Dana Coverstone – The Data Dream, Dana Coverstone

Dream Interpretation: The Death of VP Biden as President-Elect – and the death of America as we know it

Seaborn Hall, 11/14/20; updated 11/21/20

CS Commentary: Dana says that he had this dream over ‘several nights.’ See our previous interpretations for the significance of one dream over several nights. This may affect any interpretation, especially relative to timing or fulfillment.

After the fact, at least, the interpretation of this dream is sobering and rather obvious: The data network stands for the votes coming in from all over the nation and the fact that some of them are good and some of them bad. The system will show itself to be corrupted.

The dispute over this will lead to the knowledge that our freedom is not really as we thought. There will be a divide in America, among the people, politically and in Congress.

Joe Biden will not become President – his political career will die. It may be due to a Supreme Court decision or the US Congress, or both.

This dream seems to say that it is Congress that will pronounce Joe Biden’s candidacy dead forever – though it may be under duress of some kind. (It may also presage his physical death).

The victory for President Trump will be short-lived. A passionate hate-filled cabal will arise again and attack the President and his administration.



Dana’s Data Dream

Dana saw what looked like an Atlas with interstate lines all over the nation. They were flashing with bits of information going all over. It looked like a Data Map, a network of sorts that was overworked.


Some were flashing some were not working – data points were moving like traffic.


There were small workers in white lab coats working on the data that was not flashing. He saw guys with hammers and laptops.


Concerns that areas of the data were ‘heating up’ and that the circuits were going to go hot. ‘Those circuits are going to go hot. And if they go hot they’re going to fry. They are going to go hot and get fried if they cannot slow the system down.’


Suddenly from the West Coast, Washington, Oregon, California there were these big flashes. He sees systems shutting down from the west (in cities?) to the Mississippi River because they were so hot.


In the background he heard a warning sound repeatedly like what happens in a laboratory.


The flashes or not flashes indicate a warning that something is wrong with the system. In this case, something is malfunctioning – there is voter corruption or voter fraud. This will show up in the big cities first.

The flashes or no flashes lead to the conclusion that something is wrong. Hammers may be a foreshadowing of the suspicions having to do with Hammer-Scorecard, a voting algorithm used to perpetrate voting fraud in the Dominion-Smartamatic Voting Software.

The flashes probably start with California and the West Coast because this is a Big Tech issue. The algorithms and execution of this ‘data network’ may lead directly back to Silicon Valley and the West Coast ‘billionaires.’

The lab coat guys were working feverishly to fix these things but they could not so they tried to go around – he heard ‘Go around Reno’ ‘Go around Vegas’ and ‘Get through there.’ They were trying to reroute the system to bring whatever the system was ‘back to life.’


The white lab coat guys are making ‘bets’ that they will be able to ‘beat the system.’ They are betting they will be able to bring it back to integrity and soundness again. The white of their coats identifies them with the ‘good’ side – with the White Figure of Dana’s dreams.

Also highlights the state of Nevada as a key state.

Rerouting means they are trying to make the pathways, the votes, end up with a different final outcome.

As they were doing it the bigger cities were still sending up smoke signals (like in the Old Westerns). It was like the data points were sending up information about what had happened there.


Big cities from the West to the East will be the primary place of concern as to voter system integrity.

The smoke signals are signs that something is wrong, but not evidence yet. ‘Something had happened there’ – the smoke signals are the ‘signs’ that something has taken place – they are the whistleblowers.

They will all be symbolized or represented most by Philadelphia.

Then there was a Countdown Clock. It was on the other side of the Mississippi River. It was counting down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. When it reached the number 1, cities in eastern side of the Midwest began having the same flash points and they began to smoke and the circuits were fried.


He could hear the lab coat guys yelling the system is going up, its going up, then, it’s going down, it’s going down. The Circuits are going to fry, they’re going to fry, then flash points and smoke.


Countdown clock – a certain time when things will come to light. It will no longer be guesses, smoke signals or signs, it will be clear that there is voter corruption and fraud. But it is also a time limit – it appears that it will go down to the last minute.

