Re: Dana Coverstone’s December Dreams


CS Evaluation: Dana’s December Dream, Friday August 28 – Thursday, September 4 – How We Got it Wrong, and what it really means

Seaborn Hall, 9/11/20, numbered dream update, 9/27/20; updated 12/13/20 (see updates in red, below)


For a quick, ‘Executive Summary’ on our interpretation of Dana’s Ninth Dream, read the Red Warning Boxes, the Dream section titles (1-7) and the Final Section, ‘Conclusion Of Analysis’.

Dana says that he had a series of dreams that got longer each night – from what he says this may have all come in pieces over the six-night period. The exact way the dreams occurred could affect any interpretation.

Dana’s Nine Dreams: Their Purpose – And The Difficulty of the Ninth Dream

12/12/20 – Our interpretation of this dream may have been largely wrong. As we said below in our original comments, “For all of the above reasons, interpreting this dream is difficult and may be full of error.”

We have therefore edited out some of the commentary below that we feel no longer applies. New commentary will be put in Red.

From a different perspective in December 2020 we can better and more clearly interpret the meaning of this dream, which may be for the present time.

Considering our interpretation of Dana’s dreams thus far, this is by far the most problematic of Dana’s dreams to interpret. We have not surveyed or listened to other interpretations of Dana’s dreams online – but from the little we’ve heard from those who have, they fall into two main categories: apocalyptic interpretations and those warning against taking them too literally or as more than warning dreams.

Our interpretations of the dreams have been a balance between calling them, secondarily, warning and exhortation dreams – and primarily, prophetic dreams that warn, but encourage God’s people that there will be an end to the present crisis. This is not because we do not believe that they are warnings to heed – and it is not because we do not believe that they reflect ‘judgments.’ We believe both.

Dana’s dreams do have a significant ‘warning’ aspect in them and they also are reflective of God’s judgment on America. More than one prophetic person has said from the beginning that this whole crisis – from the start of the Coronavirus forward – is a judgment of God on America. (For example, see Sadhu Selvaraj, August 2020 Prophetic Conference, Angel TV on the CS Spiritual Life Page, September 13, 2020).

Do the dreams affect the things that God wants them to effect in His people and the world? Do people turn back to God and seek Him diligently – even when the Crisis is over? The measure of the response will determine the severity or mildness of the future judgments.

We believe however, that as a ‘judgment’ the Coronavirus crisis and the resulting riots and election crises are mild judgments that test both the U.S. church and warn the general populace and attempt to get them ready for the much more severe judgments that will come on the U.S. and the world during the next decade and after. As a ‘test’ there will be an end to the test and a ‘calm’ before the next storm. The length of this calm will be determined by the church’s and the world’s response to this first judgment (though Dana’s Seventh Dream appears to already predict that the calm of the recovery will be so extensive that people may forget to ‘Brace Themselves’ for what is coming next).

This present crisis is both a test and a ‘mild’ judgment – with an ending in sight, and a calm before the next storm – meant to both warn and prepare America to ‘Brace Themselves’ for likely more severe judgments that are coming next.

The overall purpose of Dana’s nine dreams is to both warn and encourage. To warn:  Americans need to repent and seek God in a new way – this is the result of ‘Brace yourselves’, because only God can show us how to prepare for what’s coming. To encourage: There will be an end to this present crisis. A calm, a time to catch your breath, is coming. The recovery following may be long and good – but don’t forget God, like after 9/11, because more will definitely come in the near future.

That said, the interpretation of this ninth dream is highly difficult. At first glance, it appears to upend our previous interpretive scheme and our short to medium term ‘positive’ outlook that there is an ending and a calm just up ahead. If the ‘December’ in this dream is ‘2020’ – then there will be no calm or reprieve, for images like ‘The Baltic Dry Index is Dead’ and ‘food lines’ can only be interpreted one way, and that is as total global catastrophe. 

Why wouldn’t the ninth dream be December 2020? For the answer to that, see the interpretive comments after the first section. Even given them, however, we remain unsure about this interpretation and how to apply it to our life.

If these events are coming before the end of the year, only radical action can prepare properly and save family wealth and resources. On the other hand, if we act too early, radical action might be presumptuous and harmful. See below for more.

Dana’s Ninth Dream Interpretation: How We Got it Wrong and Why, 12/12/20 (updates in red)

Dana had what he described as a series of ‘glimpses’ and dreams that got longer each night over the dates of August 28 to September 4.


