CS Evaluation: Will Trump Return? Part 2-3 Nita Johnson, World For Jesus Ministries

CS Evaluation: The bottom line for us is that we respect Nita’s ministry and statements greatly and we agree with her general statements and conclusions, but disagree with the specifics of how we get there.

Why? There is a Biblical difference expressed in Numbers 12 between ‘face to face’ direct revelation and visionary or symbolic communication, which is dependent on interpretations and even, research. As Nita says herself, ‘Do the research.’

We have done some initial research and have come to different conclusions on the 1871 Act than Nita and her team. Our research is as follows:

Did Legislation Passed in 1871 Make Washington, D.C., a Foreign Entity?

Inauguration of Joe Biden, Wikipedia

Quote:Chief Justice John Roberts then administered Biden’s oath of office at 11:47 a.m., with 13 minutes remaining in Trump’s term. Biden recited the following, as prescribed by the Constitution

Biden Sworn in Before Noon, Yahoo Finance

Note: Nita says “if my information is correct” when referring to the 1871 corporation.

There appears to be no evidence that a new President must be sworn in after noon. The U.S. Constitution only says that he must take an oath and then begin execution of his office when the term of the previous President ends at noon on January 20. Therefore, Biden’s swearing in as President is not illegal because he was sworn in before noon. However, we would hold or argue that it is illegal because he and the Democrats stole the election. The whole basis for his Presidency is illegal.

See http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/PROJECTS/FTRIALS/CONLAW/inaugurationconstit.html

Mike Pence was sworn in before noon on January 20, 2017 – does that mean that he was an illegal Vice-President? Donald Trump was sworn in at noon exactly.


CS Commentary: We agree with Nita in principle and we agree with her conclusions. We just don’t agree on the specifics of how she gets there. The whole 1871 conspiracy theory is questionable as is the supposed illegality of Biden’s inauguration because of the time that he was sworn in. Biden’s presidency is illegal, in our opinion, because of massive voter fraud in at least 6 battleground states. This voter fraud has been specifically outline in The Navarro Report, parts 1 and 2, as well as in Mike Lindell’s recent and excellent documentary on National Voter Fraud, ‘Absolute Proof.’

As far as we can determine, the US Constitution does not specifically appoint a time for the swearing in ceremony. https://constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/full-text

See Article II, Section I.

All that the 20th Amendment says is this: “The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.” It says nothing about the time that the oath of office should be administered, only that an oath should be administered.

Much of what Nita talks about came through visions. Visions are largely symbolic (Numbers 12), categorized as dark speech and open to misinterpretation as well as to timing issues. Nita’s visions are encouraging as to the long-term destiny and hope for the United States, but in our opinion they do not tell us how we are going to get to it or the valleys and obstacles we may encounter before the positive end takes place.

At one point Nita says not to argue with people about the illegality of Biden’s presidency. She says ‘do the research.’ We agree with that and again, we agree with the illegality of Biden’s presidency, but for reasons of voter fraud not because of the 1871 Corporation theory or the illegality of the inauguration or other things. We have done the research and those later explanations do not hold up, in our opinion.

We believe that those who are receiving direct communication, face to face from the Lord, can also mix interpretive visions and other experiences with that revelation – and misinterpret the outworking and timing of events, as all of us do from time to time. Respectfully to Nita, and again we respect her ministry greatly, her conclusions are correct, but how she gets there is most probably not. That does not invalidate her conclusions or the need to continue to consistently intercede for many of the things that she discusses relative to the future of President Trump and the nation.

From Part 3: The angel of the Lord told Nita, “We will not see what we would have seen. Your intercessions have changed it.” This is good news. As Nita says, ‘None of us in advance are going to know all that He is going to do.’ Prophecy is partial (1 Cor. 13) and God’s primary desire is that we know enough to hope and trust in Him, but no more.

At 16:00 approximately she talks about General Patton and The Battle of the Bulge. Like Terry Bennett, she compares the current situation to that battle, how the German appeared to be overcome, but were then pushed back by the Americans who eventually were victorious. We believe that Terry Bennett’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’ prophetic word from before the election in November is still in effect but that the timing of it is different than what we previously believed. It will continue to be worked out in the natural over the next several years.

For more on this see our Spiritual Life pages, Archives, and our Prophecy-Spiritual Life Interpretation Pages.


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