Seaborn Hall, 8/01/19

…killing, siding on the high mark suggested by Duterte’s critics. The U.S. opted out of the UN’s ‘human-rights council’ last year because the leftist bias, corruption and falsehoods were so rampant. Duterte was elected on a platform of federalism – the opposite of authoritarianism – and is following through with consistent actions decentralizing authority in the Philippines. Singapore uses the death penalty liberally and it has worked pretty well there – but the Post criticizes Duterte for wanting it. The new ‘pro-government’ Congress (by which they mean one that supports Duterte’s policies) was elected by the people. And we could go on and on, but suffice to say, we list this article as an example of the massive output of fake news in the US and global media.

There is a concerted effort by the MSM and global media – not only in the US, but globally – to advance a leftist, radical agenda throughout the world. On the other hand, we don’t know whether the charges of ‘incitement’ and ‘obstructive of justice’ against the Vice-President have substance – but the Philippines has a long history of violent coups, so for Duterte to be suspicious or even a little paranoid is not unusual and does not necessarily mean that he is out of touch with reality or that the police are wrong or corrupt for bringing charges against his opponents.

Even the PhilStar gets pulled into the bias with this article, Duterte Censures Gordon Over General’s Remark, Pokes Fun At His Looks. Even my Filipina fiancé banters back and forth with her sisters and family using insulting, derogatory remarks – this is part of Filipino culture! Perhaps, the Star doesn’t mention this facet of the culture because it wants the article to be misread globally – this is no indication that Duterte is a dictator any more than placing retired generals in his administration, something Trump also did. In fact, the U.S. had a retired general as President (Eisenhower, 1954-1960) – but he was no dictator either.

Another example of the global media’s raving bias against Duterte can be seen in this article from CNN (the Counterfeit News Network),  which impugns Duterte and other ‘strongmen’ like Bolsinaro in Brazil (another conservative, free-market, small-government proponent) for the destruction of the environment. No mention of how China is singlehandedly polluting the planet. We guess the little nations are easier for CNN to pick on.

When it is primarily CNN, Newsweek, The Washington Post – in the Philippines case, Rappler – and The New York Times consistently attacking you, you know you must be doing something right. It is no different for Duterte.