If what Dana describes as ‘one dream’ below is a ‘series of glimpses and dreams that got longer each night’ than it may significantly change the interpretation of this dream from the others that he has had. If any of his other dreams came in this manner it may also change our interpretation of his previous dreams. 

The above warning is part of the difficulty of interpreting others dreams. If significant details are left out it can result in much misinterpretation.

What Biblical precedent is there for interpreting one ‘complete’ dream given over multiple nights? That we know of, very little. Pharaoh’s dreams, in the Genesis story, were apparently multiple dreams of the same event that came on the same night. Joseph previously also had multiple dreams of the same event that either came on the same night or on two non-consecutive nights.

Are there other signs in Dana’s ninth dream that point to either a continuing time period in 2020 – or a new time period that begins in some other time? We will see as we go forward.

One final word – we do not believe that any of Dana’s dreams at this stage, at least, are ‘apocalyptic’ if by that word, is meant applying to the end of the world.

As we have said previously, Dana’s previous dreams are not about ‘the end’, but may be about a beginning of the end, or at least, the beginning of the judgment of the United States, the worst part of which we believe may still be in the medium-distant future, the end of the 2020’s and the early part of the 2030’s. So much related to timing depends on God and how God responds to the way His people respond in repentance and prayer.

That said, this ninth dream is different and more severe from the others and might be described as ‘apocalyptic’ if by that one means ‘calamitous.’

For all of the above reasons, interpreting this dream is difficult and may be full of error.

Much of the interpretation may depend on exactly how the dream came or was broken up over the series of nights – including what may have been repeated from night to night. That said, we will offer an interpretation based on how Dana shares the dream in the video – which we record in writing and then interpret, below.

We break Dana’s Ninth Dream up into seven separate sections:

1 – Dana’s Ninth Dream: Opening

Dana saw the calendar of December and he saw the finger underline slowly and ‘like it was pushing’ – like it was underlining the month ‘slowly and forcefully’ – under the name, ‘December.’

The calendar flipped over to January and it underlined it just as slowly and was again pushing on it.


pushing slowly and forcefully – what does this action by the finger mean? Is this December 2020? Taken in context with the other dreams, it certainly appears so.

But, there is the fact that this may be a series of dreams over multiple nights. What does this mean – and is it different from the way that Dana’s other dreams were given? This is important interpretively because we have interpreted all of Dana’s dreams to this point as if they were single dreams given on a single night.

We will expand on this right before our ‘Conclusion of Analysis’ section, below.

We may have over-interpreted this section, interpreting the ‘pushing’ as a pushing-forward in time, when it only meant something more simple: a clear emphasis on the time period as important.

2 – Dana’s Ninth Dream: Headlines – Sadness Over The Land

After this, the first thing Dana saw was long food lines and people waiting for what seemed like hours. They were standing in lines, and not in cars. He saw this throughout the nation.


This is an ominous beginning because there are few ways to symbolically interpret ‘food lines.’ If Americans are standing in food lines this can only mean crop yield problems, supply chain and distribution problems, or both.

Heidi Baker, a missionary to Africa, who ministers to groups in the UK and US on a regular basis, has also seen a vision of long food lines in the United States. Apparently, a Depression-like scenario is in the US future.

We were completely wrong here, and frankly, we broke our own rule, perhaps in a rush to get this interpretation out: per Numbers 12, always interpret symbolically first. People in America are hungry for something, they are waiting for something. What are we hungry for? A Trump victory. What are we waiting for? An answer to the Election fraud dilemma and the confusion over the election results.

He saw ships in ports – on both the east and the west coast – just sitting idle. There was nothing moving at sea – nothing.


Dana saw a Headline: ‘The Baltic Dry Index is Dead’ ‘Nothing is moving in trade around the world’ [Also a headline? – not clear]


This scene confirms again the meaning of ‘food lines.’ Ships in ports only mean one thing – trade is not moving between nations for whatever reason. Economies have either crashed, or completely shut down.

From Investopedia:

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is a shipping and trade index created by the London-based Baltic Exchange that measures change in the cost of transporting various raw materials. The exchange directly contacts shipping brokers to assess price levels for a given route, a product to transport and time to delivery, or speed…. Stock prices increase when the global market is healthy and growing, and they tend to decrease when it’s stalled or dropping. The index is reasonably consistent because it depends on black-and-white factors of supply and demand without much in the way of influences such as unemployment and inflation. The BDI predicted the 2008 recession in some measure when prices experienced a sharp drop.

