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Dream Interpretation: Dana’s Fifth Dream – A New Era For The Church And The World Just Ahead

Seaborn Hall, 8/15/20, updated 8/17/20, organizational update 9/20/20, numbered dream update, 9/27/20, updated 11/02/20, 11/21/20


To review our Dream Interpretation methodology and read a short summary of how we apply it in Dana’s dreams refer to our interpretation of Dana’s first two prophetic dreams: Literary Irony and the Positive Message For the US in Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams.

Dana Coverstone’s Fifth Dream – Interpretation, updated 11/02/20

We can now say with approximate certainty that it appears that there are two main events that Dana’s fifth dream was prophetically pointing to when it highlighted the second and third weeks of October (October 8-22).

One, the death of US Supreme Court justice Ginsberg and the nomination and appointment of conservative Amy Coney Barrett to replace her. The hearings for Barrett took place the second and third weeks of October. She was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Monday, October 26, 2020.

Two, evidence, witness and testimony that Joe Biden is a liar, and even a possible traitor to America (see our Politics Page, link above).

How these seismic events shape future events, especially post-election, remains to be seen.

Dana’s fifth dream also pointed to Halloween, October 31, 2020 as another significant date. Halloween occurred Saturday.

As of Saturday morning, early, two significant events had occurred: Sean Connery, the actor known as the first James Bond has died, and a US Seal Team has rescued an American hostage in Nigeria in Western Africa. Additionally, Saturday night violence broke out near Portland, Oregon due to the Thursday night police shooting of a black man, Kevin Peterson.

11/21/20 update – Whether any of these events was the point of the reference in the dream to October 31 is unknown (on the other hand, the election certainly needs to be ‘rescued’. It is equally likely that it was just referring to the date as Halloween and may have meant something symbolic related to that holiday, like ‘Trick or Treat’ for example. For Trump supporters the election has certainly felt like a ‘Trick’ – and it remains to be seen whether the ‘treat’ will come or not. Stay tuned.

Dana’s Fifth Dream Broken Down Into Parts (dream interpretation in bold italics)

Dana’s Dream: The Calendar And The Finger

Dana saw the month of October as a calendar and it was waving like it was being moved by a strong, but not violent wind.

He saw a finger appear and it pointed to the 2nd week of October and dragged across the 2nd and 3rd week of October, then it pointed at October 31, tapped it and held on it.


Pretty basic to this point…the calendar being blown means that October will be a month affected by moderate to strong external forces…note that the calendar was not blown away or torn up by the wind…the same finger that appeared in the 2nd dream appears here and continues the activity of directing Dana to specific parts of the upcoming calendar…

the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October are highlighted (this could either mean 10/4-17, or 10/8-22) as well as October 31, which is Halloween, the night of ‘trick or treat’, but also a night associated with high witchcraft…

and it’s a date that is three days before November 3, 2020 the day of America’s Presidential Elections…

10/31/20 update: We don’t know why the finger taps on then holds on October 31.

It could be something specific like the American hostage rescue noted above that is symbolic somehow for what will occur during this new season for the church and and the world. Or, it could be something more general like a nod to the ‘dark days’ that Dana’s other dreams seem to foreshadow for November following the election.

How would the rescue of an American hostage be symbolic for anything? Dana’s fifth dream – as noted below – foreshadows the defeat of the protestors and the lowering of the protestor’s ‘flag.’ The American nation has similarly been held ‘hostage’ by those seeking to perpetrate a coup on President Trump the last four years. The freeing of an American hostage by President Trump may be symbolic for his eventual victory over those hostile to the Constitutional principles of the US as Trump wins reelection and brings righteousness back to the US.

As with the other dates that were noted, we probably won’t know for sure until events play out and we are able to look back from the future with the clarity that living in it always brings.

As we noted previously in our interpretation of Dana’s first two dreams, the ‘finger’ is most likely representative for the finger of God, a known Biblical motif, and signals the intention of God and the direction of God within the events of this global crisis…In the Bible, interestingly, the finger of God is most associated with the Egyptian plagues that delivered the Jewish people out of Egypt and with the subsequent writing of the Ten Commandments…

Daniel also sees a finger in Daniel 5 write “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN”, saying to the King of that time: “God has numbered the days of your kingdom, you have been weighed and found wanting, and your kingdom will be divided and given away.”

