Dana Coverstone’s 9th Prophetic Dream: Lady Liberty Attacked, Dana Coverstone



Seaborn Hall, 9/19/20, numbered dream update, 9/27/20


Dana shared a dream in late September that he had following his third dream and before the other dreams in sequence. This changes the numbered sequence of the dreams and any interpretation based on the sequence of dreams or the number of each dream.

We will be updating our interpretations over the next week or so to reflect this fact.

CS Evaluation/Dream Interpretation: Dana’s Tenth Dream – Darkness Descends On Lady Liberty, Monday September 7, 2020

Executive Summary: Read the Introduction, the Dream Opening section, the Dream Titles, all the Red Warning Boxes, and the Conclusion of Analysis.

If our interpretation, particularly related to timing, on Dana’s eighth dream is wrong, then this interpretation is most likely wrong as well. We believe for reasons implicit in the eighth dream interpretation and this interpretation below that the timing of both dreams is likely for a later time period, dependent on how the Body of Christ responds in repentance and prayer to the current crisis and warnings.

As Jeremiah 18:5f says, “5 Then the word of the Lord came to me saying, 6 “Can I not, O house of Israel, deal with you as this potter does?” declares the Lord. “Behold, like the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel. 7 At one moment I might speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom to uproot, to pull down, or to destroy it; 8 if that nation against which I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent concerning the calamity I planned to bring on it. 9 Or at another moment I might speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom to build up or to plant it; 10 if it does evil in My sight by not obeying My voice, then I will think better of the good with which I had promised to bless it.”


First, of all, note again that this is Dana’s ninth prophetic dream. If he has shared all of his like dreams of a prophetic nature during this season, as we shared in the eighth dream interpretation, that could be significant.

The seventh dream stands for completeness and put’s God’s oath on everything before it (like the 7 angels – and the seventh angel of chapter 10-11 – in the book of Revelation, for example; Rev. 10:7). An eighth dream would then signify a new beginning. A ninth dream is symbolic of 9, which is judgment, but is also the second dream in a possible second cycle. That would signify the coming of something else – and possibly, quickly, We will see if the dreams continue. 

What is the timing of this dream?

We will address this more completely in the Conclusion, but if, as we say above, this is the ninth dream and the second in the second cycle – and as we share in the comments on the eighth dream – the timing of this dream is probably for a future distant time. How distant depends on the response and actions of God’s people and of the nation in repentance, prayer, and seeking God.

Dream Opening: The Sky Over Lady Liberty ‘Suddenly’ Darkens

Darkness Descends On The Statue of Liberty: Dana Coverstone’s 9th Prophetic Dream

Dana saw the Statue Of Liberty proudly standing in the harbor outside of New York, light of the nations and freedom.


He saw the sky suddenly darkened.


Strong waves began to crash against the shore with a fierce intensity. Almost like hurricane, tsunami-like force, tropical storm-like force.


The opening defines the nature and context of the dream. It is an overview from the present into the future.

The sky is ‘suddenly’ darkened. When these events begin to unfold they will unfold and develop very quickly.

This is similar to the book of Revelation, when in Revelation 1, it says, ‘events that must happen quickly’, or in Greek, en tachu. The word does not mean that things will unfold quickly, but that when they begin to unfold that they will happen fast, within a short time frame.

The darkness will be a surprise, but once it gets dark, the events will happen over a short time frame, like what happens with a hurricane that creates a tsunami. Once things develop there will be an inevitability to the eventual conclusion.

We believe that an example of this ‘suddenly’ type of darkness would be what would occur if Biden-Harris is elected. So, in a sense at least, if Trump is elected the darkness gets ‘pushed back’ to a later time. If Biden-Harris are elected socialist principles will quickly cause the U.S. to sink in a debt-induced chaotic nightmare. Sudden darkness will cover the U.S. more quickly than most Americans could imagine.

If Trump is elected the darkness will be pushed back for a time and some other event in the future – unknown at this point – will be the catalyst for the ‘suddenly.’

Strong forces are coming against Liberty and against the Constitution of the United States. Strong forces are coming against the foundations of the nation. Hurricane and tsunami-like forces are nothing to joke about: this could be war, natural disasters, increasing debt and economic depression, or all of the above.

See John Paul Jackson’s ‘Perfect Storm’ prophecy in links below. Also see, Sadhu Selvarj’s and Terry Bennett’s prophetic words on how a betrayal of Israel will lead to judgment of America, on the Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation Page.