This means that there is virtually no trade between nations – everything is shut down. Not only this, it means investors have no confidence in future global growth.

Same mistake here. We interpreted more literally when we should have been interpreting more symbolically: Specifically, no trade between nations means no communication between nations. It is a time of suspicion and communication break-down. In fact, half of America suspects China of interfering in the 2020 election.

No Christmas lights. No holiday displays. No sales mentioned. No Santa Claus – no Christmas type things anywhere.

Great Sadness over the land. People seemed very dazed and very confused.


Normal life in America as we know it is completely shut down. In developing countries many families do not celebrate Christmas for one reason – they can not afford it and they have no money with which to purchase gifts for their children or their loved ones. Again, very ominous scene, with little room for a wider interpretation.

Wrong again. We interpreted more literally and failed to look behind the symbols for the true meaning: For all of those who voted for Trump there is no Christmas lights or Christmas. The season is dismal for what could lie ahead for America in a Biden-Harris administration.

3 – Dana’s Ninth Dream: Christians Stand Up And Stand Out

Christians stood out because they had faith and hope in Christ. They looked like burning charcoal. They were carrying torches wherever they went. A lot of people rejected their approach, but they kept their faith. They did not back down about their testimony and they kept telling people that they desperately need Jesus at that moment.

‘You need Jesus now, You need Jesus now, don’t wait’. A lot of people rejected them but there were some that were coming and surrendering and praying and being saved.


Pretty self-evident interpretation, and easily interpreted symbols. At least some Christians know and are prepared for what’s happening. They have passion for their God and a ‘burning’ or passion for Jesus and for those that are lost and without Him. Their boldness is similar to that of the early church in the book of Acts.

Again, wrong, and not a ‘self-evident’ interpretation. If one looks behind the symbols: Christians who are praying are the ones who still have hope for our nation. They still have hope that Trump will somehow be re-elected and our nation will be saved. That is the ‘salvation’ we are looking for as a nation now. Those who still believe that Trump will be vindicated have an evangelical fervor.

4 – Dana’s Ninth Dream: Headlines – Darkness and Oppression Over The Land

Dana saw what looked like Shopping malls. They had been converted into shelters or living quarters.

It reminded him of Hurricane Katrina when it came through, and how the Football Stadium was used. The businesses in those malls were shuttered but he saw people on cots and he saw food outreach things going on.

Dana saw people who were misplaced. This was not like a homeless shelter – this was like something happened that caused them to be there.


It certainly seems like much commercial business and small business in the US has been shut down – perhaps even to the point of affecting the major corporations and large retail businesses. Many have been displaced from homes and rentals. Probably, landlords have had to eject renters who could not pay rent and have had to cash out many properties to others just to survive the crisis (see below for who might buy them).

The result of this crisis – economic or whatever caused it – will be that Shopping Malls become homes for the homeless.

Again, we blew this interpretation, getting sucked into the literal elements themselves, which is a really good lesson for every dream interpreter to learn. Always look behind the symbols for the deeper meaning first. What is it here? It may be evident in one simple phrase of this part of the dream: “Dana saw people who were misplaced.” Shopping malls are ‘living quarters.’

What does that say? People are looking for something, trying to meet their needs – but there is no relief. The shopping mode is where they are living. They are continually going without a ‘purchase’ or an answer. They are ‘misplaced.’

Dana saw shuttered properties. He saw people in homes that were wearing coats.

People looking out of their homes through closed curtains to find out what’s going on (he said this has been a consistent element in most of his dreams). Curtains came back far enough he could see snow on ground [so Dana himself was on the inside looking out in the dream]. He saw dingy, dark, grey type of snow on the roads.


Those who own their homes free and clear will be in the best condition because they will be able to use their homes as a sort of refuge. However, apparently lack of security and fear will be such issues that most people will not want to come out of their homes. Power must be down. There is no righteousness or purity throughout most of the land.

No again. People are isolated and isolating. They are seeing the external world – the nation – in an unrighteous light.

Dana saw Headlines: ‘Nationwide outages plague the Southwest.’ ‘Americans Don’t Know Who To Blame For Darkness.’

Some of the darkness stretched into Canada, north.

It was not everywhere, but Dana saw America as lights flickering.

He saw the whole continent of the USA, the outline, including Alaska and Hawaii as a lightbulb flickering, and flashing, about to go out.


