Seaborn Hall, 5/16/20

New Direction For This Season: Since When Did The Church Become A Meeting? (audio only) Terry Bennett, 5/10/20, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: Terry’s message starts a little after 30:00. What we are experiencing now is a ‘Baby Pandemic.’ This is not what Terry has previously seen where the church will not be able to meet. That will be brought on by persecution of the church in the US.

Social distancing has become part of the will of God for now. It is intended to give us time to seek Him. Waiting on God is a choice, it is active, and it is hard. The church has become a social activity center in Western culture – God’s antidote is social distancing so that we might return to seeking a satisfying internal relationship with Him. We are fighting for inward life during this time – what we need is Jesus.

God is using this to strike at the very heart and core of the American church. To lead in this crisis is to let God have His way. God is not fighting to save our nation. Patriotism during this time can be a trap. We need to escape from the spirit of murder – it will be in both political camps as we go forward.

If we don’t respond properly to this shutdown, we could move immediately into another shutdown [Don’t know what he’s referring to here, but could possibly be the more severe pandemic that Sadhu Selvaraj – as well as Terry – have predicted]. We are in a fluid situation. Nothing is set in stone [See, Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy]. This is not a Biblical judgment at present. Do we have 5 more years before it gets really bad and we experience Biblical judgments? We will experience Biblical judgments in the 2020’s. The encouraging aspect is that with Biblical judgments come Biblical miracles.

The day is coming when it will not be safe to meet as Christians in America. Other nations have been there – why do we believe it won’t come to America? Without God’s judgment and discipline there is no hope for the church or the nation. Discipline is redemptive. What is going on now is meant to get us back to the Person – Jesus.