Trump officials trying to investigate the system are having some success and some failure. The system is either a system of integrity or it is corrupt and will be shown to be all together in question. The system ‘going to fry’ is the entire voting system in America being called into question: ‘Is it all corrupt?’

When the flashes reached Philadelphia, the network line that was red (it looked like a fire hose, pulsating with LED lights inside of it). When it got to Philadelphia the network line went into where the Liberty Bell was sitting and went underneath the Liberty Bell. When the pressure began to build up (like water in a fire hose) it got under the Bell and blew up and the Bell went straight up into the air.


When it did, the Liberty Bell split in half.


It fell in such a way that the round area of the bell landed on the ground and the halves of the Bell rocked back and forth. The crack of the Bell became what split the whole thing in half. It stopped rocking back and forth after what seemed like several minutes of rocking back and forth.


Then the Liberty Bell began to melt. It was like the heat source from the data points and the fire hose began to melt it.


If Neither Candidate has 270 Electoral Votes on December 14, Congress Convenes January 6 to Choose President and Vice-President

The flashes are not only an indication or warning that something is wrong with the system, they are a symbol of illumination and insight coming forth. Red may be symbolic for ’emergency’ or for the anger building up in the populace as these things come to light.

Voter corruption will be revealed for all to see in Philadelphia, PA. It will split the foundations of freedom that this nation was built on. All will know that we have not really been a free nation but that our ‘freedom’ has been manipulated by others.

Sydney Powell, Trump attorney, said on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures this past weekend that they have so much evidence of voter fraud and corruption at this point that it is coming in like ‘through a fire hose.’ The ‘fire hose’ above is the evidence of voter fraud that will first reveal Philadelphia as a place where massive voter fraud takes place.

When this corruption is revealed in Philadelphia it will lead back to the West, that is, the foundations of it will be found in CA, Oregon, and Washington with Big Tech and the liberals on the West Coast. Philadelphia corruption will be revealed as ‘national’ corruption.

Then the lines of data were all headed to Washington D.C. It was like the city had Octopus Arms and they were trying to fight the data lines. What he assumed was they were trying to keep the explosive power of the data points that hit the bell from hitting Washington D.C. The Octopus arms came out and were trying to disconnect the data points.


92% of D. C. voted Democratic. The Octopus is symbolic for the way the Swamp operates. The Swamp fights the truth and tries to keep it from being revealed.

Then, there was one data point that kept flashing and building up and that was carrying more data then the other lines that he had seen.


Though there were people wearing suits and ties, business attire. He saw judges and these people trying to pull this particular line away from the city. All the connections of the line went to the Capitol Building. Their efforts were useless and the line finally blew up.


The Capitol Building cracked in half. As it cracked it created a huge cloud that went into the air and it formed a word, ‘DISCOVERY.’


People are running now. They are not running from the explosion they are running from the word that they see in the air.


The discovery of Philadelphia corruption will rock the nation and split Congress. One line of ‘data’ – of corruption – will become the main issue, perhaps in the courts, or the Supreme Court. This will eventually cause a ‘blow-up.’

Will this be the Dominion Voting System and the Smartamatic Software? Both have links to Biden Democrats and/or Hugo Chavez and Venezuela – as well, as China, via Venezuela (see videos on Politics Page and our CS Facebook Page).

Whether this or something else is the ‘line of data’ that blows up, only time will tell.

The courts will make a decision that tries to ‘pull the decision away’ from D..C., but eventually it will come down to Congress.  

People will flee from the source of the discovery and try to disassociate themselves from the corruption.

In law and lawsuits there is something called ‘The Discovery Phase’, the phase in which investigation of facts to prove the law suit takes place: witnesses are interviewed, documents are requested, (in this case) voting machines are examined, statements are collected – then it is all presented before the courts.

According to Wikipedia, “Discovery, in the law of common law jurisdictions, is a pre-trial procedure in a lawsuit in which each party, through the law of civil procedure, can obtain evidence from the other party or parties by means of discovery devices such as interrogatories, requests for production of documents, requests for admissions and depositions. Discovery can be obtained from non-parties using subpoenas. When a discovery request is objected to, the requesting party may seek the assistance of the court by filing a motion to compel discovery.”

