CS Evaluation: Is Biden Really The President and Is America a Corporation? Lin Wood Interview Right After Inauguration

Re: Is Biden Really the President and Is America a Corporation? Post Inauguration Interview with Attorney Lin Wood (video, left)

Seaborn Hall, 2/19/21

CS Synopsis:

Lin Wood appears very credible and rational in this interview, but that is not to say that we agree with all of what he says – we don’t.

The line of logic in the interview proceeds thusly: There were laws created in the 1950’s during the McCarthy era of Communism that will be used to restore Trump to office. America is a corporation and can be bankrupted, in a positive sense, because it became a corporation around 1912 when the Federal Reserve was created and it became a debtor nation, controlled by the Rothschilds. If the US is bankrupted by Trump at some point in the future it could be positive for the US and devastating to China because of all of China’s debt which the US holds.

Lin’s position seems to be that China intervened in the election to stop Trump because they knew where Trump was headed and what he would do – bankrupt the US to put it back on its feet financially and economically, thus devastating China. According to Lin, if the U.S. bankrupted itself to write off its debt, China’s economy would ‘implode’ seriously threatening the CCP.

According to Lin, the military – not Biden – is now in charge of the U.S. and a restored Donald Trump would become the 19th President of the United States. What does it mean exactly that the military is in charge of the nation? He doesn’t say. If Trump were to effect these things – as he seems to believe a restored Trump would, then the US could be a prosperous nation again, eliminating things like the burdensome income tax, etc. According to Lin, it is the Foreign Interference Act of 2018 that will enable Trump to enact these things.

According to Lin, the military is not partisan, they take an oath to protect Americans, and they may be the one institution that Americans do trust. Though he does admit some of the military leadership is partisan. Perhaps the lesson from all of this is that we are not supposed to trust any one man, but we should be trusting God. According to Lin, it may take years for all of this to play out at this point.

CS Evaluation:

On Lin’s first point about laws created in the 1950’s we are not knowledgeable and can not comment.

The ‘America is a corporation’ belief has been traced back to a misinterpretation of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, addressed in these pages.

Many people believe that the creation of the Federal Reserve in the early 1900’s was a demarcation point for America and resulted in the nation being controlled by wealthy, corrupt interests. It is a complicated and controversial issue we won’t address here, except to note that the crisis came out of the San Francisco fire of 1906 that created national financial hardship that eventually resulted in a stock market crash. The nation needed liquidity to survive and it was provided by JP Morgan and a cabal of other bankers and wealthy individuals. This was the initial bones of the Federal Reserve bank.

The point we are making is that the Federal Reserve did not create economic crises in the United States, it’s creation came out of the need and the response to an actual crisis. The positives and negatives of that are a debate for another space and time.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to bankrupt the US and get out of our debt obligations, we can’t say for sure, though we doubt it. Would China be devastated by it? Likely not. It would not ‘implode’ the Chinese economy.

China has loaned about $1 trillion to the US at this point, but it holds over $3 trillion in foreign currency reserves so losing $1 trillion would not implode anything or threaten the CCP’s hold on China. If the US declared bankruptcy it would also negatively impact other nations like Japan and the UK and France and other parts of Europe, it would cause a loss of trust in the U.S. globally, and it would rob millions of Americans of savings they have in government bonds. It is not a scenario that would likely be carried out except in dire straits, so the whole theory is a little mind-boggling.

Is the military in charge of the US? We can’t say, but it certainly does not seem so. Could the Foreign Interference Act be used at this juncture, with Biden sitting as President in the White House? No, not unless he used it. The Act can only be used by sitting Presidents so Trump would need to be ‘restored’ first. How?

Lin states that Trump has not broken any laws or violated the Constitution and is acting in such a way as to attempt to prevent or limit a civil war. This makes sense above most of the rest of what Lin says. But, for Trump to be restored before the 2024 election there would need to be some kind of coup which would likely result in some level of Civil War. We do not see this as a probability. Is it possible? Yes. Probable? No. For the very reason that Lin states. Trump and his team are doing all possible to avoid Civil War.

Therefore, it makes sense that they will again follow legal processes and attempt to counter election fraud, turn the 2022 election in Congress to their favor and win the 2024 Presidential election. If they fail on all counts in this process, but they succeed in educating and uniting much of the nation around Election Fraud – and the nation believes that the 2024 election is also stolen – then there will without a doubt be a civil war and a coup attempt of some kind. We do not believe that over 50 million Americans that believe that national voter fraud took place in two Presidential elections will stand for another false President or Presidential term. At least, we hope not. Only time will tell.

As to the the military being non-partisan, they is little evidence for this as it became increasingly partisan under the Obama administration and is speedily re-continuing on that pathway under the Biden Administration. They do take an oath. But, do Americans trust them more than other institutions? Perhaps, but we think that might be relative to the rank and file, not the more partisan officers and generals.

We like Lin, and he speaks a lot of general wisdom here, though we believe that some of what he says and believes is conflated with some of the conspiracy theories floating around, like the 1871 ‘America is a corporation’ theory, which we do not buy into at this point, at least. This is an attorney engaging in political and global economic speculation that he is not qualified to speak expertly on. That said, we agree with him that it will likely take years for this to all work out, that Trump and his team are doing their best to obey the law and the Constitution and avoid civil war, but that there will be some crisis that will set things off in the future.

From our perspective that is not likely to happen soon at this point – it is likely to be the next Presidential election, regardless of whether the result is another corrupt, fake Biden-Harris win or a Trump reversal and restoration to office. The left has what they’ve wanted now. They will not give it up easily or without a real fight.


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