Review On Earthquakes (updated 9/16/18):

San Andreas Fault Relative To CA Aqueducts

Los Angeles and The Entire USA Marked For Destruction By Earthquakes, Sadhu Selvaraj/Jim Bakker Show; Also see, Also see, Bob Jones Warns Of West Coast Earthquake, 2013, You Tube; Also see, Sadhu Selvaraj On California Earthquakes, Jim Bakker Show

CS Evaluation: Lancaster, CA As A Refuge In ‘The Big One’ To Hit CA

Also see, Prophetic Destiny Of Lancaster, CA, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show; Also see, Cities Of Refuge And The Gospel Of The Kingdom, Sadhu Selvaraj/Jim Bakker Show; Also see, Sadhu Selvaraj On California Earthquakes, Jim Bakker Show

The Big One In CA Could Leave 400,000 Refugees – Where Would They Go? LA Times; Also see, California Fault Line Is ‘Tectonic Time Bomb’ For Disastrous Earthquake, Experts Say, Fox News; Also see, Hayward Bay Fault More Dangerous For CA Than San Andreas Fault, Zero Hedge; Also see, San Andreas Fault in California Could ‘Unzip’ All At Once, Michael Snyder, Charisma;

Also see, The Hay-Wired Earthquake Scenario, USGS; Also see, Earthquake Facts, USGS; Also see, Significant Earthquakes, 2016, USGS

San Andreas Fault In Southern CA Relative To Major Dam

Big Earthquakes Becoming More Frequent, Becky Oskin, Live Science/CBS

Quote: “The average rate of big earthquakes — those larger than magnitude 7 — has been 10 per year since 1979, the study reports. That rate rose to 12.5 per year starting in 1992, and then jumped to 16.7 per year starting in 2010 — a 65 percent increase compared to the rate since 1979. This increase accelerated in the first three months of 2014 to more than double the average since 1979, the researchers report.” But, also see, Average Number of Major Earthquakes Increasing Slightly in the 2000’s, johnstonsarchive

296 Earthquakes Rattled Yellowstone In The Last 7 Days, Michael Snyder, Charisma; Also see, 3 Hotspots Where A Category 7 Event Could Take Place This Century, Breaking Israel News/Fox News, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

Common Sense Commentary: Note that the commentator in the video say things like, “We do not expect this to happen in our lifetimes,” and “There is no indication that there is any present danger.” Signs something is about to happen: the commentator suggests watching the movie, “Pompei,” and that there would be weeks of warning leading up to the big volcanic explosion.

Ten Biggest Earthquakes in History, Live Science