Seaborn Hall, 2/09/19

Overall, we give the 2019 SOTU a grade of B. Trump’s SOTU was great because… it did not offend. He restrained himself from engaging in bullying or boasting or direct confrontative behavior. Americans, as a rule, don’t like to see their President engage in such things. He called for unity, for getting behind American ‘greatness.’

Trump’s SOTU was not great because it ignored present realities. It was almost as if the President and his allies are a little oblivious to being surrounded by enemies that want to take them down.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been intransigent on their negotiation with the wall. They have refused to compromise and relent to a position that they have taken many times in the past – having voted for border wall construction multiple times in the past under previous Presidents. Their resistance is merely political because they dislike this President and believe they can sway the 2020 election by their actions.

As they did during the last SOTU, Democrats sat on their hands during most of Trump’s speech while the Republican side got up and clapped and cheered about 100 times. This illustrates that Democrats have been obstructers, at war with any conservative that opposes them, since at least the Bill Clinton era in the 1990’s. Despite Gingrich’s optimism here it is unlikely that anything will significantly change going forward.