Criteria For Categories

The site format is divided into two primary sections: lower level or lower prioritized general spiritual life and prophetic links under Week Of, and higher level or higher prioritized spiritual life and prophetic opinions or declarations under Editor’s Choice. 

The delineation of levels of prophecy – which CS believes is consistent with Biblical truth (see, Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy) – is an attempt to prioritize and organize prophetic voices and messages. That said, that certain spiritual life voices or prophecies are designated as a lower level of information or prophecy does not necessarily mean that they are lower level insights, prophecies, or prophets. For example, we also attempt to place news related events in either Week Of or under Prophecy Related News & Resources.


Primary Criterion

Our primary criterion for determining where to place an entry is how the prophecy or revelation is received – if this can be determined. But, due to various methods of explanation by those receiving prophecy this may not be possible to ascertain.


Secondary Criteria

Therefore, classification under Week Of or Editor’s Choice also has to do with priority and relevance of the word, familiarity with the prophetic voice, history, observed prophesies, and what Common Sense knows first-hand about the church, spiritual life, or prophetic voices involved. CS is more familiar with some than others; we will seek to progressively rectify that fact.

CS also evaluates spiritual life information and prophecies Spirit to spirit, not person to person. That is, even a soulish person may genuinely prophesy occasionally or on a one-time basis, if the Holy Spirit wills (remember Saul?). But placement may also just reflect a week’s feelings or priorities, or how an entry relates to current events.



Common Sense receives no financial benefit from any of the persons or sites mentioned. Though this site also has no formal relationship with or endorsement from the prophetic voices or other organizations highlighted on the site, Common Sense Interpretation recommends the teachings of Terry Bennett, Sadhu Selveraj, and Neville Johnson as a further general introduction to the area of the prophets and prophecy. For an overview on the Scriptural justification for belief in a supernatural God and full activation of all of the New Testament gifts in the modern era we recommend Jack Deere’s Surprised By The Power Of The Spirit, and Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire.