RE: Dana Coverstone’s Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Prophetic Dreams: What America Faces Beginning November 3 (video, left), Dana Coverstone


Evaluations by Seaborn Hall, 9/02/2020, updated 9/05/20, numbered dream update 9/27/20, minor update 10/04/20, updated 10/18/20

(Dream Interpretation is in bold/italic paragraphs underneath the written out dream)

Dana shared a dream in late September that he had following his third dream and before the other dreams in sequence. This changes any interpretation based on the sequence of dreams or the number of each dream. Dana has also removed many of his dream videos when he changed his site. 

We will be updating our interpretations over the next week or so to reflect this fact. We will update videos when and if Dana does.

Dana’s Sixth Dream, Monday August 17, 2020: What America Faces Beginning November 3, Election Day – The Death Of The Democratic Party

Dana’s sixth prophetic dream is one of his most complex dreams thus far, competing with Dream #2 and Dream #5 for that honor.

As we have said in our other interpretations, Dana seems like a good guy and we believe that these dreams are from God. They are not apocalyptic, or about the End Times, but seek to prepare and encourage God’s people for what is about to soon come – and, tell us in general, when the present crisis will end.

Per Numbers 12, dreams are to be primarily interpreted in a symbolic manner. For more on this see, Literary Irony And The Positive Message For the US In Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams, and the CS Dream Interpretation Page.

This is a complex dream with multiple parts. We view it as a five-part dream, plus an introduction/opening and a conclusion.

Opening/Introduction: The November Calendar

Dana saw the calendar month of November bent, torn, dirty. Trees in the background that were leafless. There were a few trees that still had a scarce amount of leaves on them and the leaves had turned [flipped over?] – like it was about to rain.


The sky was a dull gray with extreme cloud cover (he hardly ever sees sunny skies in any of these dreams).


He saw the finger appear and it circled November 3 continuously – in a clockwise direction. Suddenly, it changed to a counter-clockwise-direction and images began to appear. 


Bent, torn, dirty: the days of November will be abnormal and it may be difficult to function normally during the month. When normal function is possible it will be pared back from the usual niceties. These will all be overcast days, meaning that hope will be tested. The outlook for the nation will not be positive.

When something is ‘bent, torn, dirty’ it is damaged. November will not be a normal month. It is likely to be more violent and shock inducing than anything the US has seen thus far.

Note that Dana’s dream #2, #5, and this dream intersect some and work together. Either the white figure, the finger, or the Voice appear in all of these dreams. In dream #2 the white figure points to September and October as increasingly volatile months – and brings a ‘fist’ to November. In dream #5, Dana is shown that the month of October will be moved by a ‘strong, but not violent’ wind. The finger points specifically to the 2nd and 3rd week of October and to Halloween, October 31. (We believe that there may be revelations from Attorney General Barr on or around these October dates – or before them, in September – concerning Obama Administration indictments that may cause unrest and riots to build.)

Here in the sixth dream there is a progression, confirming the ‘fist’ of the 2nd dream and that November will be an explosive month – but, from our interpretation of Dana’s previous dreams, we also believe it will be the month in which the crisis of rebellion will, largely, at least, be put down.

Trees – People in our nation have ‘lost their leaves’, meaning that they are ‘drying out’, becoming tired. There is only a remnant that still have leaves, that is, they still have life, hope, and faith within them. The people of the nation are hoping for ‘rain.’ They are looking for good news, something that will give them hope.

The finger – we have addressed this previously, especially in our interpretation of Dana’s Dream #5.

From the following dream context, the finger tracing consecutive clockwise circles seems to say that the images immediately following will advance the plot from November 3 (see further explanation below) – and that the main plot will possibly repeat itself.

Then the counter-clockwise circle seems to say that there will be another set of images that looks back and at least begins before November 3. The following images of the dream confirm this point of view.

1 – November Chaos: Cities, Headlines, Bell, More Cities, Headline – Treasury Wink

(the consecutive clockwise finger, meaning that these events take place from November 3 forward)

Dana saw:


Cities on fire.

Headlines that read: ‘Trump Victory Challenged Everywhere’. It was on digital marquees in New York’s Time Square and places like that.