The book of Revelation picks up this judgment motif associated with ‘weighing’ or ‘measuring’ in the second cycle of the book, beginning with Revelation 10:11-11:2.

In summary, we can say that the ‘finger’ is a symbol both of judgment and the requirement to uphold the standards of God. It indicates that both believers and unbelievers are being ‘weighed’ or ‘measured’ to determine their character and ability to respond to testing.

Dana’s Dream: The Rock Falls Out Of The Sky Into A Pond

The first thing he saw after this was a rock that came flying out of the sky and it landed in a large pond. The ripples in the pond from the rock hitting it went out from the middle and got more violent as they increased towards the edges, becoming vicious waves.


The rock can be symbolic for Christ but here is probably more negative, a symbol of created unrest…but it comes from heaven and so the unrest is determined by God…note that this is a large pond, not an ocean or a Great Lake or multiple Great Lakes…this is symbolic of contained local protests that begin in a mild sense, but increase and become more violent. Large pond is probably symbolic of a smaller local area within cities or certain geographical regions.

Dana’s second dream pinpointed Washington D.C. as one such place…

10/31/20, An interesting side note on the news breaking today offered in the Red Box above:

Sean Connery, who died today, appeared in a film called The Rock, about the rescue of hostages from the ‘rock’ island of Alcatraz off the California coast. Those holding the hostages were rebels in the US military seeking to execute an attack on the US mainland.

Dana’s Dream: Fireworks

Then Dana saw federal agency heads, governors and other officials, and radicals – like the Protestors in Portland or Seattle – with wicks (like those you see on fireworks) coming out of their heads get increasingly agitated. The 2nd week of October he saw all of those wicks simultaneously set on fire.


Dana saw the heads of these people like fireworks: the federal officials were large M-80’s, the governors black cat firecrackers and the other protestors smaller fireworks. The faces of these people went from agitated to very upset to an out of your mind primal scream. Then he saw the heads of all of these people explode – even though they were still alive. Their heads exploded into bits and pieces with sparks going off that started fires around them.


11/02/20 Update – Does the Saturday night violence that broke out near Portland, in Vancouver, WA, due to the Thursday night shooting of Kevin Peterson, have any significance here?

Only time will tell.

There was at least one report today, Monday, on Fox News of the ‘protestors’ (rioters) becoming divided against themselves and fighting each other (see next section below).

More ‘fireworks’ in October – the ‘fireworks’ of protests and riots will go off in October, beginning with weeks 2 and 3. They will increase into election time in November and become more violent. Corrupt and out of control leaders will infect others with their words and actions, creating an increasing and building unrest.

Dana’s Dream: ‘I Will Divide Them Against Themselves’

Then he saw the protests that were taking place – they were still taking place in October – they went up another notch. He saw protestors divided against each other in the violence they perpetrated – the violent ones getting angry at the more peaceful ones because they weren’t violent enough. Some of the more peaceful protestors were left on the side of the road like they were dead.


Note here that the protestors are divided against themselves…the violent protestors attack the protestors that are not fully on board with their methods and practices…

This reminds one of several passages in the Old Testament where God set Israel’s enemies against themselves and gave Israel the victory…for example, 2 Chronicles 20, “For the sons of Ammon and Moab rose up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir destroying them completely; and when they had finished with the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another (2 Chr. 20:23 NAS95).”

This was also the case with Gideon in Judges 6…These victories for Israel were the result of corporate prayer and obeying God’s instructions through His true prophetic voices…

Dana’s Dream: Wise Leaders Are Targeted

He saw elderly people who hold traditional values being attacked – people who hold to the Constitution, have common sense values and hold to Biblical principles. He even saw people trying to get into nursing homes to attack older people.


Remember, dream interpretation is primarily symbolic, per Numbers 12…

’elderly’ could be symbolic for people of wisdom who hold and believe in the values of the ages, of the history of the U.S…’nursing homes’ and ‘older people’ may be those who ‘nurse’ – who cultivate and protect, if you will – and those on higher platforms who have a longer history of defending traditional values…one thinks of people like Mark Levin, Hannity, and Tucker Carlson…

Dana’s Dream: Climax – The Protestor’s ‘Flag’

Then Dana saw a $100 bill the size of a flag hanging like a flag on a pole and burning from one corner. It was being lowered, like at the end of the day.


