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Re: Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams About The Current Crisis Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams (video, left)

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We don’t know Dana, but he seems like a good, sincere brother.

We believe that these dreams are from God. He had the first of 3 dreams in December 2019. We provide a couple of basic dream interpretation principles, then outline the dreams with the important specifics and provide some initial interpretation, then provide a Final Interpretation at the end. 

Basic Biblical Rules To Interpret Dana’s Dreams

First of all, interpretation of dreams is primarily governed by Numbers 12: 1-8. According to the passage, beginning in verse 5:

Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud and stood at the doorway of the tent, and He called  Aaron and Miriam. When they had both come forward, 6 He said, “Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, shall make Myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream. 7 “Not so, with My servant Moses, He is faithful in all My household; 8 With him I speak mouth to mouth, Even openly, and not in dark sayings, And he beholds the form of the Lord. Why then were you not afraid To speak against My servant, against Moses?” (NASB95, emphasis ours)

This passage delineates prophecy into at least 2 levels and makes revelation from dreams a secondary level. This is because dreams come in symbols that are riddles and puzzles (dark speech in the passage) – and there is need for interpretation. Symbolic speech is not the same as literal, face to face, or as Numbers calls it, mouth to mouth, speech. With the need for interpretation of symbols, meaning and application can be missed or mistaken. As John Wimber, late pastor of the Anaheim Vineyard, used to say, there is a gap between revelation, interpretation, and application that can lead to mistakes and/or confusion in our understanding. For more, see Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy. Also see, Invitation To Intimacy, a survey of God’s rhetoric with intimates in supernatural encounters from Genesis to Revelation.

Second, dreams are primarily symbolic, full of symbols, riddles – and need interpretation. That they are primarily symbolic does not mean that some elements are not literal. Further, that some elements are literal does not mean that most are. An apparently literal element may prove to be symbolic, even though the symbolic aspect is more subtle. For example, an ‘ambulance’ is symbolic for ‘emergency status’; ‘state houses surrounded’ could be symbolic for government leaders feeling like they have no choice but to give in to protestors and making decisions accordingly. A ‘vulture’ is symbolic for those who use the crisis for their own ends, to feed their own appetite (power). All of these interpretations could apply to our most recent crisis.

It is tempting and normal to interpret dreams – especially dynamic, vivid dreams of our own – literally. When God genuinely speaks to us prophetically we are emotionally impacted by the experience. It is very difficult to remain objective. Unfortunately, even among those removed from the experience, symbolic interpretation is a lost art. Most people are prone to a tendency to project their own personal beliefs and fears in a literal way on to dream images. This results in much misinterpretation and confusion. Many interpretations of Dana’s dreams on the internet reflect these types of errors.

Third, context always governs interpretation and is the most important interpretive rule. Symbols always have flexibility according to their context.

Many times people will think that God has popped something into their heads that is a ‘revelation’ or interpretation that is nothing more than the soulish projection of their own fears or fantasies.

Interpretations are from God, but that does not mean that there is no methodology. Dreams are the language of God and all languages have rules and parameters. For more on our dream interpretation methodology see the CS Dream Interpretation Page.

First Dream (Part 1): ‘Brace Yourself’

Dana saw a calendar being flipped from January to March, then when it got to March a hand held it in place, then a finger underlined the month of March, then a finger tapped March three times.


Then he saw April, May, June and a finger underlined the month of June then tapped the month of June 3 times.


Then he saw various scenes he describes as chaos (we suggest the meaning of these as symbols in parentheses): people marching, protest (mass protests), people wearing masks (threat and appearance of a public virus), lines going into hospitals (hospitals being overwhelmed), doctors with syringes (medical establishment seeking treatment), people on ventilators (lives in crisis), people very sick, newspaper headlined trumpeting thousands getting sick (mass infections/media panic), ambulances flying down roads (state of emergency), cities on fire and being burned (cities in crisis, but note that this does not mean that cities will literally be burned down), protestors with masks and with fists in the air (mass protests and anger in midst of crisis), people screaming and angry at the world (mass anger), courthouses and state houses surrounded (leaders pressured to give in and do give in to mobs demands), shotguns held over heads in defiance (threats of violence and actual violence), barriers in cities (sections of cities taken over). He also saw vultures flying over large cities and smoke rising and people terrified in their homes and with guns, in fear.


