Seaborn Hall 10/12/18

Current DIG price is approximately $.035, down from the $.118 range earlier this year, in July. In early May 2018 it was as high as $.275. The cryptocurrency markets as a whole have fallen approximately 70% this year due to a number of factors discussed elsewhere on the Money pages.

In addition, what the DIG team is attempting to bring together is a large project that includes an Exchange, Arbitrade, and several stable coins backed by gold and other metals. This involves licenses and set-ups in multiple countries. Whether or not they will be able to bring this together in the competitive and uncertain environment of crypto remains to be seen. Various of their estimated timelines have not been met, which has caused some uncertainty among investors. Our feeling is that this is normal, especially among new entrepreneurs that come from the corporate world.

One of the leading crypto analysts, Ronnie Moas, stands by his recommendation of DIG and forecast a $.40 price in the next few months. The CS forecast has been and remains $.50 by March 2019.

However, this remains a speculative investment in which you could lose all of your money. Don’t invest more than you can stand to lose.

At this juncture, look for two-three things from Arbitrade/Cryptobontix, the parent companies of DIG to see the price of DIG begin to rise: One, proof that DIG is backed by gold assets. Two, the release of DIG to multiple exchanges outside of Livecoin. Three, a functioning website for the Arbitrade Exchange.

As a final note, though this opportunity sounded good – and continues to sound good, especially with the backing of Ronnie Moas, who by all appearances is a high performing stock and crypto analyst with a lot of integrity – CS has become increasingly skeptical that this opportunity will pay off. The world of crypto has become highly competitive and increasingly unstable, uncertain, and volatile during 2018 and there is absolutely no guarantee that the Arbitrade team will be able to pull off this massive challenge. Even if the price of DIG rises – which we still expect – this does not mean that the long term viability of Arbitrade, or DIG, is certain.

If DIG rises to the $.40-.50 range we recommend selling half of your position to take profits and letting the rest ride.

Caveat Emptor. Again – only invest what you can afford to lose.


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