There were protestors in the street that were weary and asleep and they were dirty and dingy like they had not slept or showered in weeks.


This bell rang.


Suddenly these people woke up and came to life and started salivating like ‘Pavlov’s dog.’ Big buckets of saliva – it seemed to stay in their shirts.

Dana saw people screaming and getting violent over the election results to the point that people were firing weapons randomly into the sky. People were angry and people were mad.


Dana saw a person with a sign or a plaque (like the kind you see when someone is carrying a ‘The world is about to end’ sign). It said: ‘The obvious winner is not so obvious.’

He held his head in shame [meaning the person carrying the sign?]

The crowd was in a frenzy with hatred and anger – they were hitting each other with their signs and banners.


The bell is what rings before fighters come out to fight’ in the ring. The ‘bell’ is symbolic for whatever signals to the protestors to become violent. It says they are being controlled from the outside – just like Pavlov’s dog. The ‘bell’ may be November 3, or more likely, the results of November 3 and the signal from the losing side to contest the election and ‘protest’ it.

Buckets of saliva that stay on their shirts – Suddenly, they have unlimited passion and enthusiasm for continued ‘protests’ and revolt.

‘The obvious winner is not so obvious,’ means that there is one obvious winner of the election – Trump – but, sadly it will not be so ‘obvious’ to these who are controlled by some outside force, like Pavlov’s dog. They will not be able to see past their own uncontrollable  frenzy.

In addition, this phrase could refer to the ambiguity, the fog, that Mail-in Voting produces relative to the election results. Trump may be the obvious winner on Election Day, but the ‘obvious’ result may be in question for the entire month of November, and even longer, if it is challenged in courts due to Mail-In voting results that are still coming in and being counted, and still unclear, following Election Day.

We refer the reader to Life, Liberty, and Levin, a Fox News Broadcast the weekend of August 29-30, 2020 (may have originally aired August 23, 2020), for the governmental and legal repercussions from confusion regarding the election results, particularly Mail-In Voting  – including what could happen if there is no clear winner by January 20, 2021.

It is shameful which is why, internally, they hang their heads in shame. In this failed rebellion their shame will be revealed.

Externally, they fight with each other and their hate for society protects them from the shame they feel inside.

Dana saw more cities with pillars of smoke over them – like the wildfires in CA recently. He saw crumbled and burned out buildings in Washington D. C. Not monuments – but buildings and commercial real estate.


Headlines: ‘Rebuilding would take time’. ‘Trust would take even longer.’ ‘Government could not do it in a timely fashion.’


See below for fuller explanation, but note that this entire section up to this point appears to be from November 3 into the month of November at some point. The calendar – and the clockwise finger – is advancing, but, as we said, may also be repeating in a circular fashion. By this, we mean that the election may be called into question and Election Day is being played over, again and again.

Crumbled and burned out buildings – ‘Crumbled’ may connote something different from ‘burned-out.’ A building crumbles due to decay and structural deformities within. This could be a subtle reference to the future of the Democratic Party, or a reference to some of the Resistance Movements that will crumble as a result of all that is taking place.

The big interpretive question relative to the ‘Headlines:’ Are they literal or symbolic? We are going to go with symbolic in this case since this is a dream and the primary interpretive scheme of a dream is symbolic. This means that most probably these will not be literal headlines that will be seen during the crisis, though it is possible considering the multiple newspapers/websites throughout the nation.

However, the main thing is that the statements are symbolic for what is going on – in this case, they are symbolic for the way the media portray what is going on, as the next section on the Treasury should make more clear.

Then he saw a Treasury official who is in the Treasury right now [Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary?], wink his right eye and hold it closed (almost like he was on TV and it was a sarcastic wink).


What does the long wink of the right eye by a Treasury official mean? Does the wink relate to only the Headlines right before it? Or, does the ‘wink’ apply to the whole section?

Note that there is a chiastic flow to this section: ABCAB-D. (Chiasm is a Jewish rabbinical technique of communicating and writing that is prevalent in some sections of the Old And New Testament). Normally a chiasm would be ABCBA, with no D and without the second A and B inverted. The change in the chiasm points to something significant in the second A and B sections – and in the D section. What is it? We believe that the ‘D’ section of the chiasm applies to the whole section from A to the second B. What does this mean? That the wink and the sarcasm of a Treasury official – most likely Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary [can the average person think of any other Treasury Official they would recognize on sight, as Dana does in his dream?] – appears in this ‘out of sync’ place in the chiasm is of special significance relative to understanding this section of the dream.