Then he heard the words ‘Brace Yourself.’ (how many times he heard this in this dream is unclear)

Note that all of the things in parentheses took place from March through to the present. We just took a quick crack at translating some of the symbols – there could be shades of different meaning, especially for Dana who may have personal associations with some of them.

In this first dream we also have the luxury of seeing how the symbol to reality interpretation scheme works – it is a subtle form of symbol in which many of the images are themselves things that could occur in a crisis.

Stated differently, the difficulty interpreting here is that literal things that actually take place in a crisis of this type are being used as symbols so the literal takes on a slightly different meaning than what you would expect it to mean. This is a very subtle use of symbols for meaning – but the basic template is still symbolic, not literal.

The Key To The First Dream

To restate this in another way, the key to understanding the first dream is to realize that the scenes of chaos are symbols but have a very literal element to them. This is probably not more clear than when he sees an ambulance racing down a road – it could be a literal scene in such a crisis, but here it is symbolic for a ‘state of emergency.’

Another less subtle example is when he describes ‘vultures’ that circle cities. Vultures feed on dead carcasses and this is exactly what the demented US city leaders are doing – increasing their own power as they feed on the powerless and those who are dying, both literally and figuratively in US cities today. These are the Al Sharpton’s and the Black Lives Matters of the world, the power brokers behind them, and the city mayors enabling their work.

But, note the other symbols of the first dream. They appear literal, in that many of them are literal things that might happen in a crisis, but because this is a dream they must primarily be taken symbolically. In this way, the first dream becomes a template for understanding the second dream because we can check what has occurred in the crisis that Part 1 predicts, versus what was shown in the dream. This aids interpretation.

Also note that there is at least one common symbol in both dreams: a fist. In Part 2 however, the fist is the fist of God – in all probability. In Part 1, the fist is the fist of protestors. The protestors have done damage in this season, but in Part 2, the fist of God decimates the calendar. This certainly seems to imply heightened trauma to the point that time as we know it is stopped, scattered, and decimated for at least a season.

This is worrisome, at first, but also, we believe, the wrong interpretation.

Second Dream (about 4:58 on the video): ‘Part 2’ – ‘Brace Yourself, Brace Yourself, Brace Yourself’

Dana appears to have had this dream on June 22-23, Monday night, before posting the dreams later in the week. Again, as with the Part 1 dream, we put the possible meaning of some of the chaos symbols in parentheses.

Dana saw a calendar. As the calendar was up, a white figure appeared.  He heard the voice of the figure (or, just a voice) say, ‘Part 2’.


He saw June, July, August, then September, all in the 2020 calendar. Then the finger underlined September and tapped it three times.


Then he saw October come up, then November come up. The finger underlined November, but instead of tapping it like the other times, a fist appeared and hit the calendar, slamming it into the wall and the calendar exploded. The numbers looked like 3D and bits of the calendar went flying everywhere.


Then there was a cloud of chaos (a raised level of chaos that will tend to cloud people’s thinking and produce fear and uncertainty – unless you have a heavenly mindset) that started: this time he sees more intense scenes of protests and chaos than in the first dream, including schools with cobwebs (school closures that have gone on for a long period), banks with their roofs ripped off – money was flying through the roof into some kind of vacuum cleaner, he was watching wealth being taken (is this literal for some banks failing or being nationalized, or symbolic for the loss of personal and economic wealth from sustained economic inactivity in certain sectors? Probably the later) – he saw politicians in back rooms making deals with people and smirking (the conspiracy of the elites to create further unrest), he saw Washington D.C. burning (a specific attack on D.C., the US Capitol, and could indicate that the scope of the intensity will be raised, but limited geographically to D.C. or, D.C. and major cities), he saw people being rounded up, he saw Chinese and Russian soldiers. Russian soldiers were telling the Chinese soldiers to round up these people or secure this section of the city (possible ‘behind the scenes’ Chinese and Russia participation, as in ‘spies’ or foreign agents on US soil fomenting and creating unrest and confusion). He also saw blue helmets of the UN and military things taking place (could be symbolic for military peacemakers, as the UN acts in foreign nations – the military may need to be brought in to secure the peace – this could be symbolic of martial law in D.C. and other cities).


