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CS Commentary:

We have addressed these posts and the 21-Year Time Frame of Gabriel’s Prophetic Word in earlier posts in 2017. Those links contain essential interpretive information that we attempt to summarize below in this commentary and are listed at the bottom of this commentary.

In those links we also say that Bailey’s posts are helpful primarily because they contain part of the transcript of Terry’s interview in which he speaks of the prophetic word. CS does not agree with Bailey’s interpretation of the prophetic word or his interpretation of the book of Revelation. For our views on Revelation see the Common Sense Interpretation section on the Spiritual LIfe page or the Spiritual Life – Prophecy Interpretation Page.

The Twenty-One Year Time Frame that the angel Gabriel gave to Terry occurred in a series of encounters in December 2001. The encounters happened over a period of four days for several hours a day and, apparently, Terry was given visions of the future in each of these encounters. 

One important point to note: Though the seven seven-year phased judgments of America that Terry speaks of began with 9/11 in September 2001, the 21-Year Time Frame that Terry was shown begins in 2008.

Another important note: If the seven, seven-year judgments begin in 2001, then 2001 + (6×7) 42 = 2043 (but if 2015 was suspended as we note below, then the last judgment on America should be about 2050). Since Sadhu Selvaraj has said that he believes that Jesus will return before 2067, this puts the years 2050 to 2067 in a major highlight as intense years for the ultimate fulfillment of New Testament End Times prophecy.

CS believes this information above and below on Terry’s (and Sadhu’s) prophetic revelations to be correct – to the extent that we find that it is not, we will do updates here in the future. See here for a summary-commentary on one of Terry’s audio messages about this prophecy.

The three 7-Year Time Frames look like this:

1 – Fall 2008 – 2015: Economic

2 – Fall 2015 – 2022: Economic-Governmental

3 – Fall 2022 – 2029: Economic-Religious

We start the time frame in the fall season of each year because Yom Kippur is the beginning of the Hebrew Year and occurs each Fall. We put Economic at the beginning of each 7-Year period because, according to Terry, each 7-Year period is to begin, or may begin, with some sort of economic catastrophe. In addition, according to Terry each 7-Year period can be broken down into two 3 1/2 year periods.

So, there are 3 Phases – Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 – and they can be further broken down like this:

1 – Fall 2008 – 2015: Economic

Fall 2008 to February/March 2012

February/March 2012 to Fall 2015


2 – Fall 2015 – 2022: Economic – Governmental

Fall 2015 to February/March 2019

February/March 2019 to Fall 2022

Note that there is not always something obvious about the beginning or end of each 3 1/2 year period. Terry seems to have emphasized in other recordings that these periods mark a beginning of things. 2015, a year highlighted in the prophecy, appeared to show nothing serious – though there was a severe correction in the stock markets early in the year (see below).

Does this allude to something coming later perhaps? Terry has emphasized the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 as being the beginning of a severity or conflict of some kind. This would be in the first year or so of the last 3 1/2 year period of Phase 2.

In other messages Terry has explained that God sovereignly chose to suspend the judgment coming in 2015 – this resulted in Trump’s election – so that we should probably be looking for the next judgment to take place around 2021-2022 or 7 years after that. Though depending on God’s sovereignty and mercy again when America has changed so little since 2015 is probably foolish, and Terry says elsewhere that the judgments are to come every seven years beginning in 2001.

3 – Fall 2022 – 2029: Economic – Religious

Fall 2022 to February/March 2026

February/March 2026 to Fall 2029


Quotes from transcript of Terry’s interview on the Gabriel 2001 Prophecy:

In December 2001 the angel came to me over a series of three or four days. During that time he spoke to me about these coming years beginning in 2008, which he called, economically speaking, the beginning of birth pangs, not just in our nation, but throughout the nations. Then he outlined for me a 21-year timeframe beginning with 2008, broken down into seven-year incremental time frames, with the first seven-year period beginning in 2008, the first seven years being economics, the shakings of the nations of the earth economically.

He broke it down further into 3 1/2 year time frames within each of the seven-year time frames.

So the first seven years being economics, followed by this governmental and political seven years, again broken down into two 3 1/2 year time frames. This is followed by a third seven-year period where a religious system was added to the economic and governmental political systems. So I could see all the way to 2028. That is what he showed me in that encounter in December 2001….

The angel made it very clear to me concerning four nations. He said to me in 2001, “I want you to watch four nations. They are sign-posts for what is going to happen. The four nations were Greece, Italy, Spain, and France.”…

Some people think these things are right until it is their family that is hit. The things that are coming in some of these arenas of the earth are not the way we are thinking about it. We think God is going to use his church as an instrument of vengeance throughout the earth. That is ludicrous to me. The church is more of an instrument of mercy to stand in the gap. That is how I see that.

How did the Prophecy Occur?

According to Bailey, “Terry said the angel appeared to him in December 2001, starting the 10th day of December and going through the 14th. He said Gabriel visited with him for several hours each day and told him what would occur during a 21-year period starting in 2008 through 2028. He divided the period into three seven-year periods. He then spoke about each seven-year period revealing what would be the predominant issue of each period. As Gabriel spoke about these things Terry was shown visions allowing him to see the events happening.”

“Each period will have a predominant issue beginning with economic trouble, then governmental changes, and finally the rise of a one-world religion. In all of the 21 years (from 2008-2028) there will be some elements from all three of these areas.”

Interpreting the Time Frame and The Prophecy

According to Bailey, as to the first period from 2008 – 2015, Gabriel told Terry: “2008 will be the beginning of economic sorrows in our nation and in the world. During this time the great economic wealth of the United States will be neutralized and the military power of the United States will be greatly diminished.”

Then, according to Bailey, Terry says, “The economic problems will be the primary cause for the military power being weakened. Gabriel told him, “The status of the United States as a world power would end during this time.“

As we have said in commentary on previous links in 2017, the statements above may indicate a delay by God based on the prayers and intercession of HIs people, or it may be that spiritual processes take longer than we realize to manifest in the natural, or it may be some of both.

The Stock Market And Gabriel’s Prophecy

If you look at the charts of the DOW and the S&P 500 it is interesting to note that the bottom of the market was in early 2009. Then there were severe downturns that occurred in late 2011 and late 2015 to early 2016. These are both in conjunction with Gabriel’s prophecy, occurring at the end or close to the end of each 3 1/2 year period of the first 7-Year phase.

There was also a severe downturn recently, in late 2018 that bled over into very early 2019 before the markets turned up again. This came a few months after the first 3 1/2 year period of the second 7-year phase.

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