Prophetic Pronouncements Gone Wrong? Where Are We and Where Do We Go from Here?


Seaborn Hall, 1/23/21


Trump left the White House for Mar-a-Lago on Air Force One at 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday, January 20.

Contrary to the pronouncements of almost every prophetic personality in the Charismatic and prophetic renewal stream of the church it appears as though a Biden Administration is here. Though it is a disappointment to us, it is not a surprise. There were at least three prophetic voices who warned us of this result.

According to some, Trump is only the third President – the sixth according to Presidential historian Doug Wead – not to attend the inauguration of his successor. President Trump’s legacy is peace and prosperity, more done for Black Americans than any other U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln, Middle East peace, and a list of accomplishments in one term that would make every former two-term U.S. President blush.

Though we are not prophets here – the CS mandate is ‘We help you interpret the world you live in’ – we featured many who declared that Trump would be a two-term President and that he would win re-election. We also bought in to this view to some extent, though it was usually tempered by warnings that the church needed to pray and that God’s actions towards the U.S. would be based on His evaluation of the nation and the church’s level of prayer and repentance (Jeremiah 18).

Apparently, neither are at the level needed to avoid judgment.

What Did the Prophets in the Church Say?

Most of whom we would call the ‘positive-prophets’ – New Testament type prophets who depend on interpretation of dreams and visions and other experiences for their prophecies – declared that Trump would win the election. The next section reviews their prophecies.

According to Terry Bennett, one of three prophets we know of who never emphatically said that Trump would be re-elected, ‘sound discipline has been decreed for this nation.’ Jesus told Terry this in a 2002 encounter in the Throne Room that one can read about in our Spiritual Life Page archives.

According to Terry a few months before the election Jesus appeared to him and told him that Trump would win in a landslide. But, He also said that the election could be stolen and that the church must pray. Regardless, Terry recently apologized during the opening of his first January 2021 Conference session for giving people the impression that Trump would win.

Terry, Sadhu Selvaraj, and Nita Johnson all stated that it was God’s will for Trump to serve a second term. All three have also stated in some form that Trump will eventually ‘triumph’, Sadhu Selvaraj, an Indian prophet, using that word specifically. CS noted in a commentary entry around the same time, “Note that to ‘triumph’ is a victory after a battle.”

We also consistently noted that these prophetic voices were not plainly saying that Trump would win the election.

Here is a summary of some of what Sadhu Selvaraj said before the election on 10/17/20:

1 – The nations are weighed in the balance and found wanting. Daniel 5; America will be judged; there will come a time when judgment can not be postponed anymore;

2 – My Father’s hour of judgment is coming. Gen 19:24 fire and brimstone – God uses nature to execute


3 – If they choose the wrong President: USA – flood to devastate Mideast, fire to devastate Midwest;

4 – God is extending His grace to the USA for one more time – if Trump is elected;

5 – Trump is a broken man within him and fights for his survival. 2 Kings 17:13-15 The Lord testified against Israel and Judah…There are four righteous Presidents in heaven – their prayers stop judgment…Trump is only the fifth righteous U.S. President.

The reader can view a short video of Sadhu’s message – God’s judgments on the nations are coming – at this link. The portion of the word centered on the United States begins at about 9:00 on the video, but the first nine minutes details his heavenly encounter and is important to watch for contextual reasons. Sadhu says clearly, “America will be judged.” At about 17:30 on the video you can hear about the three Prince angels standing with President Trump that will “strengthen him” and cause him to ‘triumph.’

Most of the above statements are not optimistic and seem somewhat foreboding in their delivery. The one statement about grace being extended to the U.S. is clearly conditional. The whole word is conditional on Christians gathering together in churches across the nation and praying for the President and the election. The promise was that God would push back the enemy’s plan to thwart Trump if this happened. Since the U.S. obviously chose the right President – Trump – and the election was stolen, it is not clear if the words of judgment in item #3 and elsewhere are still in effect, but it would appear so.

At about 20:00 forward on the video it seems apparent that the enemy was allowed to thwart the election because the prayers of the church were not enough to push through God’s will for Trump to be elected. This segment of the video is also extremely important for God’s perspective on President Trump and on those who have judged him.

As we noted above, Sadhu Selvaraj also said that President Trump would ‘triumph’ – but he also stated that he didn’t know what that meant. Even though Sadhu correctly predicted at least the last four U.S. Presidential elections (we were present at meetings since 2003 or so where it took place), to our knowledge he never prophesied the winner of this election.

What Did the ‘Positive’ Prophets Say?

Kat Kerr, Dutch Sheets, Hank Kunneman, Jeremiah Johnson, Chris Reed, Kevin Zadai, Tracy Cooke, and others (for more on this, see Evaluating the Positive Prophets of the 2020 Election) either all declared that Trump would be elected – as in re-elected for a second term – or strongly implied that he would win the election. Early on Chuck Pierce appeared to prophesy a Trump win by January 18 – but this was a projection by some in the body of Christ. He actually never said that Trump would win – that we can find, at least.

