Dana’s Franklin Dream – The American Experiment – Dream Interpretation

Seaborn Hall, 12/19/20

Dream Interpretation: This dream is about the ‘American experiment’ and uses Franklin and, in the background, we believe, his well known statement. ‘We have given you a Republic – if you can keep it” comment to make its point. America has had an anointing from its inception and has been the ‘key’ to the rest of the world. As America goes, the world (globe) goes. The world, in a sense, ‘hangs’ in the balance, according to what happens in and to America.

God’s hand comes out of the sky and squeezes the flag and produces diamond, coal, and trash. The trash is blown away and the diamonds and coal remain, but the diamonds are bigger.

Franklin says, “I guess we are no longer a Republic.” The Father says, “No, its mine now.” The globe is still under pressure for a time in the future.

The dream brings to mind Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the tares. Both grow up together and when maturity has taken place the tares are cut down. Here, both the coal and diamonds are produced by the stress and tests the US endures over the years. In the end, it results in a change in the American ‘experiment’ so that it is no longer a Republic.

What Terry Bennett has said is that America will go through testing first, then the world. We will be refined first, then the world. By the time the End Times government comes they will not want the US because of its condition. This seems to be what this dream says.

God will have His remnant – the diamonds – out of the US. The world’s refining and pressure will come afterwards. The dream is hopeful – not for the American experiment – but that God’s purposes will be fulfilled in the nation through the Diamond remnant that He brings forth. As for the coal, it is prepared for the furnace and for burning.

The Father says to Franklin: “Keep your glasses on, your eyes sharp, and stay committed to the Captain.”

This last phrase is curious. At first, one wants to interpret the word, Captain, Biblically, and perhaps that is its meaning. But, if one looks at the life of Benjamin Franklin, it seems that the word itself was only significant one time – when he wrote a letter in defense of Captain Cook, the explorer.

Captain is at root a military term substituting for a Commander of armies, whether thousands, hundreds, or fifties. It can also mean ‘Captain of the hosts’ as a substitute for The Lord Himself.

We think it has a double meaning here and exhorts the listener to keep watch for the new thing that is springing up. As there was a previous ‘experiment’, so there will be a new ‘experiment’ that one will need glasses and sharp eyes to see. It will be a new ‘discovery’ so to speak and those who are to discover it – like Captain Cook in Franklin’s time – will be those committed to the journey and the discovery.