What does a long wink usually mean? When someone give you a long wink, it is typically behind someone’s back, as if to say, ‘Don’t let them in on the trick that I’m playing.’ ‘Don’t let them know that I’m fooling them.’

The Headlines predict doom – but when have the media been right about anything? The wink questions the credibility of the previous headlines and says, ‘Yeah, right – things will never be ok again. Let’s play along.’ In other words, the wink is saying things are going to recover – they are going to be fine (short term, at least).

Most likely, the government, through the Treasury, will again be there to supply needed funds for rebuilding and recovery. This will prevent economic disaster short-term, but will be detrimental to the longer term financial health of the nation. Deficits and debt will likely continue to increase into the late 2020’s, where they will begin to become critical. In fact, due to the current Coronavirus stimulus and relief, some financial analysts believe that National Debt has already been quickly pushed into dangerous territory. This probably will not be a serious problem short-term, but could make a difference if interest rates were to rise quickly or some other near-term disaster were to take place.

For more on the above see the CS Money Page, September 6, 2020 and the articles on the possibility of China withdrawing its US Treasury loans and the rising strength of the yuan.

Again, these are the events highlighted by the clockwise circles. The repeated circles in a clockwise direction on November 3, in the opening of the dream, may signify that the election will be replayed over and over again during the month of November. Why would this occur? Because – as you will see from the next section – the Democrats have already begun setting up a scenario to ‘blow-up’ the election.

This current plot – one of many against Trump before and since his election in 2016 – involves Mail-in Voting, a notorious scheme historically proven to create inaccuracies in voting and doubt about the results of elections. The Democrats are able to carry out this plot in states where Democrat governors and legislatures control or influence state functions. One estimate is that Democrats will mail out 80 million ballots nationally, largely in Democrat-controlled states. This is unprecedented – and we would argue irresponsible, if not completely unethical.

Fact: Biden has already hired 600 [one recent report, 800] attorneys to challenge the election results.

Watch for a national blow-up and replay of the 2000 election in which Gore sued Bush over election results in Florida and the true Presidential winner was in question for weeks. This time it will not be because the election is really in question, but because the result – a clear Trump victory – is not accepted by the other side.

2 – Democrat ‘Mules’ (4:20) – The Kamala Dynamite Wagon Targets Hillary and Trump (This set of images appears to start before November 3 – it is the counter-clockwise section)

Then he saw a Canestoga Wagon with Kamala Harris driven/pulled by two mules.


Joe Biden was not sitting with Kamala Harris on the wagon – Joe was riding the mule on the left out front (it was way out to the left). Next to Kamala was a detonator box that would trigger dynamite or an explosion (like the Wylie Cayote cartoons where you push down the plunger and something blows up).


The wind started blowing the wagon-covering back and it revealed several cases of cases Civil War type  dynamite (like from 1800’s). Most of it was in cases stamped ‘Dynamite’ – but there were some loose sticks in an open wicker basket (which does not fit time period).


Harris began to whip the mules and she was whipping Joe Biden as well, but Biden did not know he was being whipped  – he had no idea what was happening. The mules started moving and picking up speed, they were headed towards a target.


Joe is leading the Democratic party, symbolized by the mules/donkeys.

This section of Dana’s dreams reveals the hidden and pernicious plan of the Democratic Party for the 2020 Election. Their plan is to blow up President Trump’s agenda for the nation, the existing system in America, and to totally reconfigure their Party so that it takes on a more radical intent.

A Donkey is the primary symbol for Democrats, as an Elephant is primary symbol for Republicans. They are also symbolized by the colors, blue and red, respectively.

Conestoga Wagon

See our Politics Page, September 6, 2020 for more, especially the video: What Will Happen After The November Election: Will There Be A November Coup?

Kamala is driving or directing the party, symbolized by the wagon and its payload, and her whipping of the mules and of Joe Biden. The cases of dynamite are the plan that the Democratic Party has for Trump, and for the nation. It will result in the same type of division that happened before and leading up to the Civil War. The loose sticks in the wicker basket are indicative of individual plans and ambitions in the midst of the Party.

