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Evaluated by Seaborn Hall, 9/27/20 

Dana Coverstone appears to either have taken down or restricted his You Tube site, so those videos are no longer available.

Dana Coverstone’s Fourth Prophetic Dream: Dream Interpretation – Solemn September Assembly – Jesus Says ‘Prepare For Battle’, July 10, 2020


Dana apparently had this dream on Friday night, July 10, 2020 so it changes the numbering of his dreams and also changes our interpretive scheme some as it was expressed in the comments on his two previous dreams.

Note that our previous interpretations of Dana’s earlier dreams agree with his comments about the identity and purpose of the ‘fist’. This dream is pretty straight forward and the symbols easy to understand.

The last line in the dream basically sums up its purpose – a clarion call for the Body of Christ to unite in prayer for the month of September. There is a promise in the dream associated with the response to the call.

Dream Opening

He saw the calendar turn to the month of September.

The hand reached up and tore the month off the bound book and placed it on the ground in front of him and the altar in their secret place prayer room. He saw the altar, the horns of the altar and the pictures of the Second Coming they have in that room on the wall.


Dana was instructed to stand on the calendar of the month of September and pray for the church to have a strong backbone for corruption to be exposed and for great harvest in the coming months. After he had prayed (in the dream) for several minutes he was instructed to get help for he was not enough.


September is a key month for the church to ‘stand’ in prayer consistently for the nation and for exposure of corruption and lies in our political system, media, and nation. 

Dana spoke into the ‘air’ for believers to come by his side and pray with him. The calendar below his feet was getting bigger exponentially.


He then saw that he was not alone on the calendar – he was standing on Tuesday, September 1st, but he had been joined by several others. Some were praying out loud, some quiet, some in tongues, some kneeling, some laying prostate – every model of prayer that you can imagine.


The cry then went out again that more were needed. Everyone, including Dana, began saying that more were needed and to come quickly. He saw words written on the calendar before and after the month – ‘Solemn September Assembly.’ A clear call to pray during that month.


As Dana goes to the air, as he makes public the dreams that God has given him on You Tube and with other venues, he is helping to multiply believers that will pray for the nation.

As the number of people grew, he saw that the outlines of the calendar were fitting into the outlines of the United States of America. The prayers were getting more aggressive and the numbers were growing when he saw storm clouds over the country.


He saw fires around the country – he saw fires of revival and fires of opposition to the Body of Christ.


Dana also saw incredible warfare in the heavens. It was impacting those on the ground with weariness and the saints for the fight. Believers were standing up together without any division and fighting in prayer and the battles were severe, intense, and brutal.


There were wounds and exhaustion among the believers that he saw. The heavens were alive with the same kind of battle and it seemed like it lasted forever in the dream.


Dana’s clarion call has resulted in believer uniting together in prayer across the nation. The response of believers to pray has led to spiritual attacks and weariness from the battle. There is an intensity in the spirit that is carrying over to the physical and emotional in believer’s lives.

Finally, the battle was over and Dana’s eyes were drawn to the last few days of September. The believers who had been praying were broken and wounded. But, they were standing victoriously. 


Believers will be weary but will have success in the spirit in September.

Then, the heavens opened. Dana saw the Lord and He was standing with angels behind Him.

He said, ‘Clearly arise My Bride.’ ‘Arise My Bride and prepare to pray.’ ‘Arise My Bride, Arise My Bride, and prepare for battle.’

Then He said, ‘Arise My Bride, Arise My Bride, and prepare to see My Face.’…

‘For I am coming quickly.’ ‘I am coming soon and My reward is with Me.’


A word of exhortation and encouragement from the Lord Himself for believers, in spite of their weariness to continue to pray for the nation and each other and to seek Him. An exhortation that the battle is not over, but just beginning as of the end of September.

The reward of continuing to be faithful is the promise of greater intimacy with the Lord. ‘See My Face’ is an Old Testament prophetic signature that comes out of the experience of Moses and Elijah, ‘The Lord before whom I stand,’ and from Numbers 12: 1-8, a ‘mouth to mouth’ experience with the Lord. It is a promise of supernatural breakthrough for those who continue to endure.

And then, there was a sound like a thousand shofars, blowing all at once, and Dana could even feel the wind of it on his face when he awoke. He sensed when he awoke that the Lord was calling us to pray for the entire month of September and to expect serious spiritual conflict during that call.


The shofar is the trumpet, the clarion call to battle and the sign that the Lord is on the move.



This is an exhortative and encouraging dream that calls believers nationwide into prayer for the month of September and beyond for the conflict in and destiny of America. It also encourages prayerful believers that the Lord sees their labor and that there is a reward of greater intimacy with Him and a greater sense of His presence if they continue in faith and do not lose heart.

The promise to see the Lord’s ‘face’ is a promise for supernatural intimacy with the Lord for those who seek it.


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