Must See – This Present Shaking And What May Come Next, Terry Bennett, MendingFamily

Seaborn Hall, 7/18/20

CS Commentary: This is a shorter excerpt of a video we featured several weeks ago. See the link for June 21 here.

See the link to the previous commentary page here.

To listen to just the audio of this message – with pauses edited out, and the coolest musical introduction eversee this link from Prophecy Club -there is commentary following at about 18:30. We disagree with that commentary to some extent, but some of the comments are good. We will let the listener work through them – our views are expressed in Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy, in our commentary below, and in our commentary on the longer version of this video, published on this site earlier.

A good review for what’s happening now, what will happen next and the Lord’s purpose in all of it. A greater shaking is on its way. This decade will prove to be the most difficult of decades – more difficult than the Great Depression or the World Wars. Around 9:30 Terry talks about 2 different things: what will happen in the US and what will happen in the world.

The US

He describes the current Covid crisis in the US as shown to him as a ‘swell of water.’ He describes Covid in the US as a ‘lengthy’ thing. As of April 19 when this was spoken – ‘it is not over.’ Following the ‘swell’ was a ‘small wave’ that ‘came and went quickly.’ This was followed by a larger wave, about twice the size of the smaller wave – it too ‘came and went quickly.’

These were followed by a ‘swell’ much larger than the present swell of the Covid crisis. This second swell could be seen from horizon to horizon in the vision. This means that it is much larger than the present crisis.

This larger swell that he was shown is but a beginning of greater difficulty: in this second larger swell he saw cars tumbling over, planes crashing, and bread lines, The Lord spoke directly to him: “You are going to have major problems with food shortages.” Demand will far outstrip supply. There will be shortages of food and difficulty supplying or delivering food. If you and your government were wise it would encourage farming again. Contamination is coming to grains, milk, meats, and vegetables. The price of food in this time is going to skyrocket (he develops these specifics following the next section).

If we have 3-4 years, please don’t waste them.

The World

The Bible says that God’s judgments to the nations come daily. There will be judgements that come to the US over the next 2-3 years. The Covid crisis is not a Biblical type judgment – the judgments coming to the US and the world over the next 2-4 years are not Biblical type judgments. When a Biblical type judgment arrives on the scene, we will know the difference. They are coming.

The church in America and elsewhere needs to get out of its fun-loving play mode and become sober. We are coming into more and more difficult times. It will get increasingly difficult in the 2020’s. In the later part of the 2020’s we will see Biblical type judgments in the nations, including America.

We need to be prepared inwardly as well as outwardly. If we are not prepared inwardly as a people – and individuals – we will regret it. More shakings are coming. We are seeing now how shakable everything is.

Things will be shaken because The Lord has been abandoned by this nation and by most nations. We stand on the brink of a division in the US that could be catastrophic. This is a time to humble yourself and to seek God’s face. We need to wake up and become sober-minded and go deeper with the Lord. Waste your time – not on the things of the world – but on the Lord.