Hillary Clinton was standing behind President Trump – President Trump was on his knees. Hillary was wearing a Wilma Flintstone dress [thanks to some readers].


The dress was not finished and not ready to be worn, patches, collar wasn’t on – there were places that it was not sewn up or threads hanging off of the dress. She also had a gawdy ring on her [right?] index finger. It looked like it had blood on it. She had a skeleton key hanging from her neck and it was dangling there.


Wilma Flintstone

Hillary was apparently wearing a Wilma Flintstone dress (see image, right). The one at right has no collar, so we are not sure exactly what this looked like. If this is correct, we are not sure of the meaning – perhaps that she’s acting like a ‘cavemen’, or ‘pre-historic.’

The incomplete nature of it may be symbolic of Hillary’s partial preparation and success for the highest office in the land. She has been trying to ‘dress up’ but has fallen short. The dress is ‘incomplete.’ She has the key to death and she has a trophy or partial power (ring) that she acquired by shedding someone’s blood. The next scene confirms the methods she uses to obtain ‘victory.’

Trump being on his knees is symbolic for his precarious political position due to all of the attacks he has endured. Hillary is behind his back because he has been blindsided by the attacks, which have come from a place he could not foresee. Hillary, and her 2016 campaign, was the initiator of the attacks. She holds the knife to the left side of his neck because the attacks are from the ‘radical left.’

She had Donald Trump on his knees and she had a Roman’s gladiator knife to the left side of his throat [from behind him, apparently]. She was holding his head back and the skeleton key was dangling in front of his face. The skeleton key looked like it had blood and black mold all over it.


Where it was banging against the front of her shirt it looked like it had left a Nazi symbol. There was an image of a double SS lightning bolt – like those that appeared on SS Storm Trooper uniforms during WWII time – on the front of her shirt [dress?].


Nazi ‘lightning’ symbol for ‘victory, victory’ – victory at all costs

You can see such a symbol on a Storm Trooper’s helmet here, or on a collar of a uniform here, Or, here it appears on the right shoulder. This is the best view, appearing on the right collar. This is also a good view, appearing on the right collar. The symbol of the lightning was apparently stained in black red or dark red on Hillary’s shirt, both sides in the front.

Hillary and Trump are, in a sense,  like ‘gladiators’, fighting for their lives, in a political sense. Hillary has been fighting ‘dirty’ and climbing over the bones of others for a long time – this is the meaning of the blood and the black mold on the skeleton key.

The Nazi symbol is figurative for Hillary’s representation of the Fascist Left. The dreams seems to be saying that all of the attacks on Trump and on the nation had their origin with her.

As of 10/04/20 this has been confirmed by Rep. Devin Nunes and John Ratcliff, based on new documents made transparent – Hillary and her campaign started the Russian collusion attacks against Trump by paying for the Steele Dossier that became the basis for the entire impeachment hoax.

The key dangles in front of Trump’s face because his political ‘death’ is ever before him and the initiative has come from Hillary.

[It was Hillary’s campaign that funded the initial, fraudulent Steele document, the entire basis for every ‘investigation’ into President Trump].

The SS symbol of lighting doubled as an SS, for Storm Troopers, and a lightning symbol that could be traced back to the ‘sun.’ The symbol also had the meaning of ‘Victory.’ Since there were two of the symbols on the original SS uniform, the meaning was ‘Victory, Victory,’ a sort of rallying cry that suggested ‘Victory at all costs’.

Here the symbol is a stain on Hillary’s dress/shirt in her abdomen/breast area and since the stain is in a black red, the color of stained blood it takes on the opposite meaning.

This is literary irony again come home in Dana’s dream – what was supposed to be a victory for Hillary has resulted in the stain of ‘death.’ The skeleton key reinforces this symbolism, the skeleton itself a symbol for death. What was to have been the ‘key’ to the death of a President, has in turn, stained Hillary, resulting in her own demise.

The wagon starts picking up speed and they are headed towards Hillary and Donald Trump. Hillary’s face was giddy – but next to her leg there was a large animal trap, like a Bear Trap.


