CS Evaluation: Is the United States A Corporation and Will President Trump Use The 1871 Act to Depose Biden and Reassume the Presidency?

Seaborn Hall, 1/30/21, updated 1/30/21 12:10 pm pst; updated 2/19/21


We hate to continually be the bearer of bad tidings to those looking for a way for Trump to immediately return to the Presidency, but we evaluate this belief as a Myth and non-factual based on the evidence and links below.

The issue has been thoroughly investigated by several different fact checks that appear to be fair and objective and are certainly convincing to us.

The actual Act in question is called The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. See the link and quotes below for a fuller explanation of the 1871 Act.

Fact/Myth Link: Is the United States a Corporation?

Quote: “No, there are not “two constitutions,” and no, there is no weird sovereignty loophole aside from the well-known Citizens United idea that corporations are people…. Debunking the Organic Act of 1871 Myth – The other part of the claim says that the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 creates a new Constitution for the United States by inserting wording for “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in the act that somehow replaced our original “The Constitution for the United States of America”… It has nothing to do with creating a Government for the United States… Conclusion – As one would assume, despite the persistent myths, the United States is not a corporation.” For the ‘About’ Fact/Myth page see here; For the Founder’s About page see here

This myth is being spread by many within the Christian community, including Nita Johnson’s World for Jesus organization. We respect Nita and her ministry very much and if it turns out that any opinion expressed here is counter to something that she has received directly from the Lord then we are happy to reevaluate our opinion here, and even to back down or turn it around.

We believe that many times Christians and the Christian community conflate revelation and interpretation in an attempt to understand the out-workings and application of what God is saying. Where God may speak clearly in revelation, our interpretation of the revelation can always be questioned.

In our opinion, gifted prophetic ministers who receive valid revelation from God need to do a better job clarifying what is revelation and what is interpretation, especially when others are elaborating on the interpretation and application of their messages and those in the Body of Christ are depending on their interpretations to make application to their own lives.

It certainly appears as though many times the two are being confused – as in the prophetic declarations and results of the 2020 elections – and false hope is being created within the Body of Christ.

We embrace the true revelations of the prophetic community and especially of the prophetic office, in faith,  but we do not want to be presumptuous (A sin that even Duet. 18-18-20 warns against) by creating false hope that the Body of Christ then has to recover from before it can move on.

That said, this has only been a superficial investigation into this issue. If any information comes to light that changes our opinion we will share it and express the change publicly on our Home Page and on this page.


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QAnon Confident Trump Will Be President March 4

CS Commentary: The whole crazy theory may originate with QAnon, who was proved a fraud, in our opinion, at least, over two years ago. See our All Things Q page for more. Martin Armstrong, an economist, also believes it to be crazy and based on an incorrect interpretation of the 1871 Act. Armstrong Economics on 1871 Act

Trump to Return March 4? Dark Outpost

The whole crazy theory is here and expressed this way:

“Joe Biden is not receiving any defense briefings. Reports are that the military are taking their orders from Trump. Why was inauguration seen in Spain 10 hours prior to the “live” feed at noon eastern in the United States? Is Trump planning to return as the 19th president after revoking the 1871 USA Corporation Act? John Carman joins us to discuss. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!”

CS encourages you not to become a subscriber or join and to reject this whole crazy theory based on the illusory and false idea that the US became a corporation in 1871.

For more explanations of the 1871 Act

Also see, Internet Myths, Lies, and Misinformation –  This particular link is short and to the point and clarifies the subsequent variations on the 1871 Act that have changed it, and apparently, rendered it ineffective today. Here is one salient quote:

“In the Supreme Court case, United States v. Cooper Corporation (1941), the Court said: “We may say in passing that the argument that the United States may be treated as a corporation organized under its own laws, that is, under the Constitution as the fundamental law, seems so strained as not to merit serious consideration.”

Also see, SupremeLaw.org





Quote: “Next, comes the Act of 1871. This act repealed the individual charters of Georgetown and Alexandria, brought them in with Washington County (since the County of Alexandria now belonged to Virginia), and brought the whole area under one single government, the District of Columbia. Nowhere in the law’s text does it say anything about the government of the United States being a corporation.”