Seaborn Hall, 9/18/18

One of the basic mistakes that a dreamer makes in dream interpretation is automatically assuming that a dream with a celebrity in the dream is actually about that celebrity.

The first interpretive activity after having a dream with a celebrity in it is to ask about the context of the dream itself. How does the dream begin, that is, how does it open? This is important for determining dream context. Second, ask “What is the perspective of the dream?’ That is, is the dream objective or subjective? Is the dreamer watching all the events in the dream unfold (objective) or is the dreamer interacting with the participants and a participant in the dream him or herself (subjective)?

Objective dreams are more often about what the dreamer is dreaming about and if a celebrity is part of the dream it may be more likely that the celebrity is literal for him or herself – even if the dreamer does not normally interact with celebrities in his or her daily routine.

Here is where life context of the dream can usually be instructive. Are you a person who usually rubs shoulders with celebrities in every day life, or are you a celebrity yourself? By ‘rubbing shoulders’ we mean that you do business with or have daily interaction with celebrities. Perhaps you are an actor or producer, an agent, or the like. If so, then perhaps the celebrity in your dream is literal for him or herself and not merely symbolic. However, if you are an average person with little or no contact with celebrities other than occasional ‘sightings’ (because you live in LA or somewhere else where you might see a celebrity once in a great while) then it is much more likely that a celebrity in your dream is symbolic – not literal.

Here we will deal with the later situation: a celebrity in a dream that is symbolic, not literal.


Example Of A Celebrity Dream: Hillary Clinton Seduction

This dream was dreamed by the dreamer in mid-October 2016, before the 2016 election in which Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate who lost to the Republican candidate for U.S. President, Donald Trump. The dreamer was  pro-Trump and viewed Hillary primarily through a negative lens as a person who was deceived and therefor a liar and a hypocrite. The dreamer also viewed Al Gore, the 2000 Democratic Presidential candidate, and Joe Biden, President Obama’s Vice President, in the same light.

Celebrities are iconic symbols and usually represent something big, clear, and typically, universal. Most people on the right in America would agree with the above classification of Hillary. People on the left would view Hillary in an opposite manner – as a role model to be emulated for her strength and character.

In his dream, the dreamer is sitting across a picnic table from Hillary Clinton. They are conversing ‘face to face’ and the dreamer is talking with her in a ‘courteous’ manner, at first. Then he is warning her and telling her that “We do care about you and we don’t want you to be killed.” Suddenly Hillary jumps across the table onto the dreamer, knocking him off his seat and to the ground. Hillary is lying on top of him on the ground talking to him from her dominant position, again ‘face to face’. It feels like Hillary is trying to come on to him, sexually. At the same time, even though he does not see her, he feels that his sister is there trying to touch his crotch.

The dreamer then bursts away and frees himself, getting Hillary off of him and gets up. He says, “Who is doing that?” He realizes it is his sister. Hillary leaves. But all of a sudden the dreamer is being accused of attacking Hillary Clinton. The dreamer responds by saying, “Are you out of your mind?” Then the accusers respond by saying the dreamer is ‘ridiculous’ and the dreamer responds by calling the accusers ‘ridiculous.’

At this point some guy comes up to the dreamer and challenges him – perhaps after the dreamer has challenged him, it is not clear in the dream. The dreamer asks, “Who are you anyway?” The man responds, “I’m ‘Al Biden.'” The dreamer says, “Well I respect who you are but you’re totally wrong.” Then the dreamer explains in a calm manner to the man why he is wrong. End. The dream is in color but there are no prominent colors.


Interpretation Of A Celebrity Dream: Hillary Clinton Seduction

Notice first that the dreamer is sitting across a picnic table from Hillary. This is the opening context of the dream and it sets the dream in a context of relaxed and familiar ‘fellowship.’ In other words, this is someone with whom the dreamer is usually comfortable and relaxed and with whom he has a good relationship. But because Hillary is a negative symbol for the dreamer there is something that is ‘off’ or ominous from the start. There is an immediate paradox. The dreamer would not normally be in a casual and comfortable setting with Hillary Clinton.

The conversation with this ‘person’ begins comfortably and casually enough, but it quickly leads into a ‘warning:’ The dreamer attempts to warn ‘Hillary’ that she is about to be ‘killed.’ Symbolically, ‘killed’ points to a death of some kind, possibly the death of reputation or relationship.  Further it may be symbolic for the relationship between Hillary and the dreamer, that is, the relationship will be ‘killed’ – changed or nullified in some way.