Kamala’s and the wagon’s ‘target’ is both Hillary and Donald Trump. This is probably indicative of a power play by Kamala to control the Party and the nation in the future. Things naturally begin to ‘pick up speed’ or develop faster as the election gets closer and the Democrats believe that their power grab is going to work.

Hillary is ‘giddy’, which means that she is flush in the expectation that victory over Trump will be hers. She seems to have no awareness that the trap set for her is dangerous. Trump’s back is to Hillary and  his neck is exposed because he is the one exposed and vulnerable. Perhaps, this has given Hillary a false sense of security.

Suddenly Trump took his left hand and grabbed the key that was dangling in front of him and pulled it down. When he did that, he took his right hand and hit her with the back of his hand in the chin and she dropped the knife– as her face was being pulled down by his pull on the key. Hillary dropped the knife and stepped back. The President ran off quickly.


Then Hillary steps into the big trap. She is trying to get out, and trying to pick up the knife, but she can’t.


The President’s fight moves here are probably not the point (Left is judgment, right is authority here, if you want to get specific Another way of looking at it would be left is ‘born with’ and right is ‘faith for.’). Somehow, he is able to get out of his predicament and vulnerable situation. It is just who he is – he is a fighter who never gives up. What was meant for his death he takes and uses against Hillary to get himself out of danger. Note that Trump does not set the trap, according to the dream. The trap is just ‘there.’ The dream does not indicate how it got there, but we can guess (AG Barr + others).

When someone hits someone on the chin they have hit the target. So, President Trump hits the target and Hillary is knocked back and disarmed. President Trump lives to fight another day.

The President running off is not fear – running is symbolic of zeal. The President has just won one fight, now he is renewed with passion and zeal and runs off to complete the tasks of his job (below). As he does, he will be targeted with renewed attacks.

Once Hillary is ‘hit’ she steps into the trap.

3 – The Beast and The Three Gunshots (around 7:40)

Trump is running towards The Beast, the car that he is usually in.


Dana hears three gunshots (not rifle, or shotgun).


These are three handgun shots fired. There is one shot, then another, then another.


As Trump runs towards The Beast, a Secret Service agent jumps in front of him and takes one of the bullets, and then rolls to the ground. Trump keeps running, and another shot is fired and another Secret Service agent jumps in front of Trump and takes the shot and hits the ground. The third Secret Service agent jumps in front of the third shot and then he gets into the Beast [he apparently does not fall to the ground].


Secret Service agents surround The Beast, but they all have muskets instead of normal handguns or AR-15’s, and none of them have glasses on. (Most agents he has seen wear sunglasses). They all have the muskets in ‘on-guard’ position – not aiming of pointing – and they are looking outward. The car is moving slowly and the agents are moving with the car.


The ‘shots’ happen as Trump is running towards The Beast (see image below right). This means that attacks continue to occur on Trump as he returns to work with a zeal – even though the main attack from Hillary has been put in the past.

The primary question here is, ‘Is this symbolic of assassination attempts on the President, or is there something else going on?’ For now, we are going to say that this is not symbolic of assassination attempts. Why? Note that there is no blood in this scene. There was blood in the scene with Hillary. Why? Because Hillary – by fomenting the Russia collusion plot and other attacks against the President – had ‘drawn blood,’ symbolically, at least.

Blood is symbolic of loss of life – either figuratively or literally. When it appears in a dream/vision, it is indicative of some kind of serious trouble. That does not mean that blood has to be present to indicate death in a dream. Again, everything relates to context. Note also that Dana ‘hears three gunshots’ – he does not ‘see’ the gunshots. If these were real assassination attempts they would be all over the News Media, and Dana probably would have ‘seen’ them in some capacity. But he ‘hears’ the gunshots.

This is probably indicative of one or two things. As we suggested above, first, perhaps it is symbolic of further renewed attacks on President Trump – like the attacks that Hillary has brought. Second, it could also be indicative of a serious threat against the President rather than actual assassination attempts.

A handgun is symbolic for a close up encounter; it could be a relational encounter as in anger or threat, or a violent encounter. Bullets are symbolic for either words or actions. The three shots that Dana hears – shots, not from a rifle or shotgun, but from a handgun – could be either the threat of assassination or a specific threat of a ‘coup’ of some sort against the President.