Attempted Attack On Lady Liberty

There were boats [what size and kind of boats? Important for interpretation] with men in them [what the men looked like or did not look like could also be important] and they were out in the storm trying to breach the island on which the statue stood. They were fighting the waves, but also kind of working with the waves. They were trying to get to the Lady, but the storm was so severe, they could not. Even though they and the storm seemed to be working together.


As we note above, the size and kind of boat and the description of the men – if there was one – might affect the interpretation. The men are trying to breach the island.

This basically says that all of those who pooh-pooh conspiracy theorists and theories are wrong. There are men – among the peoples of this nation (this is the ocean in the harbor off of Liberty Island and New York) who are seeking to destroy the foundations and the Constitution of this nation and use it for their own purposes.

Absent other information about the boat and the men we can say from their location that these are most likely domestic enemies.

The Oath of Allegiance to the United States, states in part, “I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” Every Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States either takes or assumes this oath.

These men have forgotten and betrayed their allegiance to the country that has given them so much. In earlier days they would have been arrested, tried, and either hung or shot. They are most likely ‘Benedict Arnolds.’

They were trying to get to the Lady, but could not. They were held back by the waves but also working with the waves. This says that the men are not the only storm coming against the Lady, against Liberty. There are other storms that are rising against her, as we suggested above, and elaborate on below.

Coronavirus could be a mild example of a greater storm that will come in the future. The virus has halted the US Economy and caused much economic and emotional misery. It has also resulted in several stimulus packages that has added to US debt. One can imagine that the mounting debt may be another ‘wave’ in a storm that will come against the US. War could be another. A future and greater virus could be another. Election fraud and coup attempts – a silent coup of which we have experienced during the early years of the Trump Administration – could be another.

There are various ‘waves’ that together combine to make a hurricane and tsunami against Lady Liberty attempting to bring her down, but she withstands all of them.

Lady Liberty still remains standing and the boat of men remain off of her shores. But the storm and the men have the same intention – to bring Lady Liberty down.

Lady Liberty’s Response And The Results Of The Attack

Statue Of Liberty: Lady Liberty holds Torch Of Freedom and Declaration Of Independence

Dana saw the torch in her hand flickering, being struck by lightning, and hit by pieces of rock and debris that were being thrown at her.


Even though she was an immovable statue, Dana saw her watching and looking around and about her to see where the attacks were coming from. She knew they were there – but she would not move. Her feet were stuck on that pedestal. The rocks and debris that were thrown at her had caused some gashes and cuts on her neck. Around her heart, blood was leaking – not like she had been shot but like the debris had cut her.


Three of the spines on her crown had been broken off and they were leaving a very jagged edge.


The right torch hand kept dropping in an attempt to secure the Declaration of Independence in her left hand, clutched against her breast. She would drop her right hand with the torch and hold it across her left hand to keep the Declaration in its place. She was struggling to keep her place on the pedestal, almost falling off, but she would not move.


General resistance and the accumulation from all of the forces against her have caused the light of liberty in the nation to flicker. But so far it has not gone out. But the nation has been wounded and gashed. This must be symbolic for a weakening of the nation, whether it realizes it or not. Because of the gash in the breast and the flow of blood, those in the know probably do realize it though the masses may not at this stage. On the other hand, when blood flows it is evident of a wound that weakens – so it may be evident to all.

The torch represents the light of liberty and freedom going out to the nations and welcoming all immigrants to the same.

According to Wikipedia,  “Instead, he [the designer] used a diadem, or crown, to top its head.[29] In so doing, he avoided a reference to Marianne, who invariably wears a pileus. The seven rays form a halo or aureole. They evoke the sun, the seven seas, and the seven continents,[32] and represent another means, besides the torch, whereby Liberty enlightens the world.”

So, it would appear that the missing of three of the diadems on the crown would symbolize that the U.S. is losing its influence in the world. Her power and her light have been lessened – perhaps by almost half, but at the least, in an amount that God has determined. Seven diadems is ‘completeness’ and the ‘oath of God’ over the nation. That has been broken as determined by God and the nation is left weakened and exposed.

The nation and Liberty are struggling to maintain its place in the world of nations. Liberty and the foundations of the Declaration and the Constitution are at risk.

Lady Liberty Knocked From Her Pedestal

A huge volley of junk and garbage and debris – just junk – hit her directly in the face and she stepped back off of the pedestal – and she fell [fell off the pedestal, meaning stepped off, not fell in the sense of her body hitting the ground, apparently].


