Seaborn Hall, 4/13/19, Updated 4/14/19

The explanation of the dream begins at about the 4:00 point. Note that in the dream, he was “in Washington D.C.” D.C. is a place that he lived in the past and also has visited many times. This places the context of the dream as D.C. CS stopped the video and interpreted this dream before listening to the dreamer’s interpretation. The symbology becomes quickly obvious as the context of the dream is considered.

The water is rising and rising, people become more panicked, and an alligator appears that takes many people out. There is ‘blood in the water.” More panic. Then a great dragon rises up and takes off the head of the alligator after a great fight. People cheer. Water rising is both good and bad: water represents ‘spirit,’ a good, but relative to the elite interests in D.C. a negative. This is confirmed by the people when they panic.

The alligator, typically a negative symbol, is in this context positive – the alligator rises with the water and takes people out causing panic. The alligator, a ‘big-mouthed creature’, is symbolic for President Trump.

When there is ‘blood in the water,’ a dragon appears and a big battle ensures. This may be a warning dream about the President – that his success will lead to, or can lead to, defeat if he is not careful and if the church does not support him in prayer. The alligator stirs up panic in those whose interests are being threatened by the rising water. This in turn brings out the ‘dragon.’ As the spirit rises, evil appears to threaten the interest of good. This is always the way, just as Jesus did miracles and then had to contend with the devil’s attacks in response (for example, see the Gospel of Mark).

This dream is in concert with other dreams and prophetic words – like the crocodile dream by Jeremiah Johnson (received in July 2015, relevant portion begins at about 5:50) – that warn that early success by Trump could lead to eventual disaster. These are warnings that the church needs to constantly hold the President up in prayer – even as it appears that his Presidency is leading to success.

We don’t know about the dreamer’s interpretation that the dragon is symbolic of China.

For us, this seems like a stretch – though it is certainly possible. One element against this sort of interpretation is that people rejoice when the head of the alligator is bitten off. It seems strange – even in D.C. – that people would rejoice if this was some sort of Chinese victory, though in today’s climate it is certainly possible. And if this happens as late as 2024 then it is not as much of a defeat for Trump either.

It seems likely to us, again, that this is primarily a warning dream and about the power of the enemy, the dragon, through the devil’s people in D.C., that as success is celebrated the enemy has the power to retaliate. Sometimes we want to over-research elements in dreams and conjure up things that are not there – it seems that this could be the case here with the specific geo-political elements of the dreamer’s interpretation. There is nothing in the dream – as it is told, at least, to mandate this type of interpretation, the dragon as China. More likely than not, the dragon is simply the symbol it represents in Revelation 12 and 13, the overriding power of the enemy to rise and counter what God is doing with his own evil.

On the other hand, many dreams are open-ended in how they may be interpreted and since the alligator is symbolic of a person/entity, Trump, it is also possible that the dragon is symbolic for a person/entity – perhaps Xi/China (as well as being symbolic for the devil too). This would be more in keeping with the overall structure of the dream. Perhaps there is some way that China will be behind the bringing down of Trump towards the end of his term.

This type of interpretation is not outside of possibility, especially since recently it has come to light that China has multiple anti-aircraft carrier destroyers capable of bringing down US aircraft carriers and even US admirals have stated that the entire aircraft carrier fleet of the US could be destroyed in the first forty-eight hours of any all-out war. China also has been revealed to have a much stronger position militarily in space than the US (see Political Archives for documentation of these facts/views). In concert with the many Chinese spies – one that even recently may have attempted to breach Mar-a-Lago, this interpretation of the dream is more than possible.

However, these types of details or speculations are not necessarily critical or imminent at this juncture.

Primarily, this is a warning dream meant to rally the church in intercession around the President, even as he begins to ‘drain the Swamp,’ and experiences success. Jeremiah’s Johnson’s recent ‘crocodile’ dream warns of the same type of scenario. These types of scenarios are not set, that is, they don’t have to come about as prophesied, but they are one possible outcome if the church, God’s people, fail to rise and pray for the President and the nation – and to keep interceding, even after apparent early success is realized.