Also note that when the Secret Service agents roll or fall to the ground, it could be symbolic of ‘going to ground.’ This is figurative language similar to ‘going to the mattresses’ (in the movie Godfather). It was originally used in Foxhunting and in the 1960’s came to mean ‘going into hiding.’ The Secret Service may be putting the President under special protective custody.

[That said, it is possible – though not likely in our opinion –  that these gunshots are more literal and depict three concerted attempts to assassinate the President – and all three are foiled or prevented by the Secret Service.]

The Beast is the President’s Presidential Armored Car, a specially made Cadillac that began a new series in 2018. It has a series of security measures, is hermetically sealed against chemical attack, and has some offensive response capability. For more, see the Wikepedia entry on The Beast. The Presidential Car is symbolic for Trump entering into some type of protective custody. However, when it begins to move slowly, that is symbolic for a measured return to normalcy in the President’s work schedule.

The Beast – A Tank on Wheels

Another important question here is, “Are the Secret Service agents literal for themselves, or are they symbolic for something?”

Secret Service have ‘encircled’ the President, but they have muskets, and no glasses, They are looking outward. All of this is symbolic for not being defended correctly, or aptly, not being able to see – that is, there is some blindness going on, they are missing things. This is why they are looking outward – to try to find what they are not seeing. This is also why the President may be in hiding.

Additionally, The Beast, the President’s ‘car’ is symbolic of his activities or duties as President. He is being constrained and his activities are now being limited due to the external threats. He may be bunkered up in the White House, or some other location. This may be similar to what happened right after 911 when they put President Bush on Air Force One and flew him around the country for a time.

The Secret Service agent jumping in front of the third shot probably indicates that the President’s security is getting up to speed – they are becoming more capable and are now ahead of the threats so the President can resume some of his activities (the car moving slowly).

The muskets held by the agents could speak to their lack of readiness (along with no glasses, their lack of sight). It could also speak to the early values and foundations of the U.S. (from the 1600’s to the 1800’s) – they are protecting Constitutional or foundational values.

This is all one interpretive perspective, with the Secret Service representing themselves.

But, what if the Agents are symbolic for something else – that is, they are not literally Secret Service Agents? This would appear a more likely interpretation because they are holding ‘muskets.’ And they are in the ‘At attention’ position.

Could it be that ‘Secret Service’ is a symbol for ‘Intelligence?’ Intelligence is looking outward for threats – they are at attention. Their muskets symbolize a return to fundamentals and honor. A stretch, perhaps, but another possible interpretation, and a broader one that may fit the whole scheme above a little better.

The car moving slowly is symbolic for the President beginning to resume certain duties and public appearances. 

4 – The Democrats Plan Results In The Explosion Of Their Party

Hillary tried to pull her leg away from the trap but she could not and finally the wagon struck her.


There was a huge explosion. The explosion threw the carcasses of the mules up at building level and there was smoke coming off of them like they had been grilled or something. Biden was laying face down in the middle of the street and there were wheel tracks over the back of him. There was a vulture sitting on his head.


Harris was crying in disbelief. She was crying and her tears almost looked like quarters – they were as big as quarters. They looked like quarters coming out of her eyes. There was a huge hole in the ground. Buildings were collapsed.


Simply, this section of the dream may foreshadow and indicate the destruction of the Democratic Party, as we know it, at least.

It may occur through the destruction of all associated with Hillary and her plans to get rid of Trump. This would be the ‘coup’ against the President, initially concealed behind ‘trumped-up’ charges of Russian collusion, then impeachment, then the Ukraine phone call, then the Post Office Mail-In Vote Conspiracy.

The symbol for the Democratic party is a donkey [No, mules and donkeys are not the same, but they are similar in appearance. Did Dana say ‘mules’ when he was really seeing donkeys in the dream? They are similar in appearance and many people confuse them. Or, was the wagon pulled by mules because a mule is part donkey? If this is the case it could be saying that only part of the Democratic Party is destroyed].

