CS Evaluation: Chuck Pierce Prophesied Last Year About A Coming ‘Plague’, Wendy Griffith

RE: Coronavirus is God’s Plague Upon Charismatics, Pulpit And Pen

Seaborn Hall, 8/28/20


CS Evaluation: This is the type of prophetic word that many people use to criticize or disdain prophecy, not realizing that there are many Scriptural ‘caveats’ to most prophecies (See Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy).

Note that the prophecy here predicts a ‘turning’ around Passover in April and then puts an additional 40-day condition on it that takes that ‘turning’ into May. God can and will change His word relative to the church’s responses in prayer and repentance. He may say He will do good and do harm; He may say He will do harm and do good. The prophecy is also for a ‘turning’ not an eradication.

Did that ‘turning’ take place? We would say ‘yes’ even though now in August the virus is still raging and US cases are the highest ever. However, the death rate and the seriousness of CV is down substantially and therapeutic and vaccine treatments are closer.

Pulpit And Pen’s charges that “The claims are being repeated by charismatics in the wake of our post, Coronavirus is God’s Plague Upon Charismatics. Simply put, no charismatic prophet has prophesied anything relating to coronavirus accurately, their prophecies all contradict, and no faith-healer has healed a single person of the virus.”

Let’s take their charges one by one –

No charismatic prophet has prophesied anything relating to coronavirus accurately – There is documented proof that Chuck Pierce prophesied of a coming plague that would hit the US during the first 3 months of 2020. New Testament type prophecy, which is the category we would put this in, does not normally offer more specifics than this, though occasionally they can.

Their prophecies all contradict – Prophecy may contradict when someone prophesies from his or her soul, true. However, Spirit inspired prophecies don’t usually contradict any more than the synoptic Gospels do, just because they seem to contradict. There is usually a complementarity that can be found when digging deeper. That said, we offer reasons above in the body of this answer for why that may seem to be true.

No faith-healer has healed a single person of the virus – Note that this last charge is simply impossible to prove. Does Pulput And Pen have international teams in the provinces of the Philippines or the villages of Africa? In South America and India? We think not. This is flagrant embellishment and dogma beyond the boundaries of anything they could possibly know and reveals the blog’s blatant anti-supernatural bias. Furthermore, even if they did have a ‘global monitoring team’ –  those who God uses to genuinely heal do not necessarily go around promoting themselves or what has happened through them or their ministries.

To see God heal, one first needs to believe that God can and will heal, something that Pulpit And Pen seems to have forgotten. The Biblical order is faith, then seeing – not vice versa. Faith, then healing. Those who embrace cynicism and negative belief rarely – if ever – see the glory of God.

As to the remainder of Pulpit and Pen’s charges in this article, we have written extensively about soulish and false prophecies in the charismatic community elsewhere.