Power outages from the previous section are confirmed. The headlines could be literal, symbolic or both. It is both real power outages and the conflict that comes from spiritual darkness that plagues America.

The survival of America is in question for some reason. Canada is also affected.

No again. We again got pulled in by the literal. Always go symbolic first. The headlines are not literal, this is a dream, therefore interpretation is symbolic: The power is going out for people – they are losing strength and hope. They know something is wrong but it is not clear who to blame for the corruption and election fraud and uncertainty.

The corruption and direction of the nation is threatening its very foundations and freedom.

He saw vultures with food hanging out of their mouth – these vultures were fat. They had rotting food hanging out of their mouths.

He saw Oppression as a figure, creature – it was wearing a face-mask and smiling, choking people and pushing them down on the ground.


The vultures had been eating ‘death’ for a long time. This is ominous and certainly implies that there are many people that are dying during this crisis – whatever it is.

‘Rotting food’ – the vulture have so much ‘death’ to eat that it is overflowing. Symbolic for ‘there is so much death people don’t know how to handle it’ or, they are overwhelmed with grief over death.

Death is so prevalent that grief and oppression seem like a friend (the face mask and the smile).

This explains why people are so ‘oppressed’ that they can’t even stand. People will be overcome by death and by grief – even if they are able to survive themselves. Oppression is like a ‘monster’ in the culture, it is so pervasive and so severe.

This speaks of a calamitous time like the U.S. has not seen since either The Great Depression or the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1917-18.

Some good, some bad here. Election fraud is revealing the true corruption of the power brokers and politicians in our nation. They are being revealed as ‘vultures’ that feed on the death of the masses.

5 – Dana’s Ninth Dream: The Gateway Arch And Loss Of Hope

He saw the St. Louis arch.


I have been up in the St Louis arch (below, right)) on at least two occasions – it stands in downtown St. Louis right next to the Mississippi River and is known as the ‘Gateway Arch’ because legend holds that St. Louis was the ‘Gateway To The West.’

According to Wikipedia,

“it is the world’s tallest arch,[4] the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere,[6] and Missouri’s tallest accessible building. Built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States,[5] and officially dedicated to “the American people,” the Arch, commonly referred to as “The Gateway to the West” is the centerpiece of Gateway Arch National Park and has become an internationally recognized symbol of St. Louis, as well as a popular tourist destination.

The entry goes on to say, “Built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States, the arch typifies “the pioneer spirit of the men and women who won the West, and those of a latter day to strive on other frontiers.” The arch has become the iconic image of St. Louis….”

He saw people standing under the St. Louis arch with very expensive business suits and expensive watches and at their feet were large briefcases – but they were

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, At Sunset

larger than briefcases. It reminded him of the nuclear suitcases that were talked about in the 1980’s.

Suddenly all their alarms went off at the same time and they hit them [to stop them from ringing apparently] and they grabbed the cases and got into these black SUV’s.

The Mississippi River goes right through there and divides the country and he saw them go east and all over the place [in the SUV’s, apparently]. Each of them had a Wall St Journal under their arms [under their left arms?] and they had heavily tinted sunglasses.


Headlines: Market Crashes. Yields Being Lost. One of headlines: Sympathy For The Swastika.

Dana saw tired crowds, tired people, many who had lost the resolve to fight due to the emotional overcast of the nation.


President Trump has predicted that if Biden wins the November election that ‘China will own our country.’

This is a similar scenario and tells us what the result of the commercial real estate crash pictured above, in some of the first dream scenes, will be.

Wealthy, anonymous power brokers (suits, sunglasses) will come in and begin ‘buying up’ America. Their purchases will be like successive and multiple ‘nuclear explosions.’ It will likely change the make-up and power structure in the nation.

Are the ‘yields’ here, market yields or crop yields? it could be both. In an economic crisis bond yields would rise in an attempt to attract foreign investors to more risky American Treasury investments. However, if there was an Economic Crash – a Depression – it is possible that foreign interest in investment would be pulled out and cease. Result? No bond yields at all because American ability to pay back is not trusted at all.

Gateway Arch – There will be people who take advantage of the enormous market and real estate crash to buy up many cheap assets. These may represent foreign nations – it will not be a terrorist or nuclear takeover, but a massive land and asset purchase that puts American wealth and power in the hands of a few.

Tired crowds – Pretty straight-forward: Many will lose their hope and will to resist the adverse forces overshadowing the national scene.

