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Must See Prophetic Rewind: Prophetic Headlines From Heaven (video, left), John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries

CS Commentary: John Paul Jackson was one of the most respected prophetic figures of the last 3 decades, and passed away in 2015 at the young age of 64. He saw his first ‘headline from heaven’ in September 1985. He says upfront in this video: the Prophetic Headlines that I’ve been given do not necessarily occur at the same time as the Perfect Storm Prophecy. He also explains some of the mode of receiving prophetic revelation. A significant portion of the first half of this is about how to prepare for coming hard times.

Are the visions of the ‘Headlines’ literal or symbolic? They seem to be somewhat literal, indicative perhaps of a ‘higher level’ prophetic experience like a trance that JPJ describes in the opening. However, there also does appear to be a lighter symbolic element, like ‘The Great Mississippi Divide’ or ‘Chicago Up In Arms,’ Headlines themselves are symbolic in that they don’t tell the whole story but allude to the story underneath the headline. It is the same here. So, there is a literalness and a symbolic nature to them at the same time. For example, take John Paul’s very first experience of a ‘headline from heaven.’

Deconstructing John Paul’s Very First ‘Headline From Heaven’

Deconstructing JPJ’s very first ‘headline’ can help us understand just how we should go about interpreting all of the headlines.

John Paul’s first vision of a prophetic headline in 1985 is instructive: ‘Volcano Erupts Near Tokyo: 7 Million Dead, Another Million Missing’. Literal or symbolic? Both. The headline tells a prophetic story that is not complete. How it occurs will likely depend on the people of God around the world and in Japan itself, as well as unbelievers in Japan and their subsequent actions from 1985 forward. Will believers pray? Will people repent?

Will 7 million people be killed? Unlikely, but it is possible that more or less could die. Seven is a Biblical number of God’ oath and of completeness. It signifies that God is saying that this will eventually happen and that the number of dead will be determined by God. ‘Million’ places a note of severity on the symbol – many people will die, perhaps in the millions, unless you pray and repent.

Note also the manner in which John Paul describes the vision unfolding – there will be a process of warning before the eruption. Also note how the vision opens: a tree had just finished blossoming, then a train goes by. This may be a clue as to timing – the vision will be fulfilled just after a time of great fruitfulness and development. The half covered mountain of snow may also be a timing indicator: the event will take place, or begin to unfold, during Late Winter or Early Spring as the snow begins to melt.

The subsequent three ‘plumes of smoke’, then the shaking are indications of the process of warning before the event actually takes place. Those who are discerning will listen to and recognize the signs and that it is time to get out. Just like ‘in the days of Noah’, most people will not heed the signs – normal, active life will go on as if there is nothing to worry about.

When the volcano finally blows, in the vision, John Paul thinks, “This is worse than Mount Saint Helens.” St. Helens is a volcano in the US Northwest, close to Seattle that experienced an eruption even in March 1980. it is generally regarded as the worst US Volcanic eruption in history even though less than 60 people were killed. Thousands of animals were killed and much property was destroyed. There were warnings and a build up process before Mt. St. Helens erupted.

It is unclear whether the reference to St. Helens in JPJ’s vision is to the 1980 eruption or a future eruption (remember the vision was in 1985). It was probably tempting at that time to look back to 1980. However, presently other prophetic voices have pointed to a future and more severe eruption in the US Northwest. We believe that it is more likely that the St. Helens in the vision refers to a future and more severe eruption of Mount Saint Helens. This then becomes a major time indicator of the Tokyo eruption – it will happen after a more severe eruption of St. Helens in the US Northwest.

Mount Fuji in Japan appears strikingly similar to the volcano in JPJ’s vision. It is snow-capped five months out of the year. The vision is likely to be fulfilled within this time frame (December – April of the year the vision is fulfilled).

JPJ’s Other Headlines – 3 Examples + other comments

Though all of JPJ’s headlines are interesting and ominous, three other headlines from John Paul are particularly interesting: ‘Demand For Classic Seeds Skyrocket’; ‘Derivative Panic Hits Global Markets’; ‘Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating Inflation Woes’.

Other prophetic voices have spoken of a time when genetically modified seeds will no longer work. This would make a return to older, classic seeds necessary. Derivatives, synthetic bank instruments that connect banks and their debt to each other globally have long been a concern of Wall Street analysts. The larger US banks, like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are heavily derivative invested. No one knows exactly how much. Such a crisis could bring down the US – or even global – banking system. This would be a one-off, an event that would change world systems and the manner in which cycles and time frames operate.

Lastly, escalating and chronic inflation is usually a pre-cursor to currency failure and to hyperinflation – this could be the last sign before the end in the US, when it happens.

Finally, if food is going to be 40% of a family’s budget at some point in the future, owning your own home and land, free and clear of debt and having some knowledge of gardening and agriculture would appear to be essential. And, as both JPJ’s words and another headline on cyberattacks from earlier also indicate, having back-ups in printed/paper of financial transactions and holdings is most likely also essential.

Some of the final headlines JPJ shares reemphasize the importance of his comments near the beginning about holding cash. It is also apparent that owning and knowing how to use firearms may be essential – or at least a good idea – in the future.

The Symbolic Nature Of Bank Of America

The dream he describes however is obviously symbolic: the Bank of America is not BOA, but symbolic for America as a bank. It is describing a process in which America’s ‘funding’ or ability to attract debt to fund our budget and especially our entitlements, begins to run dry and eventually fails.

The effect of this would be that our interest rates  would go sky high, the Fed would begin to print money and directly fund the Treasury (as it is not doing now), inflation would skyrocket and quickly morph into hyperinflation, chaos would result, and the economy would quickly collapse. It would be every man for himself.

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