CS Evaluation

Seaborn Hall, 6/06/20

Re: The Most Vivid Dream I’ve Ever Had, Sid Roth Its Supernatural



We disagree with the posted interpretation of this dream, but not with the prophetic words spoken over Sid in the interpretation video. We believe this to be a personal dream giving specific direction and encouragement to the dreamer.

The Dream and The Main Elements

The dream starts about 2:45. Note that he lies down and tries to go back to sleep and the dream starts with him trying to go back to sleep in the dream and not realizing that he’s in a dream.

Next, He could not get back to sleep and he finds himself on a baseball team where he is sleeping in a dormitory with all of the other players. Each one had their own bed, all in a big room. His eyes are closed because he’s trying to go to sleep (in the dream), but he can’t. [He says in the other video that he really wants to get to sleep because the game is in a few hours].

Then, all of a sudden, he feels a warm hand on his forehead. He thinks: it’s the coach and he will stop in a minute, he must be praying for each player. But it doesn’t stop and seems like it will go on forever. [in the second video he says he is thinking: Why is there a hand on my forehead? There should not be. Then he thought: The coach who is Christian is going to every player and putting a hand on his forehead, praying for them to be good in the game. He then thinks: I am not equipped to play and I won’t even be able to stay with the team if I do play beyond one game because I have things to do in ministry].

Then he thought: Wait a minute I need to take a shower and I don’t know how many guys they have in this place and I’m not able to sleep so I might as well get up and go into the shower.

But then he thought ‘I don’t want to be rude to whoever this is. He’s still praying for me.’

Then he thinks: ‘How can I tell him to stop praying for me. He may be a big player or even the manager of the team.’ How can I tell him that? I’ll pretend like I may be waking up. I’ll turn over (on his side) and then he will get the hint.

So, he turns over and sure enough the hand is gone. He then opens his eyes and really wakes up from the dream and he is in his bedroom. [In the second video he says that he woke up and realized that it was all a dream and he was relieved because he didn’t want to play baseball with a college team] End.

Dream Interpretation:

(CS is interpreting this dream before listening to Sid’s comments on the dream and before listening to other interpretations of the dream). First, is this a personal or a universal dream?

Note how the dream opens: He is trying to go to sleep but he stays awake – then he closes his eyes and pretends that he is asleep. This sets the major context for the dream. You have to understand this symbolic language to interpret the rest of the dream correctly, What does it mean?

Also note, that though he is on a baseball team the action in the dream focuses – not on other teammates but – on him. He even thinks that the pray-er will pray for others, but all of the time is spent on him. This is a personal, not a universal, dream.

The baseball team symbology is just the Body of Christ, specifically those in the Body of Christ engaged in active ministry. Positions in baseball can be thought of as different gifts and ministries.

To further understand and interpret this correctly one must either have supernatural knowledge of the dream (like in the book of Daniel in the OT) or one must be intimate with Sid and know something about his life. We have neither so we will make an ‘uneducated guess’ about what’s going on:

Sleep is rest or, more remotely, death, symbolically. We don’t believe that from the overall context that this refers to death because Sid is trying to go to sleep over and over. More likely, sleep is symbolic for ‘rest’ – or, in this case, retirement. A dormitory is a place where students ‘retire’ from their daily activities to rest and get ready for the next day. In real life Sid is both a team player and a student of the supernatural, so this seems to fit.

Sid may think that because of his age he should retire – perhaps he is even trying to retire or put the steps in motion. The dream is telling him that he has more time left – that God is supernaturally giving him more time ‘awake.’

‘Hand’ – in this case, obviously the hand of God – imparts strength. Forehead is symbolic for the mind or possibly peace of mind, or even faith. Hand is symbolic for strength, the power or acts of God, or possibly, direction. The hand on Sid’s forehead is there to change his thinking, to give him peace and strength and direction.

The shower is symbolic for renewal of thinking and being refreshed for the task at hand. It is Sid getting ready to ‘go on’ once again, to continue performing.

Sid not wanting to be rude is his desire to be sensitive to God and what God wants for his life. He is ready to continue but doesn’t want to be presumptuous about what God wants. On the other hand, if God wants him to continue he doesn’t want to disobey God. The ‘turning over’ and ‘waking up’ is Sid coming to a change of mind about his situation. He is now ready to go on in renewed power and strength.

This is but one possible interpretation that is more of a guess than anything. The actual interpretation will, as we said, depend on intimate knowledge of Sid’s life. As Sid says in one of the videos, he wants to fulfill his destiny in the Lord. At the age of 80 Sid’s life, ministry and attitude are an example to everyone in the body of Christ of many things, but especially how we should all pursue God up until the very end, believing Him for all that He has for us.

The foundational interpretive truths about this dream are that it is a personal dream and that the initial repetition at the beginning of the dream sets the context and the interpretation of the remainder of the dream. For more on how to interpret dreams see the CS Dream Interpretation Page here.