The Data Dream – Summary Dream Interpretation: The Demise Of Biden’s Presidential Hopes – and of America as we know it

Seaborn Hall, 11/07/20, updated, 11/20/20


Dana says that he had this dream over ‘several nights.’ See our previous interpretations of Dana’s earlier dreams for the significance of one dream over several nights. This may affect any interpretation, especially relative to timing and fulfillment.

The interpretation of this dream is hopeful, but sobering. We will just sum it up here and later we will finalize the interpretation and will break it down section by section.

The Data Network of Voting and Voter Fraud

The data network stands for the vote results coming in from all over the nation and the fact that some of them are good and some of them bad. The system will show itself to be corrupted. This will be revealed primarily by what happens in Philadelphia, PA. But, it all starts – in the dream – on the West Coast. Why? Because the powers of High Tech are on the West Coast and they will be proved to be behind much of the election voter-fraud chaos.

The dispute over this will lead to the knowledge that our freedom is not really as we thought. We are a censored, brainwashed nation. The smoke signals are the ‘whistleblowers’, the ones on the inside close to the action who give the initial reports in a secretive or subtle manner. Their signals will go up alerting the Trump lawyers and the DOJ to fraud. This is what compels the first response and investigations.

There will be a divide in America, among the people, politically and in Congress. It will appear as though our Democracy is shaky and it will take time for things to settle.

VP Joe Biden will not become President – his political career will die.

It may be due to a Supreme Court decision or the US Congress, or both. This will be revealed or the final decision will be made public on December 17.

This dream seems to say that it is Congress that will pronounce Joe Biden’s candidacy dead forever – though it may be under duress of some kind. (It may also presage his physical death).

Congress must confirm the Electoral College decision of December 14 for there to be an official President-Elect. It is not the media that elect or confirm the election of a US President – it is this Constitutional process.

What Happens In A Contested Election?

Per the Constitution, the sitting president must vacate office when the term ends at noon on Jan. 20 of the given year. The Speaker of the House is next in the line of succession after the president and vice president.

Any contested states have one month to recount votes. The losing candidate may challenge in local and Federal courts and if appeals are warranted it may end up in the Supreme Court.

The Electoral College must cast their votes December 14, three days before the date in Dana Coverstone’s Data Dream (coffin in the Rotunda). The Supreme Court would normally want to decide on any case before the date the Electoral College meets (like they did in 2000).

Most of the battleground states are controlled by Republican State Legislatures – even Michigan and Pennsylvania. The State Legislature controls each states’ Electors. It is possible there could be a Supreme Court decision before December 14, then Electors meet but no candidate gets 270 Electoral Votes.

What happens then? The 12th Amendment of the Constitution governs: The House chooses the President. But, it is the newly elected House that convenes in early January, with each State getting just one vote, majority rules (there appear to be more Republican states than there are Democratic states in the House).

Since Dana’s dream sets up Dec 17 as the date Biden ‘dies’ it seems likely that the election and the next President will either come down to a Supreme Court decision or an Electoral College vote – or both.

Continued Resistance

The victory for President Trump will be short-lived. A passionate hate-filled cabal will arise again and attack the President and his administration.

Though not necessarily immediately this will eventually lead to Civil War and the demise of America as we know it.

This prophetic dream may not be able to be changed, but if the church prays the judgment may be lessened or modified (Jer 18; 2 Chron 7:14).


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