According to Wikipedia, “According to author Louis Auchincloss, the pedestal “craggily evokes the power of an ancient Europe over which rises the dominating figure of the Statue of Liberty”.[80] “

The United States is finally eclipsed by other nations, perhaps the European Union, or the EU and other nations like China. It may be that their rise somehow speeds up the fall of the U.S.

According to the book of Revelation, when Babylon – the One World Government of the Anti-Christ – comes in its fullness, there will be an economic power and prosperity for those within those nations that will be considered worthy of worship and envy (Revelation 17).

If this is some future form of the EU it could easily eclipse a weakened United States.

Lady Liberty No Longer Easily Seen By The Nations

She still held on to the torch and she still held on to the Declaration and its dateline, July 4, 1776. But her torch kept flickering, like a light about to go out. The Declaration that was in her left arm had cracks in it and there were large pieces that were falling off of it. He kept seeing her try to reach out with her [right] hand and grab the pieces and put them back on – but they would not stick.

The pedestal elevates the Statue so that, facing Southeast, it can greet ships entering the New York Harbor from the Atlantic Ocean.

A Statue off of the pedestal can no longer be easily seen. Liberty’s profile is smaller and harder to see.

Now the light of the torch is flickering and down lower – America’s profile and appeal to the nations as the ‘Land of Liberty’ is decreasing.

This is confirmed by what is described now: The Declaration has cracks in it. Pieces are falling off – the nation is no longer the beacon of liberty and freedom that it once was. This is serious. Patriots in the land try to keep her together but their efforts are futile.

Lady Liberty Keeps Fighting In Midst Of Defeat

Liberty was crying, she was weeping, she was fighting to keep her dignity. She was trying to get the pieces that had fallen off, but she knew that she was in a battle and that she was being defeated. She was desperate to hold on – you could see the fierceness in her face and that she was trying to hold on and win.

Elements in the nation keep up the fight, but it is futile. The forces of the storm and the attacks – wherever they come from – are too much. The weeping and crying speak to the great pain that the nation must be experiencing during this time. Weeping occurs when the losses are great and are continually experienced.

Lady Liberty Driven To Her Knees By Enemies

Liberty Island and the Pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands

Then Dana saw the boats appear with the men and they threw ropes around her arms and her legs and kept trying to bring her to the ground [when she ‘fell’ off the pedestal above, she must have ‘stepped’ down to the ground, not fallen on her side, apparently].


They pulled and pulled – and finally she fell to her knees (like Gulliver’s Travels). She still had the torch raised with her right hand and the Declaration clutched to her in her left. The men were hammering away at the Declaration trying to get the letters and numbers off. They were using cutting tools to remove the torch. They kept trying to rip it out of her hand, but she kept holding on, and holding on, and holding on [this imperfect tense speaks of a continual and repeated process, not a single event].

This is when the men in the boats are finally able to make their move and gain an advantage. Some of the images here evoke scenes from Dana’s eighth dream – like when the men with briefcases under the Arch go out into the whole nation with something like ‘nuclear suitcases.’  

In our interpretation to the eighth dream we suggested that these ‘nuclear briefcases’ were used to buy up the nation so that it ended up being owned by multiple foreign interests who are able to bribe and blackmail public and government officials. The nation is basically destroyed and defeated from within. This could be what is now beginning to happen in the dream.

Men within the government are changing the principles of the nation that made her great.

We have already seen how this might occur during this coronavirus crisis and during the run up to this national Presidential election. If Biden-Harris were to win the dismantling described in this section of the dream would soon begin. It probably would not take more than four years for the nation to be weakened and taken over. 

The imperfect tense that Dana uses for the cutting off of the torch might indicate repeated attempts that are thwarted – this occurs before the torch, the light of liberty and freedom to the nations – is completely cut off.

Remember, the Lady is still on her knees at this point, but the nation’s standing among all nations is diminished. There is still hope for rescue, but not much.

Lady Liberty’s Cry For Help

Because she fought them so hard, they finally began to cut off her hand. They tied her other hand behind her back. The men began rolling her in ropes and she began yelling for help. She was crying out. It was not a desperate cry, it was a cry for all of those nations who she had helped for many years to come to her defense – but no one would help her. Nobody would come.


The hand holds the light of liberty to the nations of the world, so when the hand is cut off that light is out. Cutting off the hand is an overt act of rebellion against the nation, probably from within.

What is this symbolic for? Hard to say, but not hard to imagine. U.S. debt will eventually overwhelm the nation, causing interest rates to skyrocket which will overwhelm the nation’s ability to pay its debts. Overwhelming national debt would cause the nation to be ‘tied up’ as it were.