He saw people with hands over their hearts – their god of money had lost its value. The $100 bill burned up until about a third of it was left.


Some celebrated while others were torn up and dismayed that the dollar had died and lost its value. Someone was playing Taps in the background.


This paragraph appears to be a climax of sorts for this section of the dream…it is again expressed, like Dana’s first two dreams, with literary irony [for the meaning of literary irony and how it is expressed in Dana’s dreams, see Literary Irony and the Positive Message For the US in Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams.]

It initially seems like the US currency is losing its value and dying, but this is not the case. The currency that is being lowered is the currency of the protestors and radicals – not the currency of average traditional Americans.

The flag, normally a symbol of pride in the nation, is replaced by the protestors with a $100 bill, symbolic of the fullness of their rebelliousness, their pride in their power and the ‘wealth’ of their rebellion.

It is ‘the end of the day.’ The meaning here is that it is the end of the protestor’s ‘day’…the protestors and the fireworks are disappearing and being put out, or almost, at least. Their ‘flag’ will be reduced by two-thirds.

100 is symbolic – either for 2 x 50, or for 10 x 10 – meaning either a coming jubilee or freedom from the riots and protests (because their ‘flag’ is being lowered), or the complete fullness of the protest movement or trial of testing coming to an end.

As the protestor’s ‘flag’ is lowered Taps is played to signal an end to their time – they mourn, while traditional Americans celebrate.

10/04/20 update – What is the timing of the above? The fact that the dream opened targeting the month of October does not necessarily mean that the ‘protestors’ here will lower their ‘flag’ in October. Why? Because of the symbolism of the $100 bill.

What the dream appears to say is that the protestors will be more set off in October – but their protest will run or continue until it is completely ‘fulfilled’. We know from Dana’s first two dreams and successive dreams following this one that this will likely be towards the end of November or the early part of December.

The ‘hands over their hearts’ – to the $100 bill, not the American flag, which should be in its place – may reflect the reverence of the protestors to their cause, even in defeat…

Dana’s Dream: The Right Kind Of War

Then Dana saw churches, small churches and groups of people praying. They were wrestling in prayer with the spirit of the age. These people were protected by bubbles – bubbles of safety. There were Angels guarding around them.


These were the faithful core of the church who had not been compromised in their values or their faith. They were being encouraged to stand strong – to keep preaching, praying, believing. There were relentless attacks against them. But they were fighting and they stayed faithful. They were small in numbers but it did not bother them. He saw behind each of these groups of people a small gate.


He was reminded of Matthew 7: 13-14, ‘enter by the narrow gate, or by the small road.’ He saw small gates by each of these people or groups – they just kept praying.


Pretty self-evident meaning…the church is being called to prayer for the nation and for the unrest…it is intercession with God that will protect those in the church and change and end the crisis…Righteous believers are called to the narrow gate, to the narrow road of being separate from the world, righteous in behavior, and committed to becoming ‘priests to God’ and a ‘house of prayer.’

We are called to be warriors that wage war against the spirit of this age by crying out to heaven first.

Dana’s Dream: It’s Hard To Market ‘Death’ – Until You Die

Then Dana saw pumped up pastors and pumped up prophets in expensive suits who had preached prosperity and success and preached against the idea of persecution coming to Christians. They promised health and wealth and only good things. As they spoke their words were slurred like they were drunk.


He saw them lose their clothes, item by item: ties, shirts. Pretty soon they were standing there naked. He saw a rug pulled out from underneath them and they were tossed up in the air naked and he saw money flying out from them – all the money they had made from their good prophecies.


When they came down they bit their tongues off, or in half. Pieces of their tongues went flying and they tried to grab the pieces but they were beyond their reach. The whole scene reminded him of the Emperor with no clothes.


This is the counter-point to the previous section above. There is a true church following the narrow road of the Cross in righteousness and prayer and there is a syncretized church that has taken on the values of the world and is leading people astray. It is hard to market ‘death’ – like death on a cross – until you ‘die.’

Church leaders not speaking the true words of God for this time will be exposed as naked and empty…they will literally have ‘the rug pulled out from under them’…the wealth and success of their churches and ministries will be lost…there is a transition of power and influence that will begin to take place – away from prosperity, wealth, and success churches to churches that believe in the supernatural power of God and that teach the cross of Christ…

Dana’s Dream: How To Move The Finger Of God

Then Dana saw the people and groups praying again. The warfare was still intense but there was obvious strength in those that were praying.