Suddenly, after the dreamer warns ‘Hillary’ and perhaps because he warns her, ‘Hillary’ jumps across the table onto the dreamer knocking him off his seat and on to the ground. This is symbolic for the sudden change in relationship that the dream warns will take place. The dreamer will be surprised and lose his place, his standing with ‘Hillary.’ ‘Hillary’ attempts to gain an advantage over the dreamer and to dominate him, getting ‘in his face,’ so to speak. That his sister suddenly appears and is trying to touch his crotch makes the ‘Hillary jump’ and domination appear to be a seduction of sorts. That it is the dreamer’s sister that appears probably identifies the ‘Hillary’ symbol as someone from the dreamer’s own relationship circle. In other words, the Hillary symbol – if she is symbolic for a person that the dreamer knows – is someone in his own ‘family’ in the symbolic sense. She is someone from his own circle of trusted friends. As we will see as we go deeper into this, however, the symbolic nature of ‘Hillary’ does not end there.

When the sister appears in the dream as a ‘seducer’ alongside Hillary it helps one understand that the symbol of Hillary does not represent the dreamer himself. At first, the dreamer had feared that this was the case, thinking that perhaps the dream was attempting to show him some hidden sin or some way that he was acting out hypocrisy with those around him. The appearance of the sister alongside the negative symbol is one way we know that this is not the case. The sister’s seductive action ties her to Hilary’s overpowering ‘seduction.’ Hillary is an external force, something or someone outside of the dreamer that is now attempting to ‘seduce’ him in a powerful, dominant manner.

However, the seduction does not work. The dreamer ‘bursts away’ and frees himself from Hillary, but at the same time he asks, “Who is doing that?” This question, unanswered in the dream, is symbolic for the confusion and lack of clarity that the Hillary attack has created in the dreamer at this stage. The dreamer does not know what is going on in the situation – this period may be typified by confusion. Notice that very quickly though the dreamer realizes that the one who has attacked him is really his sister. It is not an attack from the real Hillary Clinton but from someone he knows. When he realizes this Hillary ‘leaves.’ But then he is immediately accused of attacking Hillary Clinton. What are we to make of all of this?

When the dreamer realizes that the attacker is his ‘sister’ it confirms again that ‘Hillary’ is not symbolic for the dreamer and has been an external force all along. But the fact that the dreamer is ‘attacked’ with accusations that he attacked Hillary right after this also implies strongly that Hillary is still ‘alive’ in some way, that is, she is still present. It is her spirit – the ‘Hillary’ spirit that is still alive. It is obvious from the dream that the dreamer did not attack Hillary, but vice versa. The question, “Are you out of your mind?” becomes a clue to the fact – the accusers are ‘out of their mind’ that is, they are behaving outside reality. They are also ignoring the rational process of the renewed mind that would enable them to understand they are mistaken or deceived. They are literally ‘out of their minds.’

The suggestion that the dreamer was the attacker is a lie in the context of the dream. The lie from the accusers creates a situation that is irreconcilable – both parties view the other side as ‘ridiculous.’ This implies that Hillary is not only a person or persons, but is also a spirit. In fact, Hillary is primarily a deceiving and lying spirit that is attacking the dreamer and dividing relationships through one or more persons represented symbolically by Hillary Clinton. As Ephesians 6 says, our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Who is ‘Al Biden’? Al Gore was the 2000 Presidential candidate versus George W. Bush who won the popular vote but lost the Presidential election in electoral votes. In the dreamer’s view, Gore tried to usurp the Constitution by taking the case to the Supreme Court in an attempt to win the election. Joe Biden was Obama’s Vice President at the time of the dream and the dreamer saw him as a ‘buffoon’ of a person who, like Hillary, would not stop at lying or exaggeration to make his point, please an audience, or win an election. The dreamer saw all of the celebrity symbols as liars who had been deceived.