Once the nation becomes like a Venezuela, or Zimbabwe during the early 2000’s, weakness from the chaos would cause it to be vulnerable to foreign assault and occupation. See the Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation link below to access Terry Bennet and Sadhu Selvaraj prophetic words about future U.S. Russian and Chinese occupation.

Once this occurs, economic and financial collapse and hyperinflation are not far behind. In the past the U.S. has helped bail out nations in this type of scenario. Now, no one is willing or able to help her. (See, How Likely Is Hyperinflation in the U.S.?, for more).

Lady Liberty A Mummy With No Last Words

They took a large banner of fabric that was dark and smoky gray – kind of all-together. They covered her face – wrapping the black and smoky banner around her face like a mummy. They kept wrapping and wrapping and wrapping until you could barely see her eyes, and the jagged spines on her crown.


Then they took an anchor chain and they wrapped it around her neck. They asked her if she had any last words. Her eyes were not fearful – they were feisty, they were fitful. There was this angry resolve in her face – she said nothing.


The anchor chain was tied to a boat and the boat began to drive her off of Liberty Island into the harbor [ocean]. When they got her to the sea the boat began to pull very quickly. Her arms were down to her sides, her legs were tied and she was kind of rolling, spinning as the boat pulled. The boat kept going faster and faster – almost like a ski boat was pulling her. She kept twisting back and forth but she was being pulled by the boat and she eventually lost all of the strength that she had.


The banner had come off of her mouth, but she was not saying anything.


The image of a mummy evokes scenes from something like The Walking Dead series, currently on Netflix. But the smoky and black banner wrapped around her face and almost obscuring her eyes, evoke memories of other prophetic words from Terry Bennett, Sadhu Selvaraj, and others – including the late John Paul Jackson – of U.S. volcanic eruptions that would pour smoke and ash over large parts of the United States.

A disaster or disasters like this would weaken the entire country, lead to economic ruin, homelessness, and much death.

So, from her knees she is dragged into the Harbor.

The chain at the foot of the Liberty statue originally symbolized her freedom from slavery. According to Wikipedia, “The erected statue does stride over a broken chain, half-hidden by her robes and difficult to see from the ground.” The chains were originally meant to symbolize the nation’s freedom from slavery since the statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886, after the Civil War.

Now Lady Liberty is held down by chains of slavery. This could easily symbolize the weight of debt owed foreign nations that imprison and enslave the nation. Nations in this condition cannot attract immigrants or investment, experience internal conflict and even Civil War, and hyperinflation. The wealthy and wealth flee to other nations. One needs look no further than Venezuela’s recent experience. (For more on hyperinflation, see ‘How Likely is Hyperinflation In The U,.S.?’

The chains represent slavery – it could be slavery to debt from other nations or something else. The fact that the boat is pulling her means that she is in the control of these men in the boat – whoever they are. They could be creditors, politicians or power players that have represented foreign interests – or someone else.

Lady Liberty Finished Off

The boat slowed. The men looked back to see where she was and then they reversed the boat and it went backwards and ran over her. He could see her body bouncing and bleeding in the harbor.


This one is hard to figure. She has resisted the men from the beginning so this can’t be much of a surprise, that is, she had to expect something underhanded.

What seems to be happening here is that Lady Liberty is given to the people (‘seas’ ‘the harbor’) – these are the people of the U.S., New York harbor being a symbol for the whole nation at this point.

One thing this brings to mind is the attempts to make the US a free democracy where majority vote determines everything. The Electoral System would be abolished. If this happens we would no longer be a republic, we would be cut loose from our foundations. So, the people – the sea – would wear down the republic. Then the men in control would finish her off.

Why is it just men in the boat and not men and women? Not sure. Reversing the boat may signify a betrayal or a reversal of course – relative to the direction of the nation – that goes wrong. This finishes Lady Liberty off for the most part. What is represented here is irresponsible leadership – essentially what brings down every dictatorship and socialist enterprise.

Lady Liberty Goes Down

She took a breath and she went under the water. She came back up a minute later and then she did the same thing again. When she came up the next time the boat accelerated forward and hit her square in the face and she went down.

There are futile attempts by some in the nation to save her, but it is too late at this point. Leadership makes one last attempt – not to save her – but to save themselves regardless of what happens to the nation as a whole. This finishes her off.

Lady Liberty – The Remnant

The boat began to circle the area after it hit her but she never came back up. She floated to the surface with her back up and her torch hand gone – the other hand tied behind her back.


