Dana Coverstone’s ‘Lincoln Dream’: A New Dawn – Dream Interpretation

Seaborn Hall, 12/19/20

Dream Interpretation: The initial question for this dream is whether Lincoln is symbolic for President Trump or symbolic for the values and union in division that occurred during his Presidency. For contextual reasons in the dream, we believe it is the later.

This dream is about the fight to maintain the union and particularly the values and beliefs that have sustained the union all along.

According to the dream, this is a warning that on our present course, the United States (Uncle Sam) will fail to uphold those values, that eventually the populace will voluntarily choose a ‘New Dawn.’ They will ‘hang’ what they view as the antiquated values of the past and seek to replace ‘man’s law and God’s law’ with their own. It seems to place more blame on the Judges. Once judges make law instead of interpreting it per the Constitution the nation will lose its foundations and like other socialistic nations of the past lose any sense of true justice throughout the land.

The nation of Israel is also struggling with this phenomenon at present and the United States will quickly go down this road if Biden-Harris takes office in January.

The White Figure at the end says: ‘Nation, brace yourself for fire and ice and don’t forget to anchor your soul.’

What the dream says is that when the nation releases its mooring on the Bible and Biblical principles – as it has been doing for the last 50 years – that elected officials who have been given power by the people will rise up and kill the very values that have made us a united nation. When that reaches its zenith, the nation will be over and will die, creating division and a scattering effect.

What is ‘fire and ice’? Strangely, this type of storm appeared over Boston, MA, USA earlier this year.

Fire and ice is reminiscent of the seventh plague in Exodus 9:24 and is a judgment from God. According to the link above the elements combined also speak of ‘heaven.’ In Exodus the ‘ice’ comes in the form of hail and fire with it and is a judgment on Egypt – though they do not yet repent, or fear God. The allusion to this judgment implies the same condition will exist throughout the America, judgment but not repentance. Among many there will be no recognition of God in the judgment.

‘Anchor you soul’ reminds us to hold on to our daily relationship with Jesus for it will surely be needed in the times ahead. He will keep us stable, not the external things that we depend on.