CS Evaluation Prophetic Dream: Trump Catches The Big One, Bonnie Jones/Bob Jones

Seaborn Hall, 4/18/20, updated 4/28/20

CS Evaluation: We do not believe this dream is about President Trump, the economy, or the gold standard. It is about the retrieval of a destiny that has been lost because of a poor decision made about twelve years ago.

The biggest interpretive question here is: Is this really a dream about President Trump?

Dreams are symbolic. President Trump could be literal for himself, he could be symbolic for someone else in the dreamer’s life with Presidential authority, or he could be symbolic for the dreamer. Note the context and the elements in this dream. Small boat, President wearing a white shirt, no jacket, small pond.

This is most likely a dream about someone’s personal life or ministry. If this were a dream about ‘draining the swamp’ there would not be a small pond here, so that is not the focus or subject matter of the dream.

The Flow Of The Dream

She, the dreamer, directs the President: you can’t catch fish in that pond. She gets in the boat with them. What should this tell you? The dreamer is interacting with the subject and focus of the dream. Either she already does this in her life, or possibly this is prophetic for her interaction with The President (less likely). They come out on a large lake after traversing a small white bridge with the boat.


For a short time the dreamer has been in the front of the boat, now she is an observer again. The President catches a great big fish, a Northern Pike, then a large Golden Retriever appears, then a photographer takes a picture of the three. The President throws the fish back in the water, the dog takes off across the water.


Then the President, the President’s wife, and the dreamer were walking along the seashore. The President’s wife was only 12 years old, a little girl. They came to a dock. Three sat on the bed at the dock: the President was in the middle. President had a bowl of popcorn and was giving them popcorn. “I love her but it cost me everything to marry her.” End of dream.

There is a lot of projection here in the interpretation. The dream does not contain enough information or movement to justify the interpretation of the President, the gold standard – where is the context for that? It is not there, it is just projected onto the symbols of the dream, like the ‘gold standard’ is projected on to the golden retriever, from out of nowhere. That meaning for the symbol is not justified in the context of the dream.

The Dream Interpretation

Most likely the dream is about retrieving what is ‘golden’ and what has been lost previously – in the muddy, murky pond – and the promise of a ‘big catch’ in the future – for whomever the symbolic figure of the President might be.

Iconic figures like a President or a celebrity should be assumed to be symbolic for people in our lives with those qualities or qualities within the dreamer’s life that the dream wishes to speak to – unless the context of the dream proves otherwise. An example of dreams where the President is literal are some of Jeremiah Johnson’s recent dreams. There, the interpretation of the symbol of President obviously points to a literal meaning. In this current dream, the dream context points to the first or second interpretation, another person or the dreamer herself, not a literal interpretation of the President.

Notice the Golden Retriever only appears after the ‘big catch’ – the big catch retrieves what has been lost. It is about creating new memories and a future. It is about this person, whoever it is, walking into their true Presidential role in the big lake – getting out of the murky pond. Doubtful this is about President Trump or America – the symbols are not large enough or iconic enough. This is either about the dreamer or about someone in the dreamer’s life. The dreamer’s part is to play a directive role in the subject’s life – she is to get in the front of the boat and steer him across the bridge so that he may fulfill his God-given destiny.

What does the second part of the dream mean? It reinforces the first part of the dream. The President has been boating in the murky pond because he made the wrong commitment about twelve years ago. Whatever that was – it cost him everything. He has been eating popcorn – popped dreams ever since. ‘The President’ has been ‘docked.’

Since the President is giving popcorn to both the little girl and Bonnie, the dreamer – and each is sitting on one side of the President, equals – it suggests that either the President is someone close to the dreamer who she interacts with daily, or that the President is symbolic for the dreamer herself. Since the dreamer is an observer in much of the dream, we would favor the former interpretation, someone intimately involved in the dreamer’s life or ministry.

But the first half of the dream promises that God is going to ‘retrieve’ the ‘President’s’ destiny and calling. He is going to make it ‘golden,’ by giving him a ‘big catch.’

An extension in the ‘levels’ of interpretation here is – God is going to redeem the destiny and calling of all of those ‘Seniors’ who have missed their ‘Presidential’ callings. Note that this is very similar to a word that Jeremiah Johnson gave recently, a confirmation from another prophetic source that this interpretation is correct. This should give hope to all of us who have lost God’s favor, purposes, or who feel we have gone down the wrong path. God can ‘retrieve’ it.

That said, it does not mean that what Bonnie says following the dream interpretation is not true. We believe two things are happening here – a misinterpretation of a dream and a prophetic word about the President that is largely correct. 


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