The vultures he saw in the first dream were now like Gargoyles and they were 10-15 feet off the ground. They were attacking people mercilessly (symbolic for the elite behind the scenes now directing action of the ground in a blatant attempt to stir up unrest). He saw people hiding in their homes and he saw churches being burned. He saw absolute chaos (Perhaps martial law and attacks on Christians and churches).


Then he heard the words, ‘Brace Yourself’ three times.

Again, we just took a quick crack at translating some of these chaos symbols – they could have slightly different meanings according to Dana’s own associations. However, we don’t believe that this would significantly alter the general interpretation of the dream. We deal with the complete interpretation of the second dream below, in the ‘Final Interpretation’ section.

Third Dream, Wednesday night June 24, 2020 (about 9:00)

We believe that the third dream he has is not a universal dream, but a personal dream. Why? Because of the context and focus. For our interpretation of Dana’s third dream, see this link.

Final Interpretation: Literary Irony in Dana’s Dreams And How God Will End The Present Crisis

Again, we really appreciate this brother and we believe that all three of these dreams are from God. However, we do not completely agree with his interpretation of the dreams.

We also believe that the third dream he has is not a universal dream, but a personal dream. Why? Because of the context and focus – in the first two dreams Dana is an obvious observer to symbols that are universal. In the third dream, Dana is a participant in the action. Some of the symbols and terms in the third dream intersect the first two dreams, but, for now at least, we believe that this is to establish vocabulary and context for a personal dream message to Dana. (It is tempting to interpret an alarming word like ‘hyperinflation’ as literal, we know, but in this context that is rarely what it means).

That said, we will just focus our final interpretation here on Part 1 and Part 2 and ignore the third dream for now, except to say that, as with the second dream, the template of the first dream is also key for the interpretation of the third dream.

These 2 dreams, Part 1 and Part 2 are more than just warning dreams – they are a declaration of something that God is about to do.

The tapping of the finger three times throughout the parts is highly symbolic. Three is symbolic for the Godhead – it is a stamp of God’s involvement in something, more metaphorically it is symbolic for ‘Divine completeness’ and it is also, of course, symbolic for resurrection. What it means, and where, in this dream, as always, relates to context (see the CS Dream Interpretation Page).

In Part 1 and the early part of Part 2 the finger taps act as a means of testimony – they confirm God’s involvement in what is happening on the calendar. This is not, primarily at least, the devil – this is God (and God will be the one who will put an end to it – as He will always put an end to things).

Part 1 leads us in a direction and it does not appear to be a good one – ‘Brace Yourself.’ Part 2 appears to be more of the same – but to think this would mean that you have been misled. You have been set up for the surprise.

Literary irony is a technique that is used in the New Testament at least once – Paul’s treatise of Israel and the nations in Romans 9-11.

Literary irony is a device in which the writer/author leads the reader/viewer in one direction – only to surprise him/her at the end. In Romans 9-11 Paul leads the reader to believe that God has rejected Israel – only to surprise us at the end that Israel is the key to everything and will be redeemed again.

For more on this technique, and the background of other New Testament literary techniques, we refer you to Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric (Aristotle’s work and principles on oratory and speech delivery were well known in the first century and there is ample evidence that they were co-opted by NT writers).

This is exactly how Dana’s Part 1 and Part 2 dreams unfold. We are led to believe that everything is going to fall apart – only to be surprised at the end.

