Seaborn Hall, 9/30/18

CS has no reason to reverse its present evaluations of DIG. Though the cryptocurrency markets as a whole have struggled in 2018 – as we predicted that they would – none of the fundamentals of the market or of the stable coin DIG have changed.


CS predicted that DIG would probably take until late 2018, or even early 2019, as late as March 2019 (see links below), before it rallied into its predicted range of $.40 per token. At the present time, DIG is approximately $.035 per token, and has fallen from $.12 to $.15 per token of several months ago. There appear to be several reasons for this. First, the overall condition of the cryptocurrency markets. Second, impatience with DIG to rise among traders and speculators. Third, as with all cryptocurrency markets there may be some manipulation or the price going on on a regular basis. Fourth, Livecoin, the only exchange that offers DIG at the present time has experienced some recent problems. The last time we checked trading on DIG was still suspended.


If this is a scam, it is a really good one. There is also the possibility that the Arbitrade executives and team are in over their heads and the whole operation will fall apart before all of the complex and disparate elements come together. Considering the resume of various executives, this seems unlikely. However, Arbitrade has been weak on communication to token holders and those interested in progress, and they have failed to meet several promoted deadlines. Their explanations for these failures have been adequate if not completely satisfying. The analyst Ronnie Moas continues to stand behind the investment and forecasts a $.40 per token price in the next several months.


Regardless of the above problems – and keeping in mind that DIG has always been a speculative investment in which you could lose all of your money – CS continues to forecast that DIG will hit $.50 per token by the end of March 2019.


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