There was a thunderous clap and a brilliant lightning strike. The storm raged all around the harbor.

The United States will resurface with a remnant. But, it will not look like the United States that existed before.

It will not be recognizable as the former nation. There will be no torch of freedom going out to the world that will attract others. This nation will be smaller and restrained. She will have little ability to help others, fight or defend herself.

Lady Liberty’s Worth To Her Betrayers: Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Dana saw the men on that boat. A loose group of men. Someone was throwing them loose pieces of silver – not in a bag. They were fighting over the pieces of silver. They began to pick them up and fight over them feverishly. They picked them up, put them in their fists, and then put them in their pockets.


They sat down in their seat in the boat and then drove away, almost like ‘our job here is done.’

This evokes Judas’s thirty pieces of silver and this is exactly what the previous context of the dream has suggested – this group of men is a group of betrayers, treasonous, out for themselves, like Judas, thieves who have only their own worldly interests before them.

Putting the silver in their fist is symbolic for enriching themselves for their own protection and security. They hope to make themselves strong and protected by the wealth they have gained from selling the nation away.

The boat drives away because when a country goes down, the wealthy always find an escape out to a neighboring and/or more prosperous country. Now wealthy they are free to go and live anywhere in the world that they choose.


Dana’s Ninth Dream: Conclusion Of Analysis

To sum up, Dana’s Ninth dream portrays an overview of the present situation of the United States Of America, as it stands from heaven’s perspective right now. If we continue down the same road that we have been on spiritually, culturally, politically and economically the result will be a complete loss of our freedoms, the destruction of our republic, the loss of our nation as we know it, and a mere remnant that remains representative of America.

Notice that there was no calendar that opened this dream. Notice that unlike the eighth dream that it also appeared to have come as a complete dream on one night. These are both indications of a prophetic overview and an uncertain time frame dependent on the actions of the people of God.

This conclusion also dovetails and complements other perspectives offered on this site by prophets like Terry Bennett and Sadhu Selvaraj. See our Spiritual Life-Interpretation Page for theirs and other perspectives.

On 9/18/20, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, liberal Supreme Court Justice died.

Justices are nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate, which at present barely leans Republican (53 -47). At least two Republican senators, Romney from Utah, and Collins, from Maine, do not always vote with other Republicans.

The Senate could lose three Republicans to the vote and then VP Pence would need to break the tie. However, it is very unlikely that a confirmation would occur before the November 3 election.

That puts most of the drama – and trauma – in November.

In Dana’s sixth dream (see link below), given in late August, the white figure of previous dreams reappeared and warned that things were about to start, saying, ‘Ready or not nation – here it comes.’ Ginsburg’s death may be what he was referring to.

If Trump decides to nominate and attempt to confirm a conservative Supreme Court Justice it will up the aunty on the 2020 Election. Remember the fight that took place with Kavanaugh? This will be ten times Kavanaugh, and suddenly puts many of the images in Dana’s previous dreams in a clearer light.

Dana’s Ninth Dream is a prophetic overview of the condition of the United States presently and where its present course will eventually lead it. As a current prophetic overview it is a warning dream that can be altered, modified, or changed by the actions of the people of God in America. If enough people repent, change, pray, and seek God, God will heal this land.

As 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “14 and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We opened this dream interpretation with a quote from Jeremiah 18. In a sense, every nation controls its own destiny. If it seeks God and looks to Him, good will result. If it forgets God and does not seek Him, evil will eventually occur and destroy the nation.

Years ago at a Lancaster CA Prophetic Conference, Sadhu Selvaraj prophesied that ‘Obama’s House would burn with fire.’ He uttered this prophecy at some point during Obama’s administration – an event that obviously did not take place during Obama’s Presidency.

How should we interpret this prophecy? Per Numbers 12 (see the links below, Literary Irony In Dana’s First Two Prophetic Dreams, and Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy, for more) it depends primarily on how the revelation came to Sadhu.

In general, though, we can suggest two outcomes: Either Obama will find a way back into the White House in the future under a much modified Constitution, or, someone in or influenced by Obama’s administration and legacy will win the White House.

In either case, the occupant of the White House during that period will be judged when the White House experiences some type of attack from domestic or foreign enemies.

For a historical, prophetic view of this whole perspective and a complement to this dream and its interpretation, see the CS Spiritual Life Page, 9/20/20, and Jonathan Cahn’s ‘Signs of The Future Of America and The World.’

America is on the edge and about to slip into the abyss of judgment. The future is up to the people of God in the U.S. and other Americans and how they all respond.



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