The scenes of chaos in both parts of the dreams are as we stated in the parenthesis translations in the sections above that record the dreams. Note that none of the translated images rise to the level of total revolution or apocalypse. The ‘gargoyle’ – in the Part 2 dream – is an increase in power and authority – elevated status. This could be saying that greater chaos is being planned for September through November, especially November, depending on the election results.

Note that we do not believe that Dana’s dream prophesies a Chinese/Russian invasion of US soil – this is a symbolic element of the dream, as indicated in Part 2 of the dream, above, in parentheses.

Dana Coverstone’s Dreams: The Key To Interpreting Part 2

What concerned us from the start about Part 2 of the dream is that it is easy to overlook the significance of the white figure at the beginning of Part 2, who may announce ‘Part 2.’ Why is this white figure there and what does he represent?

The real key to the interpretation of Part 2 is the white figure at the beginning of Part 2 and the owner of the fist at the end. The white figure is a common motif in allegorical type presentations throughout vision literature in history – even in the book of Revelation. In that book, either an angel or an elder acts as an accompanying figure or guide to the writer – and an agent for God – for much of John’s visionary journey.

Who does the fist belong to? The protestors? No, not in context. Another important issue is, ‘What does the calendar represent?’ Are these calendar days good or bad?

The white figure acts as God’s agent and guide for Part 2 of the dream. Along with the ‘three’s’, he puts the stamp of God on the message. The calendar is symbolic for the days of the crisis. Calendar = Crisis. The ‘Fist’ belongs to God.

When The Fist smashes the calendar, God is smashing the Crisis and ending it.

The white figure – white symbolic not only for holiness and purity, but like the white horse of Revelation, victory and overcoming – and the fist, put a bracket around the calendar section of the dream. This says strongly that the figure and the fist are related and that they will control this section of the calendar.

The white figure is from God and the fist that smashes the calendar against the wall is from God. The motif or symbol of a wall is something else that tells us there is a boundary – an end – to this part of the crisis. This is not to say that there won’t be other crises in the future – Terry Bennett and others have assured us that there will be. But, God is putting an end to this phase.

This frame that contains the fist has always been occupied by the finger of God – symbolic for God’s actions in the earth, the underline telling us what to pay close attention to. March began the devastation of the virus in earnest, June a receding, and a reopening, but also more violence.

Part 2 is saying that September will be the same, not in specifics, but in general. It is the beginning of the unrest and chaos shown in the scenes of Part 2 at the end of the dream.

September through November 2020 is a heightening of chaos.

Dana Coverstone’s Dreams: Sequence And Structure

There is a certain sequence to both Part 1 and Part 2 of Dana’s dreams.

Note that in Part 1 there is a certain sequence: calendar flipping, finger underlining, finger tapping, calendar flipping, finger underlining, finger tapping, then the scenes of chaos. It is the same sequence in Part 2, except the ‘fist’ replaces the second finger tapping – and then the scenes of chaos appear at the end of the dream, as they do at the end of the first dream. As we noted above, one key to the interpretation of Part 2 may be seeing Part 1 as a sort of ‘template’ – for we know how Part 1 has turned out thus far, at least.

Note that in Part 1, the chaos comes at the end of the dream, even though the reality is that the chaos began in earnest in March and then escalated and boiled over with George Floyd’s murder on May 25, 2020. It peaked in June, but is still simmering in July at present.

There is also a common Biblical structure to Dana’s dreams. The ‘chaos scenes’ of both parts of Dana’s dreams should be viewed as a sort of time parenthesis that fits back within or over the underlined parts of the calendar, March through June in the first dream, then September through November in the second dream. The book of Revelation uses a similar type of structure (see the CS Prophecy-Spiritual Life Interpretation Page and our articles on Revelation listed there). God’s timeframe is not linear. The time structure of the book of Revelation, for example, is cyclical.

