This is What Katt Kerr Prophesied About Donald Trump And America In January 2018, Elijah List/You Tube

CS Commentary: Relevant portion starts at about 5:00.

Katt repeats that there will be a 24 year period of Divinely appointed Presidents that began with Trump’s election in 2016. This would take the U.S. to 2040, with 8 years for President Trump, 8 years for Mike Pence, then at least 4 years of a President that Pence affirms out of his administration (this, according to Katt).

She predicts that 2018 is a year of destiny in which many will be stepping into their true callings. She also predicts that God is going to change Hollywood beginning this year, with evidence of the new fruit appearing towards the end of 2019 into 2020. She also says some interesting things about the unification of North and South Korea and not living a life that is ruled by fear, as well as the future of CNN and innovations and changes on the horizon.

According to Katt America is going to be safer, stronger, and better in every way in the future. Some of this is hard for CS to believe – like the 24 straight years of godly Presidents – and we tend to believe what the Scripture implies about prophetic pronouncements: as long as God’s people pray and repent this is the best scenario that will take place. But, God may easily change His mind if we don’t respond to Him correctly (Jeremiah 18). Let’s hope and pray that we do, and all that Katt predicts occurs.