We should have titled this whole section, “Who Are The Vultures?”

The vultures are the power-brokers that are using the fraud and confusion to oppress the masses and for their own financial gain. The effect of their strategy of corruption is like a nuclear bomb to America. Why St. Louis? Perhaps because it is the place where West and East meet and therefore symbolic for the whole nation.

6 – Dana’s Eighth Dream: The Small Group Church Provides Hope For The Nation

Dana heard the Christians who had hope saying they remember what Jesus said about having to flee in the winter. They kept encouraging one another in the faith.

Dana saw lights all over the country. He knew that these lights were churches – whether like we think of today or house churches. He felt that these churches were keeping hope and warmth in their communities.


19 But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! 20 But pray that your flight will not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath. 21 For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will (Matt. 24:19-21 NASB).”

This section of the dream appears to refer to the time of these events either as The Great Tribulation, or perhaps, as like The Great Tribulation for those in the United States.

This means that this time will be a time of the greatest testing and tribulation that those in the United States have ever experienced. Greater than the American Revolution or the US Civil War.

It will be pockets of believers that will keep hope alive in the US during this period. Wherever believers are gathered that is where light for guidance and hope will be.

Many prophetic people have spoken of a time in the US in the future where the church will be reduced to hiding and meeting in homes to protect itself from government authorities.

In spite of everything that is being exposed there is still hope among the remnant that our nation can be saved.

7 – Dana’s Ninth Dream: The White Figure’s Reminder

The white figure rose up out of one of those lights and said: “Brace yourself. Brace, brace, brace yourself – on the Word and My Promises and do not rely on your own strength.”


We have addressed the meaning of ‘Brace yourself’ in other interpretations, but we will enlarge on that interpretation here.

Idioms by Free Dictionary describes it as: “brace oneself for something. 1. Lit. to hang onto something or prop oneself against something in preparation for something that might cause one to fall, blow away, wash away, etc. Hold onto the rail. Brace yourself. Here comes another huge wave.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Preparing to hear something emotionally bad, or preparing for an impact (for an example: car going to crash).”

According to Collins, “If you brace yourself for something unpleasant or difficult, you prepare yourself for it.”

In this case we are to brace ourselves by holding on to the Word Of God and the Promises of God in Scripture and in prophetic words – not on our own understanding, or knowledge or strength.

That the white figure rose up out of one of the lights means that the strength and authority of people will be in God and in His church – in groups of true believers who fellowship with and support each other.

We should have seen this more as an imminent warning. The white figure is trying to prepare us for the darkness and hopelessness of December, and possibly, January as well. The election may be a long slog where we need to rely on the faith and promises of what God has said through prophetic people and prophetic words.

Through this dream the White Figure was clearly telegraphing that the intensity of the election season was going to last through the month of January and that there was need for believers to ‘Brace themselves’ so that they would not lose hope and faith throughout this time period.


Conclusion On Dream Opening

For our complete analysis of Dana’s Dream openings, 1-8, see here

Now we can evaluate the opening of the eighth dream more clearly and in context.

This is the first time since the second dream’s opening that Dana has again seen the calendar flip forward – it only flips forward one month to January. There is not tapping or anything else here like there is in the first two dreams. Significance? We are not sure.

This is also the first time in his dreams that Dana has seen the finger slowly and ‘forcefully’ underline and push on the underline as it was making it.

The finger underlines both December and January in this manner. This is ominous, and again, seems to contradict our previous interpretations. Unless there is some secret meaning here, it would appear as though the ‘finger’ really wants to emphasize the important nature of these months.

Except for our analysis of the numbered sequence of Dana’s dreams in the opening – which is somewhat unconvincing in our view – and our interpretations of Dana’s previous dreams, which seemed to indicate an ending and a coming calm, at least visible by the end of November, the only real reason from the context to believe that this eighth dream prediction is somehow in a different time frame from 2020 is the way that its delivery is broken up.

The only exception, as we said in the opening, is that this ‘dream’ is actually multiple dreams/visions that take place over multiple consecutive nights, six nights from August to September. We expand on that point below.

Conclusion of Analysis

As we noted above under the opening of this dream, we believe that we over-interpreted and should have viewed the underlining and pushing on the months of December and January as a simple strong emphasis on the months.

We are less certain about the interpretation of Dana’s ninth dream – and its opening – than we are about any of his other dreams. That said, we are going to go out on a limb and say that this dream is meant for some more distant time in the future.

