Seaborn Hall, 12/14/19

Must See – A Case For The Biblical View Of Dreams (video, left), John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries

CS Commentary: We love JPJ and his view of dreams is compelling. However, we see things a little differently when it comes to applying other interpretive approaches on to dreams. It all depends on the dream and the dreamer and the context. That said, we totally agree with JPJ’s interpretation of the ‘spider’ dream in the video. However, a Freudian/Jungian interpretive model can be applied in a very limited way in some dream contexts. For example, their use of the ‘shadow’ figure is helpful in understanding shadowy figures in dreams and identifying ‘developmental’ dreams primarily about the dreamer.

JPJ’s comparison of Biblical dreams vs. Secular dreams is great – we agree with the contrasts that he makes. On the other hand, a dream can be external in origination and speak to developmental processes going on in the believer. Dreams of this type move us into God’s eternal destiny for us, which aligns with JPJ’s ‘temporal vs. eternal’ comparison. This also fits in with what JPJ calls the ‘Levels of Meaning’ in Biblical dreams. We would say that synchronous levels is one aspect of a dream that allows us to know that this is really a ‘God dream.’ Everything God does has design, organization, and intricacy. JPJ’s views on ‘extrinsic’ and ‘intrinsic’ to understand the dream focus is also very helpful.

In short, JPJ’s dream interpretation work is the best around and the foundation of good Biblical based dream interpretation.


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