Wikipedia continues, “Under the law of the United States, civil discovery is wide-ranging and may seek disclosure of information that is reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. This is a much broader standard than relevance, because it contemplates the exploration of evidence which might be relevant, rather than evidence which is truly relevant…In practice, most civil cases in the United States are settled after discovery. After discovery, both sides often are in agreement about the relative strength and weaknesses of each side’s case and this often results in either a settlement or summary judgment, which eliminates the expense and risks of a trial.”

The Discovery phase can prove or disprove a case. If parties are still in dispute following Discovery, the case continues in court – all the way to the Supreme Court, if warranted.

This part of the dream seems to say that the Discovery phase will prove its case. The huge cloud of ‘Discovery’ is the sum of all of the ‘smoke signals’ in the early part of the dream. The whistleblowers have provided evidence that is now Discovery.

Timeline to Certify The Election

States Certify Election Results – Different state to state, late November and early December

Last Day For States to Resolve Election Disputes and Appoint New Electors — December 8

Electors in Electoral College Cast Their Ballots — December 14

President of the Senate receives Electoral Vote Certificates – December 23

*Congress counts Electoral Votes (sitting VP presides) – January 6*

*[If neither candidate receives 270 Electoral votes on December 14, a joint session of the new Congress convenes January 6 – the House votes for President, one vote per state; Senate votes for Vice-President, one vote per Senator]

Inauguration Day – January 20

[If a Presidential candidate is not declared by this date, the VP-Elect becomes interim President. If a VP-Elect has not been decided, the Speaker of the House becomes interim President.]

Then, the scene changed. He saw a rotunda in the Capitol.


There was a closed casket in the middle of the Rotunda. The sign on the casket stated: INSIDE IS THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT. There was a calendar hanging above the casket and on the paper of the calendar was written a date: DECEMBER 17. The calendar also had the date of December 17 circled.


One of the sons of the Democratic Presidential candidate was there, but not the other. The candidate’s wife was there and she was looking down at the ground. Nobody was crying.


There were senators from both parties and they had their heads down and they were looking at the floor and shaking their heads back and forth as in a violent ‘NO.’ They were making fists and shaking their heads violently. Their shoes were not on their feet. All of their shoes were piled at the entrance to the Rotunda. All of the Congressman and Senators were barefooted. A couple of females had pantyhose or stocking on their feet.


Then, a prominent Senator stood up and demanded to see the body. That is when the Sergeant of Arms rushed up with several Marines and said ‘There will be no viewing of the body today or ever again.’


December 17 

Many times dates and other symbols in dreams are like ‘screams’ or ‘shouts’, then the fulfillment turns out to be a ‘whisper.’ Why?

One reason is that spiritual events take place unseen behind the physical world and take time to work themselves into the natural. The other reason may be that the date itself is symbolic for something significant that will happen behind the scenes and work itself out in the days following.

That said, there is always the chance that this is more literal and something obvious happens on that date. But, based on the way these things have worked out in Dana’s dreams in the past, we would not expect it.

We would not be surprised if a Supreme Court decision in early December leads to a stalemated Electoral College and the Presidential election goes to the newly elected House on January 6. If this occurs, look for something on December 17 that will be a clue to the ultimate outcome.

The death of Joe Biden as a political candidate forever. This may also be a prophetic sign of his physical death. There will be divided sides in Congress – one side will not accept the conclusions or the view of the other side.

This may be a kind of stalemate in Congress. It is possible this type of situation could go on from shortly after the Electoral College meets, perhaps the date in the dream of December 17, until the Congress officially meets to certify the vote on January 6 – or even after. Based on the Yellow Box just above – Timeline of Election Dates – it is possible that this scene in Dana’s Dream represents a deadlocked Electoral College vote that results in a Contingent Election decided in the House and Senate on January 6.

As to the December 17 date of the dream, dates in Dreams are ‘screams’, but many times the fulfillment of the dream date is a ‘whisper.’ By this we mean that there may be some subtle information or news on December 17 that, looking back, determines that Joe Biden’s candidacy really ‘died’ on that day. But, it may actually occur in Congress on January 6, or after. In fact, the dream seems to suggest such a fate.