This ‘Al Biden’ part of the dream, a combined, fictitious person combining Al Gore with Joe Biden, represents the dreamer attempting to rationally argue with the physical representatives of the lying and deceiving spirit represented by Hillary Clinton to wake them up regarding the truth. In the dream, at least, he has no success. In fact, the dream implies that since the dreamer views the Clinton-Gore-Biden symbols as deceived persons that any attempt to persuade his accusers in the dream will prove fruitless. There could also be deeper symbolism resonant in these figures since Al Gore enriched himself on the ‘lie’ of ‘climate change,’ (as the dreamer sees it, at least), and Joe might be symbolic for ‘average Joe’s’, or the average person who gets sucked in by the lie.


Life Context

It is easy to see how this dream could have easily been misinterpreted initially to have some meaning regarding the U.S. Presidential election which took place in early November 2016. This was not the case.

The more relevant life context occurred in late October 2016 when the Pizzagate conspiracy theory filled certain corners of the internet. Basically, a theory that proposed that Hillary Clinton was the head of a pedophile-child-sex ring that operated out of the basement of the Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza restaurant in Washington D.C., the theory was quickly de-bunked by numerous liberal and conservative media outlets. It turned out the restaurant in question did not even have a basement.

In late 2017 another conspiracy theory hit the internet, this one known as Qanon. Both the Qanon (see Editor’s Choice) and the Pizzagate conspiracy theories have been addressed elsewhere on this website.

In real life, friends of the dreamer of the above dream who were proponents of both of these conspiracy theories attempted to ‘seduce’ the dreamer with these theories in late Fall 2016 through Winter-Spring 2017. The dreamer quickly determined their inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and false nature and attempted to convince the ‘seducers’ of the same. Attempting to convince them proved fruitless and, eventually, some division of relationships occurred.

In hindsight it is evident that the dream he had in October of 2016 was attempting to warn him of this phenomenon and give him understanding of how and why it was taking place: a lying, deceiving spirit had entered part of the culture and even the church and had infected the minds of many and caused them to believe a lie.


Biblical Context

In 1 Kings 22:1f, a prophet of Israel, Michaiah, prophesies a negative word to King Ahab of Israel. He tells him that his army will lose the upcoming battle with Aram and that the king himself will be killed. All of the other of the King’s prophets – about 400 men – have prophesied a positive word, that the army will be victorious.

Michaiah tells King Ahab in 1 Kings 22:22 that this took place because the Lord put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all of the King’s prophets. The leader of those prophet’s was offended by this statement and slapped Michaiah on the cheek, basically declaring that this could not have happened and that he could hear what the Lord was saying just as well as Michaiah. Michaiah’s response to him, in verse 25, was, essentially, that he had been seduced by his desire for popularity and success – therefore he had been deceived.

Unfortunately, many Christians today assume that they can not be deceived by false dreams, false prophets, or other deceptions simply because they believe in Jesus. Yet, even James (James 1) tells us that we can easily be deceived. Paul also alluded to the possibility that Christians could be deceived in 2 Corinthians 10-12.

The point of the above passage in 1 Kings is that even believers and those who believe they are seeking God can be deceived at times. Discernment comes as a result of gifting, practice, community, and maturity – not automatically because we believe in Jesus.


Celebrities In Dreams

How did we interpret this dream? First, we looked at whether the celebrity was literal or symbolic. Then we asked whether the dream was objective or subjective. Then we looked at the life context and the dream context. Then we proceeded through the symbols of the dream in context and interpreted each symbol and related them with each other in the context of the dream – just like one would do when translating a language.Then we came back to the life context of the dream and re-checked based on unfolding life events, and in this dream, unfolding political events (because the dream used a political icon). Last, we checked for Biblical context and understanding to make sure our interpretation was congruent with known Biblical understanding.

As a final note, as we pointed out above this dream was in color but there were no prominent colors. Sometimes dreams in gray scale or with washed out colors can be dreams either from the enemy or revealing enemy strategies or plans. Was this dream of this type? It is hard to tell. However, one can suggest the possibility that the dream was either speaking to a plan of the enemy or a human misunderstanding to be avoided. In this light, the dreamer may have missed the initial purpose of the dream – to help him avoid relational conflict and division.

The premier and ever-abiding interpretive rule for dreams and everything prophetic and supernatural should always be love. Both real life parties may have missed this aspect lesson of the dream and of life.

This is one aspect of the many ways that celebrities can be featured in dreams. In future installments we will address the multiple symbolic and literal ways that the iconic symbol of a celebrity can be used in dreams.