11/04/18 Seaborn Hall

Sadhu alludes to the location of the Ark being known. See this account of Ron Wyatt’s reasoning regarding the location of the Ark Of The Covenant, by his daughter Mary Nell Wyatt : This is Part One;  This is Part Two; This is Part Three. 

We can not verify the authenticity of Wyatt’s research or claims, but it is very interesting and persuasive – certainly within possibility. We are all the more persuaded because of our knowledge of Greek – everything Wyatt’s daughter writes about the translation options and the possibility of some of the current Biblical translations being wrong is accurate and true.

For the time being, at least, until we do more research, it also convinces us that Jesus was crucified outside of the present city walls near the site of the Garden Tomb – different from what some evangelical archeologists will say, that He was crucified and buried within the walls of the present Church Of Ascension, within the present walls.

According to Ron Wyatt, Christ was crucified on the exact spot where the Ark Of The Covenant was buried below. This spot is very close to the present day Garden Tomb.

Quote from Part 3: “When he realized that the crack in the ceiling was the end of the crack he had found in the elevated cross-hole many feet above him, and the black substance was blood which had fallen through the crack and into the stone case, he KNEW the Ark was in the stone case. But the most overwhelming realization was that Christ’s Blood had actually fallen onto the Mercy Seat. “

These links have not been researched for veracity. Neither have the findings been critiqued or analyzed with contrary research. Still, the claims appear to be worth considering.