This short section of the dream may be repeated from above to highlight the false, empty action of the church – the great pomp and circumstance of the previous paragraph – versus the actions of genuine committed believers who will change things through hidden, concerted prayer…it is the praying remnant of the church that will move the finger of God and the white figure of Dana’s dreams to end the crisis…

Dana’s Dream: ‘Fireworks’ Become ‘Clowns’

Finally, Dana saw clowns, like in a circus, in (clown?) suits pouring buckets of oil and grease on the ground in front of election venues – a sign said the election was so many weeks away. People were trying to get to vote and they were slipping. The clowns were juggling and doing sinister skits to distract the people. They were very agitated or worried – they looked with suspicion and angst – when they saw people heading in to vote.


They were trying to distract people from what was going on.


More literary irony, which we have seen throughout Dana’s dreams…they are involved in sinister activities to either discourage or prevent voting, but they are clowns because their actions are foolishness before God and before those they are trying to stop…clowns are difficult to take seriously, but we should take them seriously in order to combat their tactics, but not be intimidated or worried…

When the devil sends in the ‘clowns’ victory for those he opposes cannot be far away…

Dana’s Dream: Prison Break At Passover

Last, Dana saw a big Billboard that read ‘Passover 2021: Big Things Are Coming For The World.’

More literary irony because, again, it seems like everything is leading to more horror and a bad ending…

Where do you normally see Billboards? On highways or Interstates, for one…either entering or leaving a particular town or region.

What is Passover? It is the final judgment on Egypt – the departure from or the leaving of the prison of Egypt – and the freedom of the people of God…this may be another clue that the dream is emphasizing leaving one set of circumstances to face another new set of challenges or a new time period…

the protestors and the virus will have an end, and the people will be freed. That is the unexpected positive ending.

Notice that the emphasis switches from this ‘nation’ to the ‘world’…this will likely be the release time of a Covid vaccine and other measures that will usher the world into a measured freedom from the virus…

Passover 2021 is on March 27, 2021…the world will likely see a global solution to the Coronavirus crisis during the season around Passover 2021…

10/04/20 Update – The Timing of This Dream: As we said up above, the protestors lower their flag, but the implication is that it is in the future, beyond October. In this section we see that the dream looks ahead as far as Passover 2021. Now we can understand that the rock hitting the pond in the opening of the dream is hitting in October, but the ripples becoming more violent extends both the repercussions of events and the time factor outward.

In other words. as the ripples move out from the center, events become more chaotic and time passes into November and possibly beyond.

Dana’s Dream: Brace Yourselves – ‘Don’t Look Back’

Then the white figure from the 2nd dream appeared and said: “Do not stop bracing for the storm will not pass – until I stop the storm.” Then he said, ‘So, Brace, Brace, Brace yourselves – and don’t look back.’

The white figure connects this dream with the second of Dana’s dreams, where he first appeared…as in the 2nd dream he reasserts that he is the one who will stop the crisis of events…

In our interpretive comments on Dana’s second dream we said that the white figure and the fist that smashes the calendar were one and the same…

the smashing of the calendar in Dana’s 2nd dream by the fist was the end of the crisis because we had established that in the 2nd dream, calendar = days of crisis…in that dream, the white figure and the fist smash the calendar in November…

‘Don’t look back’ is…more literary irony… an apparent reference to Lot’s wife and the judgment on Sodom & Gomorrah…

”When they had brought them outside, one said, “Escape for your life! Do not look behind you, and do not stay anywhere in the valley; escape to the mountains, or you will be swept away. (Gen. 19:17 NAS95)”…Lot and his family escaped out of judgment when they were brought out of the city by the angels…but Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back…

It might seem strange to some that such a short phrase can be so packed with meaning, but this one is…it implies many things:

First, the literary irony is due to the fact that the church, as imperfect as it is, is escaping judgment, as Lot and his family escaped Sodom & Gomorrah – God is having mercy on the U.S. (implied from the total context of the dream as interpreted);


Second, the church is entering a time of transition, moving from one empty place to a different challenge – prosperity and ‘success’ messages will grow increasingly empty and the only thing that will satisfy and protect believers is the supernatural voice of God;


Third, believers are not to ‘look back’ for the way things were before – both the church and the world has changed going forward…we are in a new time and a new era;


Fourth, and last, the phrase ‘Don’t look back’ itself implies that this crisis has been a judgment and that if the church and the world do not quickly learn from the experience, then more judgments are likely to come. Those who do try to go back will be turned into a ‘pillar of salt.’