The finger tapping and underlining of September means that a ‘cloud of chaos’ will unfold during this time frame. Will this be another coronavirus crisis? Possible, but we don’t believe so. 

Dana’s Dreams, The Interpretation Summarized

When the ‘fist of God’ smashes the calendar towards the end of the Part 2 dream it seems like a bad thing. But, as we’ve asked above, ‘Is the calendar good or bad?’ Does it represent good or bad days? It represents bad, hard days – the days of this crisis. That is the literary irony.

It is a good thing for the calendar to be smashed. The calendar = the days of crisis.

The smashing of the calendar by the Fist of God is symbolic for God – symbolized by the white figure at the opening of Part 2, and the Fist that smashes the calendar – putting an end to this present crisis in November 2020.

If this is correct, we would expect a return to a kind of normalcy by the first week of December.

How? The dreams, especially Part 2, strongly suggest that President Trump will be re-elected, though this may be a ‘projection’ of this interpreter, and by no means is the dream clearly predicting this.

Alternative Interpretation: As we watch events on the ground continue to unfold as of 7/26/20, it may be that the June – September segment of the 2nd dream is set apart because that represents increasing chaos – the increasing chaos shown in the scenes at the end of that dream. The month of June connects Part 1 to Part 2, so it makes sense that Part 2 would be a continuation and even increase in chaos from Part 1.


Then, September is underlined and tapped because this is when the positive change begins to occur. It may be that the ‘Fist’ aspect begins in earnest in September and the crisis of the calendar is increasingly crushed as it moves into November, when it is finally crushed.

The days of the calendar probably sift through the air in 3D – not because the calendar is still in crisis – but because a new dimension of life – 3D life – has come back into it, into the air, into the world, particularly the United States. The bits or pieces of the calendar that are scattered into the air could be seen as a type of confetti, indicating celebration, which fits in with this interpretation.

The words spoken at the end of Part 2 three times: ‘Brace Yourself’, ‘Brace Yourself’, ‘Brace Yourself’, then become part of the literary irony. This time what you really need to ‘brace yourself’ for is resurrection and a more positive outcome – at least for a season.


Note that neither the part 1 or part 2 dream contains the inciting element – the inciting element of the first chaos was the George Floyd murder. What is the inciting element of Part 2? That Trump is not in the dream is not significant. Neither was George Floyd in the Part 1 dream. 

The inciting incident of Part 2 could easily be Trump’s re-election. It seems unlikely that Biden’s election would be a cause for riots and violence.

America’s first civil war – not that these dreams yet depict a civil war, we don’t believe that they do – began when Abraham Lincoln was elected and South Carolina seceded from the Union.

The lead up to the November 2020 election could spur further unrest as the elites attempt to create a climate and economy difficult for Trump to be re-elected. Trump’s re-election would only spark further outrage.

Regardless, the promise of the dreams is that God will end the crisis. Whether it ends because Trump is re-elected and he ends it with a hard fist, or whether it ends some other way is not clearly shown. Such is the way with prophecy.

That said, it is almost impossible with prophecy to predict exactly how it will unfold. Prophecy is like a movie trailer – short, exciting and dynamic with much emotional impact. The fulfillment of prophecy is more like the making and producing of a film – it takes months or years, is full of hard work, half-steps, and never exactly lives up to your ideal, fantasy, or the picture and expectation that the prophecy created. It is real life, not fake life.

There is a secondary motif of judgment underlying the primary intent of these dreams that we have not addressed here, yet is still relevant. The primary purpose of this particular set of prophetic dreams is not primarily as a warning – the general tone of the events is already set in our opinion (these things will take place) – but it is meant to give comfort and hope to God’s people in a tumultuous, difficult time in which hope fades and many are experiencing difficulty.

This does not mean that we should not continue to repent and pray for the nation – we should. The prayer of the US church is the key to all things here.

The beauty of the structure and meaning of Dana’s dreams – not dissimilar to the beauty of God’s written Word – is further confirmation that God is speaking through them and that He cares about HIs people.



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