Both Hillary’s and Kamala’s attempts to destroy Trump, symbolic of all Democrat’s hate and attempts to destroy him have led to Hillary being caught in a trap that explodes and destroys many and, at least, much of the Party’s plans. The Democratic party may be ‘quartered’ and ‘grilled.’ There is a ‘hole’ where at least part of it was previously.

The vulture on Biden’s head may be symbolic of Biden’s death – either symbolically (in a political sense), literally, or both.

We do not wish harm to come to Biden, but the dream is somewhat ominous at this point. Vultures only feed on death. This could be deeply figurative – that Biden’s ‘mindset’ is death and has produced death. Or, it could be predictive of a real incident – stroke, aneurysm, or something of that kind that leads to his physical death.

We do not wish Biden harm and encourage everyone in the church to pray that God has mercy on his soul.

Is the party being divided into quarters? Do four factions come out of the destruction of the Democratic Party, at least initially? Does Kamala’s grief lead her to weep tears for the nation and return to her positive roots through a personal season of repentance? George Washington is on the quarter.

See Charlie Shamp’s Kamala Harris prophecy on the CS Spiritual Life Page, September 6, 2020.

Quarters are the color of sliver and silver is redemptive. There could be something redemptive in the experience for Kamala Harris and for a part of the Democratic Party.

5 – Be Separate: The Church (about 10:00)

Then Dana saw the church. There was a separation line – there was no middle ground. Sides had to have been chosen by this point. There was fire in the altars in churches around the nation. Fire moved on the head of the people who had been praying.


Above the heads of some people in the church he saw a Question Mark. They appeared confused by what they were seeing in the world and in the church.


Both the nation and the church are being divided into two groups. Some will be taken over by the fire and passion for God. Others will be filled with questions and confusion. In the future, this demarcation point of two groups will become more and more clear. Some are for God, some are for themselves.

It is time to choose, just like Joshua said – “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Conclusion: The Voice

He heard a voice say: “Those who refused to get ready will be wanting in the end. So Brace Yourself and tell others that I have warned them to brace themselves for they are about to see even more shocking things.” (He is thinking of Habbakuk here).


The Voice is a Biblical motif that appears throughout Scripture, but is especially prevalent in the book of Revelation [‘Revelation’, not Revelations, with an s. It is one Revelation (of Jesus Christ) – not many revelations.]

The Voice comes from the Throne and represents the authority and power of God Himself.

“Those who refused to get ready will be wanting in the end. So, ‘Brace Yourself’ and tell others that I have warned them to brace themselves for they are about to see even more shocking things.” – This is a warning.

The voice tells Dana that people who refused to get ready will be wanting in the end – Why? Because when things return to a certain normal, they will go back to their everyday lives and forget any lessons that they may have learned. Just like in the days of Noah. As Psalm 34: 9,10 says, “O fear the Lord, you His saints; For to those who fear Him there is no want. 10 The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; But they who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.”

There will be a return to normal – if not, there would not be a need for a warning. ‘The end’ probably refers to future trials and testing that will eventually come upon the U.S. The voice is not speaking of the End of all things, but the end of the discipline and judgment process for the United States, which is still in the future.

If you look up the meaning of the phrase ‘Brace yourself’ it means: “To physically or mentally prepare oneself for something, typically something that is imminent, in an attempt to limit any adverse impact.”

There will be more shocking things in the near future and all of those in the United States need to be prepared for them by repenting and seeking God and the direction and peace that only He can provide.



Dana’s Seventh Dream, Friday Night, August 21, 2020: Ready or Not

Dana simply saw the white figure of previous dreams appear. He raised a [right?] finger to the sky and said: “Ready or not nation – Here it comes. Brace yourself.”


The days of crisis of the calendar are about to start. The 2nd dream pointed out September as the month for things to begin. The ‘fist of God’ alluded to in Dream #2 for the month of November is about to appear.

The white figure is reminding us that it is all about to start.


Dana’s Eighth Dream, Monday August 24, 2020: ‘Shock and Awe’: Dark November Storm

Dana saw a calendar turned to the month of November. He saw shadows all over it. He saw a large, bright light in the sky – and then darkness. Then he began to make out what looked like a morning coming. The night was going away and the fog and the haze were drifting away.

This section appears to be something like an overview of the whole message of this dream. November will be a dark month, but by the end of it there will be light and hope on the horizon.

