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Re: Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams: Literary Irony And The Positive Message For The US Church (Or, How God Will End This Present Crisis)

 Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams (video, left)

For the cultural and present context to some of the symbols in Dana’s third dream, see the video and links below and the video to the right.

The Truth About The Coin Shortage (video, right)

Local Banks Experience Coin Shortage – Or, How ‘Coin Shortage’ Could Be Symbolic For ‘Economic Shutdown’

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Dana Coverstone’s Third Dream: Dream Interpretation

Seaborn Hall, 7/26/20, 4:45 pm pst

For the general interpretation, explanation of literary irony, and the specific interpretations to Dana’s first two dreams, see this link.

Here is Dana’s third dream.

Third Dream, Wednesday night June 24, 2020 (about 9:00)

As we noted in our original interpretation of Dana’s first two dreams, according to Dana’s description it is a little difficult to determine exactly where this dream begins – always very important – but, he appears to give a parenthesis explanation before starting to describe the dream: His church had a yard sale to raise money for an Ecuador trip and he had asked – in real life – his secretary to get change from the bank to use at the yard sale.

If this is correct, the dream starts with –

Dana walks into the bank to get some change. On the door a sign says, ‘There is no change available.’


He says that he saw the sign and it registered in his mind, but that he walked on in and the President of the local bank was at the Teller’s station and she was going to be taking care of business.


Dana tells her, ‘I need to get $10 in quarters for a yard sale.’ She responded, ‘I’m sorry but the US mint is no longer making change (like giving back silver for change).’ Dana says, ‘What do you mean?’ She says, ‘They have stopped doing it.’


Dana says, ‘How are you going to be able to charge $1.50 for anything?’ She said, ‘Prepare for hyperinflation and just charge $2.00.’


Then she said, ‘And, oh, by the way, $1 and $5 bills will follow soon after that.’


Then he heard the same words as the first two dreams: ‘Brace yourself, Brace yourself, Brace yourself.’

As we said in our original interpretation of Dana’s dreams:

We also believe that the third dream he has is not a universal dream, but a personal dream. Why? Because of the context and focus – in the first two dreams Dana is an obvious observer to symbols that are universal. In the third dream, Dana is a participant in the action. Some of the symbols and terms in the third dream intersect the first two dreams, but, for now at least, we believe that this is to establish vocabulary and context for a personal dream message to Dana. (It is tempting to interpret an alarming word like ‘hyperinflation’ as literal, we know, but in this context that is rarely what it means).

We also need to say here that whether a dream is inherently prophetic or not is not only determined by the focus – whether the dreamer is a participant in the action. There are prophetic dreams where dreamers are also participants. Dana’s third dream is one such example of this. However, dreamer participation in a prophetic dream can be a strong indication of a personal prophetic message for the dreamer. We believe this to be the case here.

That said, here is the interpretation of the third dream.

Dana’s Third Dream: Dream Interpretation

Dana’s third dream appears to be a personal dream about how to view and handle a specific situation during the crisis.

The dream is prophetic in that it uses current events that have not yet happened – but that will happen as we know now – as symbols to communicate something about the fund raising for the Ecuador ministry trip. This becomes another way of confirming what is a ‘God’ dream and a prophetic dream – God gives little prophetic hints of things in the dream that have connections in future real life. This does not necessarily mean these are to be taken literally, though at times there is a ‘double-meaning’, both literal and symbolic.

There is a real coin shortage in banks and businesses now because of the Coronavirus crisis. This phenomenon is not unusual and is not a crisis, just an inconvenience. It is explained by the articles and links at the top of this page.

Elements of the Dream

Note that Dana is walking into a bank to get some change for a ‘yard sale.’ His introduction to this dream has established that his church was doing a yard sale to raise money for a trip to Ecuador. In real life he had asked his church secretary to get change at the bank for the sale. Loosely, yard sale = ministry trip to Ecuador, or fund-raising related to that trip.

The opening of the dream is saying that because of the crisis that people will have limited funds – change – to contribute to a ministry trip to Ecuador, or anything else the church is raising money for – there is no change available. Yard sale is symbolic for the raising of money for the trip. Bank is symbolic for the source of funds for the trip.

The sign on the door may be a play on words: when there is no change available in real life, it is a ‘sign’ that the dream is applicable, that it is ‘in effect.’

Even though this will be apparent from the crisis – that people don’t have extra money available – God will provide. Dana can ‘ignore’ the sign because he has a God that provides. The President will be at the teller’s window to give Dana what he needs at the right time. The President of the Bank here may be symbolic for God, but may also be symbolic for a donor within Dana’s church that will provide funds. She is going to be ‘taking care of business.’

Dana’s need is to complete ($10 in quarters) the fund-raising for the ministry trip to Ecuador (yard sale). 10 is symbolic for fulfillment, or a complete cycle of something.

The President of the bank tells him that the US Mint is no longer producing change, they have stopped doing it. This is true in real life as the links above explain. Just as the US mint has stopped issuing coins, the crisis has caused a lack of cash or an inability of people to give. The flow of silver change in the economy has slowed or stopped.

A true, literal condition is used here in the dream as a symbol: just as the US mint has stopped producing change, so have most people in the US stopped ‘producing’ or giving out money because they have little extra money after expenses. It could also be symbolic for the fact that because of quarantines people can’t gather together at events like yard sales – therefore, it is more difficult to raise money during this crisis.

How are you going to be able to charge $1.50? This most likely means, “How am I going to be able to get what I need for the trip?” $1.50 is three 50’s which is symbolic for the three jubilees, or the freedom that comes with being able to raise the money he needs.

The dream’s purpose is to show Dana that he will be able to get all of the funds that he needs, because the President – God – is going to provide it, even during the crisis. But, he will also need more funds than expected.

Hyperinflation means that you need a lot more money to buy the same things, or do the same things. This part of the dream is telling Dana that he will need more money than he originally thought – he should raise more money. $2 is symbolic for multiplication, or the fact that more will be needed.

The Climax Of The Elements Of The Dream

$1 and $5 – $1 is symbolic for God. A $1 bill also has the face of George Washington. $5 bill is symbolic for grace. It also has the face of Abraham Lincoln. Put these together and you have ‘The Grace Of God.’ Additionally, because of the faces on these bills there may be an additional message of redemption or restoration to freedom or to normalcy in Dana’s life and ministry, and in the nation once again.

The $1 and $5 are again another facet of the literary irony in Dana’s dreams. This third dream appears to lead you one way, to ‘hyperinflation’ and more chaos, but then surprises you at the end with grace and restoration.

Dana’s Third Dream: Summary

The ‘Brace Yourself” at the end of the dream then becomes both an encouragement to prepare for the crisis by understanding that the money may not come the way that Dana had originally thought, but to also get ready by raising more money. It also connects this third dream to the first two dreams and puts the fulfillment of this third dream in the same time context.

Finally, ‘Brace Yourself’ is also part of the literary irony that even though there is a ‘bracing’ crisis God, by His grace, will turn it all for good and provide what is needed.

Again, as we amplified in the original interpretation of Dana’s first two dreams, fulfillment of dreams is never ‘perfect’ relative to any interpretation. There is always some contextual flexibility related to symbols that may not be completely apparent until the fulfillment occurs. At the same time we have to leave room for the willful actions of people that God gives free will and the prerogative of God to change His mind relative to people’s prayers and positive or negative reactions to what He reveals. Then, of course, when attempting to interpret other’s dreams there may always be certain symbols that will have a specific or slightly different meaning to them.

However, we believe that the general tone of these three interpretations of Dana’s dreams are largely on point and will prove themselves as events on the ground continue to unfold.




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