In Lot’s case, God saved him largely due to Abraham’s righteousness. In this case it is the same. Believers and unbelievers alike were saved due to the righteous, praying remnant. Those who Lot’s family are symbolic of should take note of this and learn from the experience.

Finally, the ‘Brace, brace, brace’ may be indicative of three more months of crisis before it ends…this would mean – with the beginning that the 2nd dream indicates in September: September, October, and November and then a smashing of the primary crisis. A certain level of normality should return before Christmas. The three times it is spoken may also hint at a resurrection that is coming.

This is congruent with Dana’s other dreams.

As of 9/20/20 we know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, liberal Supreme Court Justice has just died. If President Trump chooses to replace Justice Ginsburg immediately – a  legal move that Democrats and far left radicals have already threatened the nation and the President over – it may be the catalyst that ignites September into November and creates further unrest in the nation.

This may further clarify and bring light to all of Dana’s dreams.

However, that some normality returns by Christmas does not mean that we will be totally free of the virus.

This fourth dream also seems to imply that Spring 2021 will be a climactic time of freedom globally.

This does not mean that suddenly everything will be ok, only that the primary solution for the world may come at this time. As with all things prophetic, the spiritual is announced and settled, but it takes longer for the effect to show in the natural world.

We may continue to see ‘aftershock’ type effects into Fall 2021 before things return to a new ‘normal.’


Again, as we said in our first interpretive treatment of Dana’s dreams, we disagree with those who suggest that the dreams are indicative of the end of the world or an apocalypse about to immediately arrive. They are also not primarily warning dreams, but positive, prophetic dreams meant to encourage and direct the Body of Christ.

This is not the apocalypse or the end of the world – this is the introduction to the end of the world. This is not The Perfect Storm – this is practice for the Perfect Storm. This crisis-judgment is like the training the military does before it goes on the real mission.  

We are practicing for the real thing that will come at some point in the, probably, near future (see our other prophetic links below and on our Spiritual Life pages). If we learn from it and respond to the Biblical imperative to ‘repent’ and ‘Seek God,’ no matter what happens up ahead our future will be assured.


P.S. – The Structure Of Dana’s Fifth Dream

Many times there is a structure to a God-given dream that enhances its message and confirms the God-given nature of the message.

There is some kind of structure here in Dana’s fourth dream, but the exact nature of it eludes us for the moment. That said, there are some points worthy of note:

  • The dream opens with a calendar and closes towards the end with a calendar date
  • The apparent climax of the dream comes around its middle, when the protestor’s lower their ‘flag.’ This is most typical of an Old Testament jewish literary structure called ‘Chiasm.’ Chiasm, or chiastic structure, many times emphasizes the middle as the main or primary point of an argument and then organizes the secondary, tertiary, and other points in a flowing symmetry around the middle – both before the middle, and after it.
    • It would be cool if we could clearly articulate and display this happening in Dana’s dream, but for the moment we cannot.
    • Is it because that is not the true structure and something else is going on here, or are we missing something? More time and analysis is needed.
  • The first half of the dream – before the Climax – relates primarily to the building protest and their attacks on different segments of society.
  • The second half of the dream is primarily about war tactics and false leaders – it emphasizes how the church is to fight the budding and building of the protestors and then it highlights two different types of ‘false leaders’, those in the church, and those ‘clowns’ among the protestors
  • Note that the protest leaders who are ‘Fireworks’ in the first half are now presented as ‘Clowns’ in the second half. It is like the fireworks of the first half have been neutered. This seems to emphasize that the prayer of the praying church has had its effect and ‘disarmed’ the protestors, as it were
    • Note that the protestors have ‘lost their teeth’ in the second half of the dream
    • This appears to, again, emphasize the ‘winning’ aspect of the church, their victory, and foreshadows the positive result and outcome

We will attempt to come back to the structure of this dream at some point in the future and take a closer look at it.




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