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CS Commentary: Makes a different argument than the ones above who say the Anti-Christ must come out of Turkey and puts those arguments in perspective. The problem here is that many say the Roman Empire did not end until 395 CE. And then the Ottoman Empire, which lasted longer than all of them, began after that. They put the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire with the crowning of Charlemagne in 800 CE. The Anti-Christ comes from the revived Holy Roman Empire. One problem with this view is that…

it assumes what the clay represents without providing a strong case for it. It also assumes that because the Anti-Christ comes from the 10 nation Roman confederacy that one of those nations cannot be Turkey and that the Anti-Christ cannot be from Turkey. It also ignores that the Anti-Christ = The Messiah and therefore must be Jewish. The 10 nation confederacy does not exist in its final form yet, as of 2019. Is it possible that clay mingled with iron could represent Roman + Islam? He says the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire transpired on November 3, 2009 (approximately at 31:00 on the video). It stands to reason that if all of the symbols represent empires, then the clay does as well. Is it Islam?

Islam began in the 700’s CE and the Ottoman Empire went from 1299 to 1922, the longest empire in history. Daniel had never seen an animal like the Beast so it may be that the ‘European Union’ is much different than we expect. 

Clay is earthly – why would it represent something ‘holy?’ It is much more likely these are two different empires with two different origins that have very little in common. Therefore, when the little horn comes up out of the three horns which come out of the ten horns it is not clear where the little horn comes from – Europe or Islam? Or, is it some strange combination of the two? Could the Messiah be Islamic and Jewish?

Technically, the Messiah’s mother would need to be Jewish (one is not considered truly Jewish unless your mother is Jewish). According to Sadhu Selveraj, the Anti-Christ will arise politically from Berlin, Germany. According to Neville Johnson, here Brussels, Belgium will be Economic Anti-Christ HQ apparently. Then a revived Babylon with be the third city with significance to the Anti-Christ, some sort of religious HQ. This, again, argues for some previously un-thought of mixture of the Roman Empire with the Islamic, or possibly, Ottoman Empire.

This video, here, also below this entry on March 10th page, featuring Tom Horn on the Jim Bakker Show, proposes and explains this exact type of scenario.