He saw that there were many Americans and they were in an emergency shelter. It could have been mostly along the Gulf Coast area.

These people were huddled together and they were shivering. There were individuals laying on cots and there were suitcases all over the place. A lot of desperate looks on the faces of most everyone.


Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27, 2002, just after Dana had these three dreams. However, this dream may be looking forward to what is just about to come to the Gulf Coast and using the symbol of Laura for what will happen to the nation as a whole.  

In November America will be in ‘emergency’ mode. It will be like an emotional hurricane goes through the nation. Americans may again be sheltered up within their homes to protect themselves. Some people may be displaced. There may be power outages in different parts of the nation.

There were encouragers in the crowd and they wore crosses – they stood out from everyone else because they had hope. They had smiles on their faces when everyone else was downtrodden and in despair, angry and frustrated, and confused. They were checking on people.

They were at times told to go away but they continued to do what they were doing.


There remain two groups of people – those who see God in the trail and those who don’t. It is the Christians who see God in the trial and testing – and embrace the Cross of Christ – who will experience victory.

Businesses will continue to be destroyed or shutdown because of unrest. People continue to flee the big cities because of the chaos and confusion that is occurring in them. People know longer have the ‘energy’ or ‘fuel’ to live in larger cities – flight to surburbia and smaller towns will continue.

Dana saw businesses that were shuttered. In bigger cities he saw gas stations and people just walked away from them.


He saw headlines. One Headline: ‘Shock And Awe in The U.S.’ Another headline read: ‘UN Steps In To Help Host Nation.’


This may be a symbolic headline: the nation will be shocked, but in awe of the grace of God. Or, part of the nation will be shocked, part of the nation will be in awe of the goodness and grace of God.

The phrase, ‘Shock and Awe’ goes back to the post-911 attack on the terrorists, Al-Queda, in Afghanistan. It was a massive bombing campaign on the Al-Queda hideouts in the Afghan mountains. The Wikipedia entry on ‘Shock and Awe’ maintains: “Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a tactic based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy their will to fight.” The headline is symbolic for the tactics that the Democratic Party and the Radical Left plan to use in November.

But, it is also, we believe, more literary irony. By the end of November or shortly after, the enemy’s ‘attack’ will turn to ‘awe’ at what God has done.

The 2nd headline: ‘United Nation’ steps in to help host nation, meaning the host nation is divided, but there will be healing again – a divided nation will come back together, at least in appearance and for a time.

The sun will shine again, as the promise below.

The nation was quiet, like it had not woken from a bad dream yet. The nation was fitful, suspicious, and leary. He saw people looking around and taking everything in with their eyes. There was hesitance, like they were expecting something to happen.

The sun was shining behind the clouds, but it was not out yet.


Note that the dream ends where it began – it comes full circle. The sun is about to shine – there will be hope by the end of November.

The white figure appeared again. He said: ‘Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding.’


The testing and the crisis are not over, but a new test will not come immediately. Calm will return even if it is a ‘new normal’. This is the reason for the continued admonition. You don’t need to be exhorted if a trial is going to continue indefinitely.

It seems from an initial reading of the words that there are more ominous things to come – and this is the case, this is the truth. But, we need to go behind the meaning of the words on the surface and dissect the hidden meaning. The words/phrases to focus on in this respect are ‘this calm’ and ‘comes before a gathering storm’, and, it is a storm that ‘recovery will have a hard time finding.’

What the words really say is: There will be a calm. There will also be another gathering storm in the distance. Recovery will ‘appear’ so complete that the gathering storm will be forgotten – that is, the recovery will have a hard time finding it because the words about the storm will be forgotten.

The purpose of these trials has been to turn the nation’s eyes back to God, to produce repentance and a will to seek God. To those who embrace this they will be ready for the trials of the future. This Covid-19 crisis and the resulting riots and unrest from racial division is but the beginning of testing and trials that will come to the United States.

‘Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding.’ — There is a gathering storm in the distance.

Recovery will come and the recovery will be so complete that it will have a hard time finding the gathering storm. This means that the danger is that, because of a long calm and a good recovery, people will lose their sense of ‘Awe’ and forget to brace – to continue to prepare – for what is most definitely coming in the future.



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