This prophecy was initially recorded September 22, 2017. There actually was a place called Peru, CA. It apparently no longer exists. See here. It was a miner’s camp in Northern CA in the county of El Dorado. El Dorado County is east of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada area of the Gold Country, and includes Lake Tahoe…

The nation of Peru in South America is a high income country and strong economically, see here. Like CA, it is on the West Coast, surrounded on the north by Ecuador, east by Brazil, and south by Bolivia. GDP growth was 3.3% to 2.5% from 2016 to 2018. Its economic health is tied to its exports, particularly copper, gold, and textiles. Some of the best cotton comes from Peru and it is one of the major T-shirt makers and exporters. China is its largest trading partner. Inflation has been low since 2012. It is considered a stable country with a good credit rating.

For Shamp to see the nation of Peru ‘in’ the state of CA in his vision is therefore a positive sign. In the vision or experience he describes he descends into the state of CA in the Spirit and he sees the nation of Peru already ‘in’ CA. When he descends he says it feels like he’s in a camping area, and Peru CA was a former ‘miner’s camp.’ The Lord tells him he is in ‘Peru, CA.’

This can only mean that the vision is saying that something will happen in CA similar to qualities of the nation of Peru. Shamp thinks, “There is no Peru CA.’ He is right, both in the natural – the mining camp no longer exist as a town – and the spiritual – CA has lost its sheen, its economic stability and brilliance.

The Lord then tells him, “Watch this place. I will fill this space. Something special is about to take place.” Does this mean that people will rush to come here once again, spurred on by a new natural ‘gold rush?’

As he is standing in the camp the ground begins to shake under him and God tells him, “This is a God-quake. The heavenly realms will shake to release a blessing that I have preserved in the earth below.” This certainly fits in with the above interpretation, but it is possible that it is meant for both the natural and the spiritual realm. That is, it is possible that gold or something else discovered or unleashed in the earth will be a sign in the natural of the spiritual blessing to come.

Then he is told that people will say, “What is the reason for this to come?”

According to Shamp, God answers him in the prophecy, “A rumble, a shake, a sign to awake, the harvest has come, another gold rush has begun.” Then the vision ends.

It is impossible to accurately interpret a prophecy like this until it comes to fulfillment. Yet, it certainly appears as though, according to the vision-experience that Shamp has, that there is still significant gold in the earth in Northern CA in the former Peru, CA area of the Sierra Nevada’s. One can imagine a new find or mining innovations – like what happened with oil and fracking – unearthing a new and significant gold vein that enriches and helps the state of CA economically to become stable again and a leader in the U.S., just as Peru is stable and a national economic leader in South America. Seeing Peru in the state of CA solidifies this portion of the interpretation – this seems inherently ‘economic’ in its address. Economic prosperity is to come again for the state of CA.

This then would be a ‘sign’ in the natural that the real gold rush (‘a sign to awake’) – the last harvest of believers that leads into the End Times – is about to be unleashed.

This appears to us to be an interesting and important prophecy for the state of CA and for our understanding of how the period of the Final Harvest, spoken of by so many prophetic voices, could begin to unfold in the U.S. However, it may yet be many years in the future to its fulfillment.