Dana Coverstone: A Vision I had last week (video, left), Dana Coverstone

CS Commentary: Dana’s Vision, September 14, 2020 – ‘Stay Braced And Occupy Until I Come’

Seaborn Hall, 9/25/20

Dana’s interpretation of the vision here is spot on, the only thing that we would add is about the words at the end: ‘Stay braced and occupy until I come.’ This again implies that because of the prayers of the church, that there will be some kind of ‘recovery’ or ‘calm’ before the next judgment. This complements what other prophetic figures like Terry Bennett and Sadhu Selvaraj have said.

Again, one does not need a warning to ‘occupy’ and ‘stay braced’ if the trial and hardship is going to continue unabated forever, because the trial itself would keep you braced and occupying. If it were the case that the trial was going to continue you would need words of encouragement within it to keep going.

This interpretation seems to be confirmed by what the hospital ‘attendant’ tells the woman – don’t try to do too much because you will need your strength. In other words, continue to workout steadily and get stronger over time, just like in a real physical recovery. You have to be disciplined but you also have to pace yourself and build strength and momentum step by step.


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