Seaborn Hall, 7/06/19

CS Commentary: This is a great dream with a nice prophetic commentary from this sister following on the video. She posted the dream on September 5, 2017.

Note how the dream opens. The beginning of a dream is the most important part, because it sets the context and ‘field of interpretation.’

What is the field of interpretation here? A house that ‘looks like’ a ‘camp’ with ‘family and friends.’ Therefore, this dream is primarily about a situation among the dreamer’s family and friends that involves a house and ‘camp’ situation. But, that doesn’t mean that it does not have relevance for the larger Body of Christ – it does.

…What is a ‘camp’ situation? A temporary living place or temporary excursion or something like that. It is a temporary outing where you are more exposed to the natural elements than usual. It is a new house and a camp – so it may be that this is a church plant or church start-up or a newly established home group or something like that.

So, their ‘house’, that is, this sister’s community of family and freinds is in a temporary place where, for whatever reasons, they are more exposed to the elements than usual. As the dream progresses we find out what these elements are – they are two-fold: from nature (avalanche) and from animals in nature (demonic attackers).

The dreamer grabs 5 friends, so there is ‘grace’ on the entire group at this juncture. The outside is ‘cold’, meaning that outside of the church, group or community the social climate is not as friendly to who they are or what they believe. “French doors’ are mentioned twice, and the beauty of the house – things are going well in the community up to this point, but now they are about to be exposed to the ‘outside’ elements. A new phase of existence is about to begin in September of 2017. They have had ‘grace’ up to this point – it may not feel as much like that in the future.

This is not a prophetic dream that is primarily speaking to the national audience or the body of Christ at large – it is primarily meant for the dreamer. This is where the dream changes – at 2:06 approximately, the dreamer has a vision in the dream.

Another interesting element of the dream is the dreamer’s vision within the dream. This is a common dreaming motif or element of dreams. Dreams or visions within dreams can have several different meanings and purposes. In general, a vision within a dream, symbolically means to ‘tell a vision.’ It is symbolic, in this case, for the dreamer receiving divine revelation in a ‘family and friend’s’ crisis that can help her and her group navigate the crisis.

The vision within the dream is telling the dreamer that the serenity and peace – the grace that has been on her group – is about to be upset. By what? An avalanche of snow. Snow is usually a positive symbol. The dreamer seems to understand living in and the effects of snow, which is probably why this symbol is used. In this case the snow is a positive used as a negative – the snow is dangerous and harmful. Since snow usually is symbolic for purity or righteousness the symbol could be speaking of something like ‘too much of a good thing.’

The group is ‘suffocated.’ It may be that the seriousness of the good things being taught or discussed in the community are weighing down the community. They have become too much for the community to bear.

At approximately 4:00 evil comes into the picture. This is the second element of threat attacking the community. There are multiple external attacks that are obviously demonic in nature.

The ‘skinny’ and ‘fat’ elements of the dream (about the 5:00 mark) are obvious – the dream is speaking about who has the ability to survive an ‘avalanche.’ It is the ones who have developed the practice of going to God on a daily basis in their personal lives. Without that, not even the ‘fat’ believers can save the ‘skinny’ ones – this is just like the parable of the 10 virgins and oil lamps.

The dream does speak of the dreamer’s insight, leadership, and ability to walk ‘above’ the attacking elements (her feet are above or off the ground in the dream) and give insight to others in the community.

At 8:50 the dream changes: there are 3 instead of 20. 3 is the number of resurrection, of course. Only the ‘resurrected’ believers who have developed a practice of daily relationship with the Lord can walk the narrow path and survive destruction and attack from the enemy.

About 9:45, ‘the person I was walking with’ – this is Jesus. The point here is that when you forget the promises, when you forget the ‘Word’, the enemy has more power. The solution is to ‘run toward Jesus.’ “Can we go home now?” a common refrain of almost all believers at times because it is “through many tribulations that we enter the Kingdom of God (Rev. 1).” Elijah also made the same comment (see 1 Kings 19-22).

At 12:00, the dream shifts again – she gets to an ‘area.’ Her mother is sitting next to her on a chair.

Beginning at 13:00 the dreamer seems to begin to prophesy based on her interpretation of the dream – war is coming to all Christians.

This is a great dream that in speaking to a local community of believers and friends also speaks in a general way to believers world-wide. There is a lot of wisdom and a lot of edification here.


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