For a review of these prophets and prophecies, see Evaluating the ‘Positive’ Prophets of the 2020 Election.

How are we to discern the difference between these New Testament type prophecies and prophets who refrained from promising a Trump victory?

The Differences between ‘Levels’ of Prophets

Here we have long argued for a division in the level and authority of prophets (see Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy). All of the prophets that have predicted positive things for the US and for President Trump we would place in the lower level or tier of prophets.

For our more detailed evaluation of the ‘positive-prophets’ and the possible responses to their apparent incorrect prophecies, again, see Evaluating the ‘Positive’ Prophets of the 2020 Election.

Higher level prophets are more rare – in the Old Testament and today. Moses was heads above the rest. Samuel was the first of his kind. Elijah appeared out of nowhere. Jeremiah was hated and rejected by many contemporaries and most of the nation of Israel. All of these were ‘too negative’ for the common culture. Michaiah stood against every ‘positive’ prophetic voice and pronounced judgment on King Ahab and Jezebel. Ahab went to war in spite of his warning – and died.

Those that we consider higher level prophets today did not go so far as to emphatically predict or declare the re-election of Donald Trump.

Terry Bennett and ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ Prophecy

Terry Bennett also said that the Lord showed him that there would be a ‘Battle of the Bulge’ towards the end of 2020. In general, a summary of what he said is:

There will be a ‘Battle of the Bulge’ at the end of the year. The battle will go on into next year. The election will not be settled until January…then at some point, civil war.

Again, he never said outright in this context that Trump would win. However, we interpreted that to mean that Trump would overturn the election by the inauguration. This was because the ‘Battle of the Bulge’ began in December 1944 with a German counteroffensive punch that surprised the Allies, who at one point were surrounded, and then ended in late January 1945 with an Allied pushback and final victory. However, it appears that we committed a common interpretive error (‘common’, at least from our perspective): We took a spiritual analogy of human events and applied the timeline literally over the same period in the natural.

We should have known better. If we applied the ‘Battle of the Bulge’ analogy to events on the ground now, here in late January, politically speaking, we are still in the early phases of the ‘Bulge’, still in the phase where the German counteroffensive is on the roll, overcoming and even surrounding the Allies. Any natural timeline is progressing much slower – and spiritual events are affecting natural events in the present much slower – than the literal ‘Battle of the Bulge’ timeline would have suggested.

Currently, and analogously speaking in the natural, Patton has not even come to the rescue of the 101st, an event that took place on December 26, 1944. Terry has said that God showed him angels being sent out for battle on December 26, 2020. This matches the date of the Patton rescue, but again natural events on the ground appear to be progressing much slower than spiritual events behind the scenes, a characteristic that is a consistent feature of prophecy, in our opinion.

Again, we should have remembered this and factored it into our interpretation of this prophecy as well as into our interpretations of Dana Coverstone’s dreams. Doing so would have saved us much misinterpretation.

If this analogy is a genuine one, which we believe that it is, one would expect to see Trump gain leverage over the Biden administration in some fashion over the next year or so while he is out of office. What this means for the future of American government we can only speculate.

However, Terry’s and other prophet’s words (see both our Spiritual Life Interpretation Page and our USA Prophecy Page) are not comforting: by our interpretation America is likely to experience some level of civil war either this year or in the next three to five years.

Conclusion – Where Are We Going Now?

We believe that all is not lost for the United States.

The American church did not repent and pray enough, or fervently enough, to avert judgment and potential civil war at some point over the next three to five years. But, God is not finished with our nation.

God will preserve a remnant that runs to Him and seeks Him and God will honor the prayers and sacrifices of the Founders and preserve America – though it may be in a form much different from that that we know now. There is also the likelihood of a new Great Awakening. Like the Second Great Awakening before and during the U.S. Civil War of the 1860’s, it will not avoid judgment on America, but it will unify the church and parts of the nation and prepare us for what is coming.

The church must do two things.

First, it must not make the same mistake that the German Christians made in late 1920’s and early 1930’s. (see The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, or Richard Evans’ contemporary follow-up trilogy). It must speak and act loudly against evil both within and out of the government. It must call out constitutional violations and actively stand against them no matter what the cost.

Second, the church must surreptitiously begin to form an active, future potential military resistance. It must put in place skilled, trained military leaders – those with military experience or trained to handle small arms who can shoot – who will lead small teams who can train and lead others. We have information that Red State governors are already taking action in this regard. The writing is on the wall for those who understand the patterns of history and how it rhymes with itself – under this Administration constitutional violations of basic American rights will not be long in coming. Eventually, patriotic Americans will be forced to decide where they stand – and make a stand.

Though we believe that God will deliver America and do a wonder that the world will see, we also believe that there will be real war and that blood will be shed. Before the ‘Red Sea Deliverance’ there were ten judgments on the nation of Egypt that also affected the people of God. America will now be judged and it will affect and touch the people of God.

The church throughout America needs to prepare and get ready.


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