The fact that Dana’s ninth dream is broken up into smaller segments and was mediated over multiple nights – and that the opening is significantly different with the ‘pushing’ of the finger especially – makes us want to say that this dream is for a later time, a time when the calendar months of December and January have been ‘pushed back.’

The breaking up of the delivery of the dream into segments over multiple nights could also signify that the delivery of the events has a different timing as well. But if this is the case, why not make that clear in the dream?

At the same time, the deep and slow underlining of these months makes them especially important in significance. But the slow underlining could also be a means of saying that these months will come upon the US ‘more slowly’, as important as it is to know that they are coming.

But, again, why not make this more clear? If this is correct, perhaps because God wants to put the fear of Himself Into America. It is the people of God, repentance, and prayer that moves things. God waits to see how His people and nations will respond.

If this is true then the symbolic nature of the numbered sequence of the dreams (see introduction) and what it says about an ‘ending’ and a ‘new beginning’ makes more sense.

Again, we go back to the delivery of this dream, which in context with the other dreams, is a ‘complete dream’ with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is the finger and the calendar, like some of the other dreams. The end is a version of ‘Brace yourself’ – like all the other dreams. This is how we know that even though it came on multiple nights, it is ‘complete.’

Pharaoh had two parallel dreams on the same night. Based on our extrapolation and speculation of the Genesis text, Joseph had two parallel dreams – dreams about the same prophetic event in the future – on non-consecutive nights. He dreamed on nights separated by an unknown number of nights on which there was no dream. But, the second dream, when it came, was so significant, and vivid, and so obviously like the first dream that Joseph ran to his fathers and brothers and ‘bragged.’

We believe that when Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s two like, consecutive dreams on the same night that he knew from his own experience what God was saying: God was showing Pharaoh that the predictive events would immediately start. How did Joseph know to interpret this way? Because at that point, he knew the meaning of his own parallel dreams that had long ago predicted his rise to power over his father and his brothers. He must have known that a witness of two was God’s ‘witness’ or covenant that these things would occur. But, he also must have known that what God had said to him many years ago was almost the opposite type of time frame for fulfillment then He was saying to Pharaoh. He may have known that because his dreams were not on the same night, but separated by multiple nights.

Apart from any other information in history or the Biblical text, we will say that Joseph must have extrapolated that the separation of multiple nights in his own dreams meant that there would be a longer period until the fulfillment began. Indeed, for Joseph, it had been thirteen years from the time that he had the dreams and his brothers had thrown him in a pit to be carried off to Egypt, until his audience before Pharaoh.

If this is true, that may be the interpretive principle here.

Warning and Disclosure: CS underestimated the length and severity of the present crisis – though we have done well investing through the crisis up to this point, more than doubling our gain in our primary portfolios since before the crisis started. We have over a 20% gain in our newest and most conservative portfolio – our Global Perfect Storm Portfolio – created in the month of March 2020, during the crisis. So our interpretations and actions have been close enough to reality to profit.

That said, our actions relative to investing here will be conservative. We may trim our most profitable investments and carry up to 20% cash prior to December. But for the most part we rely on the principle of global diversification in portfolios to protect us from catastrophe. For more on our investing views, see our Global Perfect Storm Portfolio and other articles and thoughts on the Money Page and the Money-Interpretation Page.

Our views on this site and on Dana’s Ninth Dream are not ‘revelatory’ or prophetic, but only seek to interpret prophecy and events based on historical and Biblical context – and what we believe the Holy Spirit is saying to us.

All said, again, we are less clear and less certain about what this dream means and the timing of its fulfillment than we are of any of Dana’s dreams. We may be wrong.

At this point, however, based on historical and prophetic context (our own interpretations of Dana’s other dreams and others prophetic words) we are going out on a limb and interpreting the timing of this ninth dream for a later time, probably beginning with the late 2020’s or early 2030’s. Again, the timing and extent – the severity – of any fulfillment depends on the response of the people of God to this present crisis and warning. God is looking for genuine repentance, changed lives that seek Him consistently, and fervent prayer for the church and the nations.

Again, we were wrong here.

In context of all of Dana’s dreams, it certainly seems now that this ninth dream is about the same time period and that it is justified to look behind the literal elements to the symbolic meaning and interpret it around the events of the failed and fraudulent election. The interpretive principles here are life context and dream context (see the CS dream interpretation page for more).


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