CS Statement of Belief in the Midst of Election Season 2020: The Time to Stand and Fight is Now

Seaborn Hall, 12/07/20

We have featured various prophecies on this site for many months (see our Spiritual Life Page and Archives) that declare that President Trump will be re-elected.

We do not know whether Trump will be re-elected or not. We believe that President Trump has been one of the few righteous Presidents of the last 100 years, along with President Reagan. We believe that it is God’s will for President Trump to be re-elected.

That said, we believe that whether or not President Trump is re-elected largely rests on the American church’s shoulders (2 Chron 7:14; Jeremiah 18). We also believe, disappointingly, that the condition of the church in America is syncretized, weak, and poor, spiritually speaking. Most American believers have no idea of the condition of the nation, themselves, or the seriousness of the times. Most American believers are blinded by their own religiousness and the ineffectiveness of their religious traditions and have no conception of the fight needed for these times. They are blind.

It is true that thousands of American Christians are praying all over the nation. In this – and in God’s mercy – rest our hope. But we are a nation of almost 350 million and we have sat by over the last fifty years while liberal, secular interests have taken over our educational, entertainment, media, and local and federal governmental systems, which are now largely corrupt.

Is there time now to reverse the tide, or is all hope lost? Only time will tell. And, like the first two Great Awakenings, revival will no longer save us – only awaken, mobilize and unite a remnant. But the time is now short, and all may rest on the result of this election and the next two months.

We believe that we are in an Ecclesiastes 3 season. There is a time for everything under heaven.

Now is the time for war. It is the time for traditional, conservative, and Christian Americans to rise up and fight without apology. Either pray, stand, and act now or your chance to exercise your rights and your voice will be gone forever.

Pray consistently, stand against evil and apathetic voices, and take courageous actions for your values, beliefs, and for righteousness in America. Do it now or all is lost. America will never recover from a Biden-Harris administration.

There are those who believe that all will go on as before – and that Trump could come back in 2024. We are not in that camp.

Extrapolate from the Obama years: open borders; increases in major city crimes; increasing regulations and taxes; increasing government control in all areas of life; massive health care cost increases and control; specific attacks on conservatives and Christian Americans in all walks of life through the IRS and other government agencies. In short, a massive liberal and secular takeover of all major government agencies to such an extent that corruption solidified, and an effective silent coup was waged against President Trump for four years.

Does anyone doubt that this will continue and become irreversible when AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is already championing the compiling of an ‘enemies list?’ The Biden-Harris advocates have consistently telegraphed and even plainly said what they believe and plan – just as did Hitler, Stalin, and others before they took over their nations. Why don’t we believe them? Voting fraud will be systematized and there will never be another Republican administration in America as we know it – ever, Trump 2024 candidacy, or not.

Silence is Evil: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The time to stand and fight is now.

America is in the 1930’s of Nazi Germany and the 1850’s of itself. Many Americans are ignorant of history – they don’t realize that Hitler ascended to power ‘legally.’ Will the church and Christians remain silent now like the German church did then? Civil war is inevitable anyway – and may be on the near horizon.

The day of this writing is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that plummeted America into World War II. Due to military limitations that only time can overcome, a Chinese invasion of America is probably still at least five to ten years away (for those who laugh at the thought see Director of Intelligence John Ratcliff’s recent report. For those who laugh at the distant timeline, see our Israel and the World Section on our Politics Pages in the Archives).

But a Biden-Harris administration will mean that Taiwan and the Philippines lie directly in the path of Chinese aggression, displayed most recently in Hong Kong, and that neither will be independent for long. Intimidation of South Korea and Japan will come next. From there it is a mere hop, skip, and jump to an invasion of Hawaii and the United States West Coast.

We are sure that these statements will seem extreme to many American Christians. Unfortunately, this is the problem. As William Wallace’s dead wife said to him in a dream, as he unknowingly plummeted toward his betrayal and death, in the film ‘Braveheart’: ‘Wake up!”

These are our beliefs – without apology, reservation, or restriction. They are argued for consistently on the pages of this website and have been for years. We will continue to pray and speak daily for President Trump, the exposure of evil and corruption in the American government, and the eventual triumph for everyone who is righteous and wants the true good for America.

We encourage everyone to do the same.