DIG Update, Seaborn Hall, 11/11/18, Updated 11/16/18, Updated 12/28/18 (updates in red)

This section of the page contained information from Ronnie Moas. It was wrong of us to publish that information here. We apologize to Ronnie Moas for doing so.


To access Moas’s view and opinions on DIG, other cryptocurrencies and/or individual stocks subscribe to his service at Standpoint Research.

The CS forecast for DIG remains $.50 by the end of March 2019 (Moas’ current forecast is $0.00. See our most recent updates for our current view). Rationally – though still speculative – this seems like a good bet (not, see DIG updates page). Both the analyst, Ronnie Moas, and the COO, Steve Braverman seem like good, straight up people (Braverman does not, we missed it on him),

However, there are still many ways this could go wrong: Something due to the overall cryptocurrency environment, regulatory issues, or something due to the increasingly competitive environment among cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, and ICO’s. If this works out, CS still expects the overall timeline to take longer than the principals or analysts are currently predicting.

DIG is still very much a speculative investment. Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.

That said, if this investment pans out, the gains from this level could very well be enormous.

However, see the commentary and articles linked on this page for a full picture of the risky and speculative nature of this investment.


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