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Must See – Dreams & Mysteries: The Mystery Of The Gift Of Revelation (video, right), John Paul Jackson, Dreams & Mysteries

CS Commentary: John Paul Jackson died a few years ago prematurely at the young age of 64, from pneumonia. He says some great things here: ‘Everyone can hear from God but many do not perceive it.’ How ‘revelatory gifts’ can lead into ‘prophetic gifts.’ There are ‘different levels of gifting.’ What is a prophetic gift? How the gift of ‘revelation’ is the same as the ‘gift of prophecy.’

He goes on to talk about how the church is losing many people to psychic phenomena because it doesn’t know how the prophetic gift works and teaches about the distinction between the Spirit of prophecy, the gift of prophecy and the prophetic ministry. It is very important to realize that not everyone is given the ministry of prophet – only some. At the same time, everyone in the Body could prophesy at any given time, according to the will of the Holy Spirit.

In CS’s opinion, this is an important distinction to note because one of the weaknesses of the prophetic stream of the last 30 years is everyone trying to be something they are not, that is, everyone trying to mimic or emulate global platform prophetic ministers when they were not called or gifted to that ministry.

John Paul was a prophet and speaks from a prophet’s perspective. He uses the metaphor of the Body to explain different prophetic experiences and functions. He speaks of one person being an ‘eye’ and another being an ‘ear’ and gives examples. What other body parts might be symbolic of other prophetic gifts and what would they be?

He references ‘levels’ in the prophetic, something that we explain more fully in Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy. He also quotes a very important verse, Revelation 19:10: ‘The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.’ What does this verse mean? ‘Testimony’ comes from the Greek word for martyrdom. To give your ‘testimony’ means that you give your very ‘life.’ This is symbolic and literal. What Revelation 19:10 implies is that the spirit of prophecy, the life and genuineness of prophecy, comes out of the whole life, death, and resurrection experience that Jesus walked out while on earth.

Note that John Paul accounts for the fact that just because you have revelation it does not mean you are a prophet. One can have revelation and be otherwise gifted. For example, a teacher will have a revelatory gift for Scripture. They will get spontaneous insight as they read, study, and meditate on the Word. This revelation will always bear the fruit intended – that is, it will not return void, or be useless.

The last 10 – 15 minutes Jackson speaks about the accuracy of future prophetic ministry and prophetic dreams. This is must-see, a great foundational message for understanding the gift and ministry of prophecy.


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