s bankruptcy under Trump seems to us to be a conflation of two different ‘words’, at the best.

How To Defeat The Spirit Of Fear During Coronavirus, Kendra Semmen, Charisma

How The Church Responded To The 1918 Spanish Influenza, J. Lee Grady, Charisma

Why Christians Must Refuse Coronavirus Panic If We Wish To See Trump Re-Elected, Stephen Strang

The Coronavirus Tide Is About To Turn: Recompense Is Coming, Agnes Ebedi, Elijah List

How Jesus Is Reframing And Resetting Our World View, Wayland Henderson, Elijah List

This Plague Will Pass Over – Trust In The Blood, Jo Ellen Stevens, Elijah List

Must Read: I Awoke To The Sound Of The Shofar – What Was God Telling Me About This Crisis? Jan Jensen, Elijah List

A Dream Of Asia, Plus God’s Strategy To Defeat Coronavirus, Ella Onakoya, Elijah List

The Great Shaking And The Harvest, Adam F. Thompson, Elijah List

I Saw President Trump Receive A White Stone, Jane Harmon, Elijah List

Shawn Bolz Prophesies Millions Won’t Die From Covid-19 And Prosperity And Revival Will Come, Steve Strang, Charisma

Millions Will Not Die From Coronavirus And The Economy Will Surge: Shawn Bolz, Stephen Strang, Charisma

CS Commentary: CS has been saying from the beginning of this virus, that it will not be like the Spanish Influenza, or even as bad as the Swine Flu in 2009, which killed 575,000 globally. We have also said that the economy and the stock markets will return to or close to previously highs. See the Coronavirus Pandemic CS Daily Update.

Here Are Various Prophetic Words Given About Coronavirus, Steve Shultz, Elijah List

CS Evaluation: 10 Plagues Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously, Michael Snyder, Charisma

CS Evaluation: We itemize each of the ten ‘plagues’ and respond. 1- Locusts: we responded to this one in a previous post. Nothing that hasn’t happened at least twice previously. (see below in Common Sense Interpretation); 2- Weather Patterns: Though this link is from 2011 it is instrumental in making the case that its not weather…To continue reading, see this link

How Coronavirus Could Keep Trump From Winning In 2020, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Investing In And Out Of The Crisis

Building The Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio, Short Version, updated 2/29/20, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money


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