According to Wikipedia, “The United States Capitol rotunda is the central rotunda of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., built 1818–1824. It is located below the Capitol dome, built 1857–1866; the later construction also extended the height of the rotunda walls. It is the tallest part of the Capitol and has been described as its “symbolic and physical heart”.

The rotunda is connected by corridors leading south to the House of Representatives and north to the Senate chambers… It is also used for ceremonial events authorized by concurrent resolution, including the lying in state of honored dead.

Also, See What Happens if Biden Dies Before Inauguration Day? MSN; Also see, When Will The Election Results Be Finalized?, CNBC

Also see, What Happens If the US Presidential Election is Contested? LA Times

In the 2000 Contested Election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, the Supreme Court handed down two decisions on the controversy by the early part of December. Al Gore did not concede the election until December 10.

It is not the Media that confirms the President-Elect, it is the State Legislatures that certify the votes in each state in either late November or early December. Those State Legislatures then appoint electors to vote in the College.

Shortly after that, on December 14 this year, the Electoral College meets to vote for President.

After that vote, on January 6, Congress meets to confirm the Electoral College decision. Then the US officially has a President-Elect who is inaugurated into office on January 20, 2020.

That their shoes are off is symbolic for Congress engaging in an activity that they rarely if ever engage in – the viewing of the ‘death’ of a Candidate for President. And, perhaps, what is known as a ‘Contingent Election.’

It is not clear from the way Dana describes this scene whether this is all of Congress, just the Senate, or just the House. However, the Sergeant at Arms, is the law enforcement and administrative official of the House of Representatives. There is a similar post in the Senate.

The military may have to intervene in some way to keep the peace between the two sides. 

According to Wikipedia, “The Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives is an officer of the House with law enforcement, protocol, and administrative responsibilities. The Sergeant at Arms is elected at the beginning of each Congress by the membership of the House.”

But there is also a Sergeant at Arms of the Senate. According to Wikipedia, “The Sergeant at Arms of the Senate or originally known as the Doorkeeper of the Senate from the First Congress until the Eighth Congress (April 7, 1789 – March 3, 1803) is the highest-ranking federal law enforcement officer in the Senate of the United States. One of the roles of the sergeant at arms is to hold the gavel when not in use. The Sergeant at Arms can also compel the attendance of an absent senator when ordered to do so by the Senate.

There appear to be no Marines attached to Congress, though there are four Marines detached to the White House and there is a Marine Detachment in Washington D.C.

The Senator sat down and collected himself and then he walked over and dug through the pile of shoes until he found his pair. He put them on and sat there for a minute and looked around. You could tell he was getting angry then he rushed out of the room. He was running at a sprinter’s pace to get out of there.


Smoke is still rising outside and the Senator is running towards the White House with both fists clinched in front of him in anger. His mouth is moving and Dana could not hear the words but he could see that he was cursing. He was upset and intent on making a change.


He stopped near the Washington monument with 25 or 30 other people following him. They are all holding their shoes in their hands as they walk. He told them to hurry but they were cautious and steady.


He sneers at his followers and sneers at the White House and sprints towards it as fast as he can.


After a lull there will be a renewed fight with a small cabal of people. The death of Joe Biden politically will not be the end of things. There will be one particular person leading the charge – our guess is that this is either Adam Schiff, or Chuck Schumer.

Then Dana sees the White Figure he had seen in previous dreams standing in the place where The President gives the State of the Union address.


He tapped the microphone – a professional mic – three times: ‘A House Divided Against itself SHALL not stand.’ He emphasized the word ‘shall.’


He put the mic down and walked to the back of the room and flipped the light switches down in the room one by one until every light in Congress went out.

End of Dream.


‘Shall’ means ‘will’ – it is a future tense verb that is always used with another verb. In this case it is used with ‘not stand.’ The white figure is saying that the division created by this election will eventually lead to the demise of America.

The tap of the microphone three times means that this is what God is speaking.

This election has divided the nation. Civil War is coming.

The lights of America will be put out over a period of time, one by one. The emphasis on ‘shall’ is like emphasizing ‘will’ – it is not immediate, it is in the future, it will happen gradually, one light at a time – but it will happen.

America is being judged.


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